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  1. What Are You Reading?

    Face of God by Bill Myers. Read his Blood of Heaven series (could not put them down). We thinned out the library quite a bit and gave quite a few to a friend.
  2. A little update

    Sorry about the knee. I have gout in mine and at times the pain wakes me up (when the sleep apnea doesn't) and I have to take some painkillers. Up your calcium intake to help with the femur. Mom suffers from GERD and a form of a hiatal hernia so she takes some OTC medication (can't name it offhand) and it works a bit. Just have to deal with the allergies now.
  3. I have some old jeans that I have been meaning to get rid of (22 or 24, depending on the makers). I just tried a JMS 24 average jean and it is tight on my waist but very loose on my legs. I think another 20 pounds might be needed to go before I can fully wear them. I currently wear 26/28 and they are trying to fall off of me! Might have to invest in a sewing machine to take them in (3 pants are 26, 2 are 28). My shirts I have to keep at 26/28 because I am top-heavy (blame Grandma...). Maybe I will lose more weight before I get my seminar...
  4. GRIPE!! ...and depression question.

    I am bipolar II, with BPD and PTSD. Most of the time, I am balanced, maybe lacking restful sleep once in a while but I make sure I take my medicine daily (Depakote ER and Geodon). If something emotional comes up (childbirth, a cancer survivor's story, a favorite actor or author dying), I do get depressed and weep for a few minutes. I think it is more situational and my caseworker and NP with MHMR do know about these moments. I have had my psych eval and just have to do a sleep study to confirm that I still have sleep apnea (which is why I am usually on at 2 or 3 in the mornings). Since I have been losing weight, my dosages of the Depakote ER (from 1750mg to 1000mg) and Geodon (160mg to 120mg) have decreased. The Depakote ER has the side effects of increasing appetite and weight gain but it is the only medication that actually works for me. I feel that I am mentally prepared for the surgery and can't wait for my seminar.
  5. Gaining 2lbs

    This is just a temporary setback. Maybe its hormones (Lord knows how that is with menopause) but take it in stride. It is not failure but a step needed to pay attention to what is happening. You are strong and can handle anything that gets in your way.
  6. Frustrating doctor!

    I am dealing with the nurses for Dr. Babineau and they are keeping me abreast of what I need to do (a more recent sleep study, my psych eval). My GP is also getting me in touch with a dietitian so they can see how serious I am about this done (quitting regular sodas, cutting down carbs, upping proteins). I also had major dental extractions done so I am mainly on a soft diet while waiting for my dentures to be made.
  7. When to stop smoking?

    Regular smoking should be stopped ASAP...withdrawals are a drag to go through (I was smoking when I was in the Army in order to stay thin). I am pro-pot but I can tell you good luck with what you have done so far. The healthier you get your body to surgery, the better you can bounce back from it. If you feel the need for something in your mouth, I recommend cinnamon toothpicks. I used that to stop smoking when I got out (but started gaining weight because I do have an oral fixation).
  8. Getting stuff together...

    The doctor need more recent testing to confirm that I am still suffering from sleep apnea. Medicare paid for the old tests and with my GP doing the referral will have to pay for the new ones. Since the old tests were more than 3 years old, the doctor wants to cover all the bases so Medicare will pay for the surgery. Meanwhile, I got up to mac and cheese, green beans and green grapes. I have really stop eating refined sugar products since I had my teeth pulled.
  9. Getting stuff together...

    Wednesday, I got a rejection letter from Dr. Babineau in Tyler saying that Medicare rejected me. I called them yesterday about it and found out that Medicare needed a sleep study performed to confirm that I have sleep apnea. The last time I had one was in either '10 or '12 so I had my GP do a referral to a specialist so we can update my records. Meanwhile I am down to 262 according to my GP's scales (my scales are about 4 pounds off), the lightest I have been for years. If Medicare still wants to deny me, I am going down swinging. They already told me on the phone that they would help cover it since I had most of the requirements. The medicine I take is known for increasing appetite and weight gain but it is the only thing that actually works for me. Just get this sleep study done and I should do the seminar soon. Having basically no teeth is a great diet deal. I have been doing protein drinks, eggs, mashed potatoes, anything soft. The kids can have the pizza...
  10. UGH to Stress Eating!

    I am currently on a soft diet due to having several teeth extracted so no protein bars for me. I have been drinking Boost Calorie Smart drinks to help with my chocolate cravings. Most of my protein is coming from eggs (scrambled) and broths. I can gum some ground beef if its cooked fine but I do miss having a steak (hopefully I will have one when my dentures come in).
  11. Sorry for the blank.  Just got a reject letter from the doctor because I don't fit Medicare's requirements.  I have to have a supervised weight loss program performed before I am even considered.  I talked with my GP and he is going to get a dietitian to help me out.  If they recommend the surgery because I am currently on a soft diet, I should be able to get things going.


  12. Does surgery help with IBS?

    I have IBS and the things that are working for me is probiotics (at least 8 strains), Bentyl 20 mg at least 2 to 3 times daily (I am down to one daily now), fiber pills and I take 250mg of docusate sodium so I won't be so constipated. I was just started on Metformin for my prediabetes and one of its side effects is diarrhea. Luckily it rarely happens now that my body has adjusted to it. It is part of having an autoimmune disease (I have fibromyalgia) and you have to take it one day at a time.
  13. Did it on the 27th in May down in Longview TX. The interview was okay, but the testing was long and in some parts tricky, being true/false questions. Printed up the paperwork to take to the seminar and filled them out, adding my drug list since I do take a lot of medication and am allergic to a few. I just hope the interview/seminar is not at night...we live over 75 miles away and Mom cant drive at night due to her cataracts. Talked to Medicare and they said since I am having the problems listed, they should be able to cover the VSG with no problem...this makes me want to dance (as long as I don't hurt my hip or knee...LOL).
  14. Finally got the appointment for the psychological evaluation which is this Friday  Mom has an appointment this morning and then we pick up my meds for this week.  Right now am hurting so I am moving around slowly.