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  1. 4 yrs out and still have not learned my lesson!

    I'm about 4 years out and have been steadily regaining over the last three years. I lost 110 pounds thanks to RNY and I have now gained back 80 pounds of that. 40 of those pounds were over the last 12 months alone. I feel hungry all the time. Tired. Dizzy. I had no insurance for close to two years because of getting laid off and it taking awhile for insurance to kick in once I had another job, so I couldn't afford to go back for my yearly check up. I couldn't afford anything. I was laid off about a month after filing for divorce and I had moved out of my house because my abusive husband would not leave. So, in a flash I had no income and was paying a mortgage and rent simultaneously. Being broke and depressed definitely affected my once healthy routine. Once I had insurance again, I had gained so much back that I've just been too embarrassed to show my face at the docs. I struggle with that everyday. I just feel shame and embarrassment. I have a boyfriend who wears an XS and eats pretty much nothing but carbs and I find that I eat more carbs because of that. I'm the only one that cooks, so after a long day of work when I roll into the house past 7:00 PM, I find myself cooking out of convenience and not health. I'm not sure where to start or how to get back on track. I feel the same overwhelming feeling I had before surgery, like the weight will never come off. I feel like I had this ONE opportunity and I blew it and now this is what I have to love with for the rest of my life.
  2. What does your diet look like now?

    Thank you so much @robin77 and @Buddymiles5 - I need that encouragement. I'm midway through day 2 of the five day pouch test and dear god am I having cravings. I can not WAIT to eat soft protein tomorrow. I will savor every little bite.
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  4. What does your diet look like now?

    I've been off this forum for SO long now, but I'm realizing now that I NEED to come back here for the help and support and to find others struggling far out from surgery as I am. I'll be 3 years out next month. I went from 305 to about 195 at my lowest. I fell completely off the plan during my divorce, then I lost my job and was unemployed for A YEAR which set me into a deep depression. I didn't exercise. I felt like I didn't deserve to do anything for myself. I ate whatever I wanted. I now have a great job. I'm dating the love of my life. And I'm desperately trying to get back on track. I feel like I don't have a pouch anymore. I feel like I can eat anything (I used to dump on sugar and now I don't) and however much I want (or don't want). I'm doing the 5 day pouch test. I'm on day 1 today. I guess I'm afraid I've stretched it out too much. I've sabotaged myself. And, I've put about 40 pounds back on from my lowest weight. I am pretty much a textbook WLS failure story. After this much failure, I wonder if my tool is even a tool anymore.
  5. Plexus--"The Pink Drink"

    Hey! Have you done the 7-day trial yet? If so, what did you think? I'm looking for opinions and feedback on Plexus as well. I have one friend from here that is an Ambassador now, and I'll probably buy the 7-day trial from her. She loves it. But I would love some more feedback from other WLS folk. Thanks!
  6. No one even knows me on here anymore. It's almost more depressing to check in here than it is dealing with my weight loss issues alone.

    1. BugdocMom


      Check in more often...sounds like you need some friendly support. We're here for you. No reason to go it alone.

    2. katiebug


      Exactly. We are all here for support, words of advice and friendship. Keep your head up sweetie.

    3. 2Bme


      Keep coming here, check in. There are people who have been on and off this site for a long time and fresh new faces. We are all here for each other and that is what counts. :)

  7. Lately I feel like such a failure. Barely a 5 pound loss in the entire month of October. This is too early to slow down and too long to be a little stall. I've tried everything. Now I just feel, defeated.

  8. So, today I hit 235 pounds. That was my first "small" goal since it's one of the few weights I actually remember being. I remember after college ballooning up to the 250's and I joined Weight Watchers and a gym and only got myself down to 235. I kept it off for awhile with diet and exercise, but I couldn't get any lower. Eventually I gave up and at some point ended up at the 305 that I started this journey on. Well, Yesterday was the 3 month surgiversary and this morning I...

    1. NewMeNow2010
    2. Kirabelle


      Yay! Good job! I know what you mean about that... one of my goals will be 280 for the same reason... I got down to that doing south beach years ago and felt great.

  9. I've been fighting a terrible cold since Saturday. Why won't it go away!!!!

    1. cinwa


      Check out Robitussin® products - they're safe for us.

    2. Electriccentric


      That's good to know. I've been taking Tylenol Cold pills since and they haven't upset the pouch. And sugar free cough drops have been my life.

    3. Kirabelle


      Feel better! Also... are there unsafe cold products for us? Ack.

  10. Any Guitarists Out There?

    I play guitar as well but I'm barely three months out so I haven't lost enough for a noticeable difference yet. I am interested to see how it changes over time though. I hadn't even thought about that aspect of losing weight.
  11. Almost 9 Wks Out- 60 Lbs Gone!

    You're doing great! What a big difference already. You can really see it in your face too.
  12. How Much To Eat?

    At two months I wad told to up it to around 4 oz. I can eat more or less than that depending on the consistancy of the food.
  13. Hey thanks for the friend request :)

  14. First Fifty

    Congrats! I just reached my first 50 in the last week or so too. I don't feel much different and I've only gone down one size. Definitely anticlimactic.
  15. I got a new job!! Start September 8th. I'm crediting my weight loss to the new found confidence I have that helped me get out of the hell hole I've been in. Quitting this place I've worked at for six and a half years was the best feeling ever.

    1. samone


      I know that must've felt great! Congrats in your new adventure :-)

    2. Xan


      yay! I am so jealous...