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  1. Hi Doctor, I have excessive scar tissue due to 5 abdominal surgeries. I am currently seeing a physical therapist who is trying to break up the scar tissue. My primary care doctor and the PT have mentioned I most likely will end up needing surgery due to the scar tissue. (2 c-sections, hysterectomy, gallbladder, and gastric by pass) Recently I was told the surgery would most likely be done by a plastic surgeon. I was concerned another surgery would just make more scar tissue. If I end up needing a plastic surgeon to remove/cut all those scar tissue,.... 1. Do you think a plastic surgeon would also be willing to remove excess abdominal skin/tighten as well? 2. Add in a breast lift? How much time does scar tissue work take? Would the same amount of work have to be done in the removal of excess skin? How is the scar tissue removed? I have scar tissue and pain pretty much covering my entire abdominal and going under my hanging ribs. Thank you
  2. Thank you. As I understand it, my scar tissue is extensive and deep. The superficial areas we are still working on and have made some progress. Do you have a recommendation for finding a board certified plastic surgeon in my area? I live in a small town with limited access. Is there a database that I can use to find a good doctor?
  3. Swallowed a cherry pit

    Ok, I know cherry pits are not good. But yes, I did swallow a cherry pit. It goes between discomfort to pain. I was eating cherries at my desk and accidentally swallowed a pit. I don't know how i did that, since I cannot even swallow small pills without liquid to wash them down. But it happened. I called my surgeon's office. The lady who answered told me to call my PCP. What??? I explained nicely that my PCP knows nothing about gastric bypass and would tell me to call my surgeon's office that did the gastric bypass. So she took a message to give to the nurse. A couple of hours later the nurse calls me back. Yes, a cherry pit is larger then an aspirin. No, I did not do it on purpose. Yes, it is uncomfortable. Yes, I can still drink liquids. No, I have not tried to eat anything since this happened. Results: Take it easy. Keep hydrated. Liquid stage 2 diet tonight and breakfast tomorrow. Call back mid-day tomorrow with an update. Plus however much it hurt for the cherry pit to enter my stomach, it likely will hurt more trying to leave my tummy.... Anyone else do this?
  4. Swallowed a cherry pit

    I was sent for an abdominal CT scan just in case. The results are in... not related to gastric bypass. They were looking to make sure I did not have an internal hernia or something trapping the intestines, etc... Everything looks good there. However, I do have a kidney stone. I have had no symptoms, so it is ok for now. According to the nurse, many people have stones and ever know it. I have a referral out to a gastroenterologist, but I have not heard back. I requested a referral to a nutritionist but I have heard nothing on it. Feeling better.
  5. Reality Check

    I have not logged my food on MyFitnessPal for a long while, probably over a year. I noticed recently that i have been gaining a little bit of weight. I told myself it was a natural fluctuation, I would only worry about it if it hit 160. Well, this morning (with pjs on) it hit 160. Of course, i took off the pjs and weighed again, whew, 159.8. Hmmm... If I am quibbling over ounces then I am in trouble! I finally remembered and recorded everything i ate/drank today. It was a normal day, nothing special and I did not behave any better or worse then usual. Then this evening I logged it into MyFitnessPal. I was SHOCKED!!!! 1861 calories, only 70 grams of protein. I was lucky to eat 1000 calories at a year out. Wow, it is much too easy to get in all those extra calories. I am still above my goal of 145, never hit it. I hit 152 low when I was in the hospital for pancreatis. However, except for the hospital my lowest was 156, I think. So i am going to reconfirm my commitment 1. I am going to stop gaining weight. 2. I am going to lose weight and return to 156 pounds. 3. I will exercise at least 30 minutes 2 times a week. (not at all right now) 4. I will increase the protein in my diet
  6. Reality Check

    It seems that my body wants to weigh 159 pounds. Every time I drop lower, something always happens and brings it back up again. I watch my diet, exercise, etc... I don't snack after dinner. I have had health issue where I will drop 5 to 10 pounds and as soon as the health issue is resolved, bing, back to 159pd. I track everything on myfitnesspal. I keep trying to go lower. My body seems to want to stay at 159pd. Hmmmm. Not sure how to get it to reset itself and allow for a lower number.
  7. Unexplained pain

    Hi Rhonda. I just found this post. What did the CT scan reveal? What was wrong? I assume/hope after all this time your doing great.
  8. Swallowed a cherry pit

