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  1. Diva Marathon on Cinco de Mayo

    This Sunday,May 5th will be another milestone in this journey. I will be running my first 5K. To be honest, I've been casually "training" for this day for the past 4-5 months doing short and long runs. I don't feel prepared, but I'll be jogging along with some of my gal pals, so hopefully it won't be to bad. I never thought I would ever reach this point. In fact, when I sat in on my pre-op appointment 2 years ago, my doctor predicted that I would be starting to run marathons. I scoffed at him at the time, but he said its something that he's seen time and time again. So I'm excited to see what this body can do...
  2. Approaching my 2 year surgiversary and going through this adolescent nutritional period.

  3. Disneyland 2012

    We took a quick road trip down to Disneyland this past weekend which was the most fun I've had in years. We try to make it down there at least once a year, but the past few years, we couldn't do too much of the park in a day's time as I would get tired very easily and need to sit for at least 30 minutes at a time. Not only did we keep going all day but we kept criss-crossing back and forth from park to park. I felt like the energizer bunny. I had no fears of the lap bar not being able to support me on any of the rides. The screams that I yelled out on Space Mountain were from both excitement and flying terror from the ride I did an okay job with staying hydrated and sticking to the meal plan, which surprised me with all the temptation that surrounds Disneyland. But I'm also glad that Disney now has healthy snacking options that include fruit and sugar free drinks along side the churro, popcorn and corndog carts. I can't wait to go back during the holidays.
  4. Would you do this all over again?

    9 months and 116 lbs down, i would do this all over again!
  5. Any Coffee (Taste-A-Like) Substitutes?

    I too drink decaf, but found this product (which may have been posted on TT already) called Teechino. It tastes pretty similar to a cup of decaf, but its a tea.
  6. Got My Surgery Today! Advice Anyone?

    Congrats! I asked my husband to bring donuts. Not for me, but for the nurses. They seemed to respond to my call button faster after the donuts
  7. Bc/bs Of Maryland Can't Understand Its Own Plans!

    I would obtain a copy of your company's current summary plan description just to have it in writing and to avoid confusion.
  8. I drink body fortress regularly and find the pricing and variety in to be much better than in-store.
  9. Is Hair Loss Universal?

    I used to have really thick hair and it began falling out at month 3. My nut recommended keeping protein up, biotin and drinking shots of flaxseed oil. It didn't stop the hairloss, but its helped a fallout a little. At least I'd like to think so.
  10. Omg My Wedding Ring Fits

    . That's awesome! I know exactly how you feel! When hubs and I got married his wedding band was smaller than mine! But now, 80 lbs lost, not only is my set too big, but now I can fit hubs' band
  11. Anyone Using/used Kaiser For Wls?

    They said the program is supposed to take about 6 months, but its really up to you. Your surgeon sets your pre-op goal weight. Hitting that weight is your ticket to surgery. Personally it took me a year. I was saying goodbye to all the great Bay Area food one restaurant at a time! And it took me about a year to make sure I was making the right decision. What I am thankful for was that there was support every step of the way. Good Luck to you!
  12. Anyone Using/used Kaiser For Wls?

    Hi Marco! Congratulations on getting yourself informed. I went through the program ar South San Francisco and felt well taken care of. I think I attended about 4 or 5 physical classes, but you'll be assigned to a nurse, who will check in on you every month to see how your pre-op weightloss is progressing. You're given a pre-op diet that you'll need to follow and a nutritionist who also helps you along the way. I, myself, took a whole year trying to decide whether I wanted to go through surgery. But while I was deciding, I was working the pre-op program. Its never final until they put the gas mask on your face im that operating room. So, even if you decide not to ho through with surgery, but have gone through the program, you'd at least picked up some good eating habits and support. Good Luck!
  13. Food Funeral .. Anyone?

    I too spent a full year having "last suppers". But just like Luciluu, I spread them out to about once a week. But I'm now almost 3 mos post op and enjoying reintroducing healthier foods back into my diet.
  14. What Was The Worst Part Of The Surgery For You?

    The awful part was going to the recovery room. The woman in the bed next to mine would not use her pain pump and go to sleep. She kept calling out for a nurse. I was in the recovery room for 6 hours waiting for an available private room. Once I got settled in my room, the doctor stopped by and instructed me to start walking the hallways. Luckily I had great nurses who didn't push me to do more than I could.
  15. What Did You Give Up?

    i gave up fully loaded caffeinated drinks and alcohol ...