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  1. I am single, but definitely have noticed a lot more flirting and hitting on going on lately. I enjoy it I do not deal that well with it though... when someone asks for my number I have trouble saying no thank you! I was rejected for so long, I know how it feels. However, I end up getting lots of calls/texts from people I don't really have any interest in so... gotta figure that one out!

  3. I have never for one second regretted my decision. It saved my life. Also, what Holly said^
  4. String cheese (light) is a staple in my diet. Protein that's easy to grab. I think the automatic emotional eating is more of an issue than what you ate. However, being so early out I would worry about going off plan. You are still healing. DEFINITELY DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!!! Listen to your surgeon and nut. Cut yourself some slack in that you don't have to see a small error as utter failure, but don't let those things become habit. This is your active weight loss phase and you want to make the most of it! Now or never, girlie
  5. I am a caregiver and have to lift people. I took 5 weeks off and didn't lift until 8 weeks out per order of my surgeon. There was no way I was going to let my job cause me major problems by doing too much too soon. Luckily, my coworkers helped me out.
  6. It's a scary, life altering decision. You will find that having a body that works as it should is worth it. I don't dump, so I can still eat anything, just less of it. This is a blessing and a curse. I still track my food daily at 13 months out and I started doing it for my 6 month pre-op diet. I'm a lot less likely to sneak something if I know I have to enter it into my food log! You find substitutes. Healthier foods that give you that sweet you crave. You'll also find that your tastes change. I ate cadbury mini eggs for the first time in 2 years last week. I remember them as amazing. They were gross. Too sweet and burned the back of my throat! Won't be doing THAT again
  7. I never thought it would happen to me... I knew the risks and had it all under control. I don't dump, so that certainly didn't keep me in check. I started drinking A LOT after I had to put my dog down in October. I quit drinking February 14th and started going to AA and therapy. I am much MUCH happier now. I still don't know if I am full blown alcoholic, but I was definitely headed down that road and needed to stop doing what I was doing. One glass of wine turned into a bottle or two. I couldn't shut it off once I got started, so now I just can't have any. I have replaced it with herbal tea and drink like 8 cups a night lol hey whatever works! Getting my fluids in, at least
  8. I lost 62lbs in my 6 month pre-op diet. I had a lot to lose but love the head start I got. I also did not have a liquid diet. I just logged all my food on and exercised. I still log my food religiously. Keeps me on track.
  9. 13 months out and loving my new body :) 220 lbs lost total including preop diet!

  10. I'm looking for someone local. I've been there done that with long distance and it's just a lot of heartache. I want someone I can BE WITH all the time, not once a month.
  11. Kirabelle

    One Month Out Today

    Smoking will almost surely cause ulcers in your new pouch. It's not worth it. I quit a year before surgery (I'm 10 months out now) but slipped up during a stressful time a couple months ago and started again. My surgeon put me back on prilosec to try to avoid the ulcers until I could get ahold of myself and quit again. I was 2.5 weeks without one then had one last night. UGH. If you can avoid going back to that crutch, AVOID AVOID AVOID. I hate battling it. Keep your new healthier lifestyle in mind. It's about getting healthy, not skinny. There's no room for tobacco in a healthy world. Good luck!
  12. Ugh sorry to hear that MJ. I finally ponied up the cash and joined last weekend. Nothing lol I really thought SOMEONE would be interested. Nope. Not anyone under 45 and within driving distance anyway. It's almost comical at this point, except that it's not.
  13. Glad you found someone! I met a guy through work too. Also had a girlfriend he was on the brink of ending things with. They broke up, he freaked, and decided to "give it one last try". I give up!!! The chemistry was insane with us, but he chose comfortable. Awesome.
  14. 10 months out :)

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