    I am not in the hospital. I am too stubborn. I got one of the doctors to run blood work on me. Several of the levels (forget which ones) were elevated, which the doctor reads as pancreatitis. I went back today and had more blood work done. The liver and lipids have returned to normal range. However, I am still having some pain across my abdomen. So I am still on a full liquid diet. I was told I can include oatmeal and fresh berries too. I am being referred to a gastroenterologist nearby. Current thought is... the cherry pit irritated my system and kicked off the pancreatitis (this time). Don't know why. The pancreatitis irritated the scar tissue I have across my abdomen resulting in more pain from the tugging and pulling as I ate/drank. The current pain is most likely from the scar tissue. Plus drinking barium for the upper gi irritated my bowels, and caused things to get sluggish, resulting in more of an issue with things tugging at the scar tissue. Confused yet? It is a wicked web. I am looking forward to all of it settling down. I am hoping the newest referral will look into things and assist me in getting this solved. I would like to prevent another bout of pancreatitis, and have a game plan should it happen again. I do not want to end up as an inpatient. Bad experience.
  9. Swallowed a cherry pit

    Latest and last update. I want to let anyone who is following this know that my problems and the cherry pit are most likely coincidence. I am having another bout of pancreatitis. This episode is presenting differently then the initial one, but it is still pancreatitis. Did the cherry pit trigger this episode? Possibly, but I am not sure how. What caused the pancreatitis? Not sure. In my research I have found I do not have any of the classic behaviors and warning signs. Even when I was in the hospital with it back in February the doctors did not know. I have 2 possible suspects. I am on estrogen, a very low dose that I have been on for 5 years without any issues. I had abdominal surgery. Any abdominal surgery increases the risk for developing pancreatitis. My gallbladder was out in 2008. I had WLS in 2011. I believe the WLS is the most likely culprit. Rest at ease, should you swallow something like a cherry pit, it might be uncomfortable, but it should make its way through without too much difficulties. I like looking at the silver lining.... I posted 5/19/13 I needed to get back on track since my weight was slowly creeping up. I am already down 5 pounds and its only been a week. Thank you everyone for your concern. I will get through this. Your thoughts and support means the world to me.
  10. I apologize if this is already covered somewhere. I could not find it. I found I need to eat every 2 hours. I have slowly started making some bad choices, and am revamping my food choices. I work in an office/store. I have my own office and desk, and can have snacks in there. The room stays around 76 degrees or I freeze. That is my idea temperature. I need snack ideas that I can keep at my desk that do not need to be kept cold. I do not have easy access to a fridge and the lunch box cooling bags just don't keep things cold enough. Please, what suggestions do you have? What has worked for you? I am already doing mixed nuts. I am thinking protein, healthy, crunchy (preferred), and not messy. For me to feel satisfied I need to chew and crunch. Otherwise my brain says it still needs to eat. Gum helps some but really doesn't cut it. Thank you!
  11. Swallowed a cherry pit

    I don't think it is the appendix. It is about 2 inches down from the sternum and over 2 inches to the right.
  12. Swallowed a cherry pit

    Ok, I have heard back from the nurse at my surgeon's office. The upper GI came back fine. That is good news. Bad news, they don't know why I am still having problems. Tried saying it was the gallbladder- not, it was out in 2008. Tried saying maybe its pancreatitis again- no, it really does feel differently. They admit, they just don't know. The dr is out of town, so it is up to the techs and nurses to figure out. Results: clear liquid diet for the rest of today, and possibly until Tuesday. I can slowly add soft foods back in if i can tolerate them on Sunday. Keep hydrated, even though fluids cause pain. If it gets worse go to the ER. Otherwise they will tell my dr when he comes back on Tuesday that I was having problems.They should call me Tuesday with an update. I appreciate the staff being so friendly and helpful. I really do. But i am uncomfortable at the best and in pain at the worst. I can't eat or drink without it hurting. Different positions cause it to be worse. Can't exercise or do much of anything. I have a bad headache from not eating this morning. I keep crying (new, started about an hour ago) and just am inconsolable. I am miserable. All this because I swallowed a cherry pit. I read up, and many other people have swallowed cherry pits, gum, etc... and been fine. Thank you everyone. I think I am a bit emotional at the moment. I am going to go lay in my hammock and try to go to sleep. Maybe that will make me feel better. I appreciate everyone on here. You guys make life so much easier. I love the support you guys give. Thank you!
  13. Swallowed a cherry pit

    I am back. Originally the nurse was referring to a scope, but called it an upper GI. I did confuse them because she referred to them as 1 procedure. I ended up with the Upper GI, where you swallow barium. Icky, but necessary. Honestly, I think I would have preferred the scope. I do not have much faith in the upper GI. I managed to get in early instead of having to wait until 2pm. The tech said he could not tell me anything, I have to wait to hear from the doctor. I was in tears by the time it was done. Laying on my back after drinking the stuff was painful. Glad it is over. I do not know what they will find if anything. I can eat and drink, so the cherry pit is not blocking anything. But eating and drinking causes nausea and discomfort. I have only tried soft foods really: yogurt, cheesy eggs, tea, and water. I cannot eat even half as much as I did before in one sitting. I hope to hear from the doctors office today. I won't hold my breathe, they tend to be slow with communications. Thank you everyone for your concern and well wishes. I will update you when i hear back.
  14. Swallowed a cherry pit

