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  1. I just got done with my 3rd visit and i only have 3 more to go then it hello surgery.... i cant wait.... i thought i would never make it here even though i still 3 months left i feel like im in a better place now then i was at month 1 and 2 im trying my hardest to keep on my diet and stay optimistic im sure ill even be more excited after my next visit then scared after the 5th lol... i just have one more blood test then im free and clear all the way to surgery... YAY!!!!!!
  2. so went for my 2nd of 6 monthly visits today just have 4 more left im still bummed about having the whole 6 month wait (no pun intended lol) but when I was talking to my patient advocate I asked her if she had an idea maybe of a date or even within a week or two guess lol her computer said Nov. 22nd lol and yes I have already marked it in my calendar it still feels like forever and a day away but that's ok, also I'm thinking about changing positions at my job its still with the same company so my benefits will continue but I'm not sure if I wanna change jobs and risk not liking my new position which would pay more and be a little less stressful and would have me up on my feet during the shift instead of in front of my computer all night... it wouldn't be until maybe a month that I could transfer but then I would only have 3 more visits left and after 90 days at that job I could always apply for something else there so I would just have to fake it until I make it, if I'm not feeling the new position lol... you know what since typing this I think I'm going for the new position lol...
  3. My estimated surgery date is the second week in Nov. sometime hopefully i already have all of my blood work, sleep study, ekg done and all that done in like 2wks... lol i was busy i should have staggerd it to make it now seem like such a long wait... now i just get to diet and increase my excercise till then i guess... and keep myself busy im thinking about joining a gym and already looking at clothes for next summer and winter... lol that should do it hopefully...
  4. I just did my sleep study two days ago (worst night sleep ever) lol I don't sleep on my back at all so I didn't get good rest that night they had me put on a Cpap for the last 2hrs hopefully I won't have to get one I slept about 8hrs so hopefully I don't have sleep apnea too bad idk just ready to finally get some sort of date lol
  5. I'm going for a sleep study on Wed my patient advocate told me that after that she'll hopefully have a surgery date for me!!!! I wonder how long it will take her to get my stuff maybe I'll call her on Friday then I can request my time off from work yay!!!! I think when I get an actual date it might finally sink in or maybe when I wake up in recovery it finally will... idk it's weird some parts of me still think it will never happen.... anyone else think like this in the early stages
  6. wow nice to know I have BCBS OK PPO I saw my new PCP on the 28th of April it was my first visit he prescribed me diet pills I wonder if that could count as my first visit? but I go to a facility that specializes in WLS so I wonder if they could take that first visit and then 5 visits from my WLS people hum I'll have to ask
  7. Congrats!!!!! and good luck 7 days that's awsome I'm still at the begining of everything so I have 5 months of diet left lol... but Nov is right around the corner lol keep me posted on everything good luck
  8. The biggest factors for my decision were 1. after 1 to 2yrs the weight loss is about the same as with the bypass. 2. no rerouting of the intestine. 3. No dumping in most individuals 4. it's restrictive and not a malabsorbrion procedure 5. there done in less than 45mins most time that what my doc say anyway. 6. this one is just for me but it's half the price at my place than the bypass
  9. I called my insurance this morning and was just asking some questions about my deductible and stuff but before I hung up I asked one more question.... I asked if the gastric sleeve was covered under my plan I have BCBS OK PPO and the lady took about 5mins then she got back on the line and said YES!!!!!!!!!!! it was!!!!!!!! I had a meeting with my excursise person at the facility I'm having the operation done at... it's only my second one so I told them I would like to go ahead and change it to the sleeve they were like ok that's fine... I asked what my cost would be and my patient advocate said 132.00 for the surgery and 66.00 for the assistant... I was blown away I couldn't believe it I knew I had good insurance but I was shocked by that amount lol in a good way!!!! so I've been doing research ever since I got home and I'm getting more and more happy about my decision hopefully in 6 months I will be in surgery and on my way to a healthier happier life YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hi everyone matthew here this is my first forum lol i have just started the journey to what will hopefully be surgery in nov. like a week before thanksgiving might have to celebrate in oct... lol I love to cook i wonder if i still will after surgery? but anyways i went to a seminar april 15th which was required for the place im using before they would have me as a pateint. I had my first appointment with them May 5th hey took my weight blood pressure ect... my blood pressure was normal which it has been since i went on south beach 2 years ago even though i went off of it and gained all the weight back which took me a year, which is why i decide to go ahead and pursue gastric bypass its so early in the process i dont think it will ever happen Ive got all my blood work done all normal which surprised me too.... cholestrol was even normal... lol im not complaining but at least one co-morbilty would have been nice... i do have lower back problems and tracking patella which is made worse by the weight so i guess that counts. So my surgery is in nov hopefully ive already done my ekg and am getting a sleep study done next week which i have to pay my deductiable then it will cover the rest i guess its good to get it paid early I have BCBS PPO through the company i work for a local casino which casinos in oklahoma usually have the best insurance around they will pay 90% with the maxium out of pocket being $1500 after that from what i understand the insurance company will pay 100% so hopefully thats all i have to pay my parents are gonna help me out along the way which i am so greatful for, they would rather me not have the surgery but they know once i get something in my head I dont stop until i make it happen... I guess what upsets me most about this is when people say "why dont you just go back on south beach you did so good on it" yeah i know i did good on it at the time and yes i stayed on it for 7 months and lost 65lbs but then i moved to a big city lost my routine had to work a couple of crappy jobs until i found one now that i love and the insurance covers it so why waste anymore time then i already have, but anyways one of my best friends is suppose to be getting married next summer so hopefully ill be down enought to make everyone stop and stare... lol then next july or aug im suppose to go see my friend who lives in germany and travel around italy for a week or two so i wanna be in shape for that as well... maybe ill find my italian love over there... lol anyway ill keep you all posted as i make my progress.... thanx for reading...