    I do not tend to vomit or get the foamies. Update: I am getting more nasueas and uncomfortable. I have a never ending pain/pressure on the right center of my abdomen. To walk quickly I need to hold my side so I can breathe and walk quickly. Even yogurt is too much. I can eat and drink but it makes me even more miserable. I called the dr office today and gave them the update. I have an upper GI tomorrow afternoon. In the past I have always needed to be sedated for this. I found out a few minutes ago when I pre-registered, I will be awake for this. Oh-no. But I am miserable enough that I don't care. I want them to see what is wrong and fix it. 3 theories: The cherry pit is stuck in my tummy/stoma The cherry pit made it through but did damage on its way through. I am having a re-occurrence of the pancreatis that I had back in January. (why????) Strongly suggested to have a soft diet tonight. Nothing after midnight. Good thing I already had the day off tomorrow. Thank you everyone for your well wishes
  15. I don't know about that. I am not so far from goal. When I was fat I really did not see it. I did not identify with being "fat", I was just me. As I lost the weight I became more and more aware of just how fat I really was. Now it is an image that is etched in my brain. I have days where I am fine. Like this morning, I looked at myself naked in the mirror, and I was "wow, I look pretty good" but most days I am "ick, sagging, droopy,... lets get so clothes on- that's better." I think the saggy skin bothers me more then the firm but fat skin- to the eye. It is how it looks, and I interpret it as good/bad, etc... I doubt I will ever be able to afford plastics. But that would be nice.
  16. Scar tissue pain

    I am wondering who else has had scar tissue pain? I have had several abdominal surgeries over the years: hysterectomy, C-sections, gall bladder, gastric bypass. Over all I am doing well. But I have scar tissue which causes pain. I have been referred by my PCP to a specialist. he tried me on a med that is used for Fibromalsia, but the side effects were just too much. He had a second med, but I declined to take it. It commonly causes weight gain. I have another appointment to see him in a few weeks. I have tried muscle relaxants with NSAIDS (big no no) which only help some, but keep me from functioning. I also see a massage therapist weekly. She has done some work on it, and it helps more then anything else. The PCP thought I might end up having to have surgery to separate the adhesion, to reduce the pain. Has anyone here been through this? Any advice or suggestions? I wonder if I have to go in for surgery due to adhesion if it will make plastic surgery more likely or less likely, or if it can be done together.....
  17. Scar tissue pain

    The first med was Cymbolta. Headache, unrelenting nashua, leg cramps, depressed.... Not a good mix. The 2nd med, I do not remember the name, it was one I never heard of before, but was supposed to cause increased appetite and weight gain in most people. Anytime I have taken a med where weight gain is a possible side effect, I usually gain 15-20 pounds in a week. Not a good idea for me. I have not been offered Lycra yet. My sister took it for a chronic pain condition and she basically went nuts. It was bad, real bad. It took months to get it out of her system. For that reason, I think I would decline it as well. We are very similar in reactions to meds, allergies, etc... DianaS, thank you, I do appreciate the feedback.
  18. I am happy enough with how I look in clothes. My problem is I dislike how I look without clothes! I will not be running around in sleeveless, shorts, or swimsuits much. I tried explaining to my hubby...when he sees me, he sees me thinner and healthy. When I see me, i look down and see floppy boobs, a tummy bulge over the belly button, then another roll under the belly button, cottage cheese fat thighs and hips. Looking down at my body is a different view then someone seeing you across a room naked. Heck, the mirror is a better image then looking down at myself. I think we can see the flaws more since they are so close. These flaws matter to use, we want to be closer to perfect. Losing all the weight is great, but it seems to emphasize the flaws more. However, put on some clothes, and I am thrilled. I like my body when it is dressed.
  19. Full Body lift

    You look fantastic! Great job.
  20. I have been married for 20 years to my best friend. He may not always have been the most supportive of people but I know in the end he has always wanted the best for me. My excess weight bothered him drastically more then it ever bothered me. My WLS might even have saved our marriage. J was thin and lanky as a teen and 20 something. In his 30s and early 40s he was always a healthy weight. If he gained a little, he could lose 5 pounds in a week, without any apparent effort. It did not seem to matter how active he was or what he ate or drank. He will be 50 next year. In the last year he has been developing a tummy. He has finally accepted he now wears an XL shirt instead of a large. He is 5'10 and about 200 pounds. His weight is really bothering him. It does not bother me. He is on some meds for his blood pressure, cholesterol and reflux. I sincerely believe when he started taking those meds in when he started gaining weight. However, changing the meds is not an option. It was difficult to find ones that worked for him. Plus, he is almost 50 and his metabolism is slowing down. Combined it equals weight gain. He makes frequent negative comments about extremely obese people. This still bothers me, since I identify with these people, and think the comments are cruel. He feels the comments should not bother me since I am no longer so large. Ugghh! Then he also negatively comments about his own size. I think he feels his being slightly obese is the same as anyone being severally obese. he lumps himself and everyone else into the same category. Very black and white thinking. He does not appear to be open to discussion or even examination of his thoughts. The real issue: I have gone through the weight lose journey for years. I have learned a lot. I had WLS a year ago, and have been successful. During all this time, I have shared my knowledge and experiences with him. He has shown he knows what I should and should not eat and what can happen. He knows. Yet, he still tries to tempt me with things that are pushing the envelope for me, or that we know is likely to upset my stomach. Why???? Then he wants to lose weight. His weight really bothers him. He knows what he needs to do, and to eat/drink to lose weight. He even went as far as to buy salad ingredients to make lunches for work. But that is as far as it goes. He did not actually make the salads. He has not changed what he is eating at meals or his late night snacks. He still has several high calorie liquors or beers a night. (Not an alcoholic, but does like different drinks.) We have a home gym in the extra bedroom, he does not use it. We have 2 large dogs that always need exercise, he does not take them out. Heck, he does not even help around the house anymore. Weekly we take all the trash to the dump, and if I don't go to help, he doesn't go either. He is not open to discussing his weight or what steps he can take to lose weight. He already knows everything he needs to know. He knows if he put into action that knowledge he would lose weight. But he appears to be unmotivated to actually make those changes. However, he is still negative and making life difficult because he is uncomfortable with the weight and how he looks. I want to help him, but do not know how. I need his help around the home more, but it is not happening. He works a fulltime job. I work a fulltime job, and am a part time graduate student. All the kids and pets doctors, dentist, vet, grooming appt fall to me. I am the one who pays the bills, balances the accounts, keeps up with the kids and extended family. Basically, he has 1 fulltime job, and then free time. I rarely have freetime, and I am using the few minutes before my appoint this morning to write here, then the rest of my day is swamped, and its my "day off". J's activity level really has not changed too much over the years. He is a little more sedentary in the winter now then in the summer, and a little less active then in his early 20s. But he has never been a very active person. He does not engage in any sports (golf in the summer sometimes), does not like hiking, skiing, etc... His physical activity is purpose driven. He is working or doing something that happens to require physical activity. We live in NH, and it is still COLD. We easily have 3 feet or snow in the yard. Snow showers yesterday and another one due in less then a week. Outdoor activity is not likely, unless it is using the tractor to clear the driveway. Suggestions? Thanks for letting me vent. I would love to hear others take on this
  21. Reality Check

    Thank you Cinwa and BugDocMom. I need the accountability and a cheer team.
  22. Clothing size craziness!

    I wear mostly mediums in blouses, but I need a 12 in a jacket to fit. If it is a petite it needs to be a 14P. Although some small tops fit great. I am also no longer large chested. In pants I wear mostly 8P, but some 6 and 10s fit as well. I have found the sizes to be difficult. I work at a clothing store, and the sizes among the clothes that we sell are not the same. The small is the same size as the medium in another department. Among different manufacturers and styles it can vary widely. In general Petite is a size smaller then the same size in regular. juniors are narrower in the hips/thighs then miss, which is narrower then womens.
  23. 17 months out

    This picture was taken a couple of days ago, we were getting ready for my daughter's senior prom. I was not expecting a picture and the wind blew my hair up. Overall, I love the picture. Bethany is 18 and wears a 00 junior. She is all of 105 pounds dressed. We are both 5'4", but she has on heels.I am 42yr, and 158 pounds, size 8/medium. I still surprise myself when I realize how much smaller I am. With the lose skin and extra weight I have, I still see myself as significantly larger then I am.
  24. 17 months out

    Thank you everyone. I am extremely proud of my girl. She finds clothing that is uniquely her own and still modest. That dress, the underskirt can come off and it becomes a mid-length gown as well. She has never told me in so many words, but I know she is proud of me and how much I have lost. I can see it in her actions and how she reacts to me. Love the pic, and your positive comments are reaffirming for me. Thank you.