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  1. I knew this was coming my 2nd stall since the surgery. My first one was about a month after surgery. I was so worried the surgery didn't work. At least now I know what's going on so I'm not paranoid like I was before. But, how long does the 6 month stall last for? It's been about a month and I have not lost nor gained a pound. I've lost a total of 105 pounds so i'm super excited about that though I've also started to hear how great i'm looking now, which I have to admit is a super self confidence booster. I just need some sort of idea of how long this stall will continue based on personal experiences. Thanks so much!
  2. I've lost 60 pounds post op, a total of 90 pounds gone. So I don't think I'm doing too bad since it's only been 4 months. But, my question is what size meals are you eating? Because, I thought the size I was eating was good. THen I just read I shouldn't be eating more than 2oz of food at a time. Now I'm wondering if i'm over eating. breakfast is usually 1/2 a yogurt or a protein bar on the way to work lunch is a salad with one of those fruit cup mandarin oranges packed in water on top of the salad. Sometimes I add about 1/4c chicken to it. And sprinkle some cheese on top. Dinner is like this: I eat about 4oz protein and if i'm lucky 1/4c of veggies. but is that too much? What were the amounts you were eating at 4months post op...
  3. 4 Months Out

    Thank you!!
  4. 4 Months Out

    4 months post op down 90 pounds Before: After:
  5. How Much Weight Have You Lost

    Surgery Date: April 28th, 2011 Preop Diet started: February 11, 2011 I'm 4 months post op and my total weight has been: 36 pounds pre op from the lean and green diet (not metafast) 52 pounds post op Total weight gone: 88 pounds Clothes: Was a size 28 jeans and 4xl shirt Now a size 20/22 jeans and xl/1x shirt
  6. 4 Months Post Op

    So it's been awhile since I've been on here. I had to stop obsessing about my weight and just let things happen the way it was intend for me. With that being said I'm down 88 pounds. That of course is counting the preop weight loss of 36 pounds. Which means I'm down 52 pounds post op! I've gone from a size 28 pants to a size 20/22, XL/1X shirt down from a 4xl. I swear even my feet have lost weight I use to wear a 8.5 and now I find my work shoes being too big. Right now I'm losing weight in my upper half (shoulder) area. I feel like i'm going through a disproportional phase. I still have large breast which have shrunk but they still look ok (thank god) but my shoulder straps on my bras are loose even though I have them pulled as tight as I can get. I probably have to invest in some new bras and that would solve that problem. I like shopping again. it's nice not buying clothes because that is the only thing in my size, but rather buying something because I like how it looks on me. It's such a confident booster! And getting noticed again, smiles, and flirting....oooh how that makes me smile every day!!! That hasn't happened in over 10 years. The only down side is I've starting loosing hair. I have very thick hair naturally but I swear i'm losing my curl that was in it. It's just flat now. I've been taking biotin so we'll see how that helps. Eating... I haven't had much trouble with any food really. Breaded clams I tried once and that was the worse mistake of my life. I eat lots of fruit, I can't seem to get enough of it. It's all I crave. I haven't had any problems eating meat. I'm able to drink more than I was early on too. It hurt so much to drink. I feel like i'm normal again, being able to drink more than 8 oz of water all day. Vitamins....well I've been slacking on that honestly. I can feel it too. I've been tired. I was thinking about getting the shots instead of taking 4 vitamins a day. Not sure what I want to do yet. But, over all things are doing well for me.
  7. Bill

    So my total cost of surgery was $31,877.06 and my insurance paid $25,634.72 leaving me with a bill of $6,242.34. And they're not covering stuff like the recovery room, labs, Iv solution, pharmacy, anesthe/other. I do plan on calling both my insurance company in the morning along with the hospital and asking for it to be resubmitted. But, did this happen to anybody else after surgery? Were you left with a bill to pay? I have Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem.
  8. So I've been driving everybody including myself bat sh#@ insane over my weight! I had even started weighing myself 3x in a row to get the best weight morning and night. I was obsessing over the numbers soo bad, it was consuming my whole day. So I went to the doctors Friday and got weighed in at 276.4. She said that's great you're down 29 pounds. Wait said 29 pounds I thought I was only down 18 pounds! How could that be. I guess they calculate from my last "official" weight in right before surgery. Not my first post op weight in. she said I'm loosing about 2 ponds a weeks and that is really good. I thought I needed to loose that amount of weight from my last post op doctors appt where I weighed in at 290. The only thing they suggested is I start taking mixalax or benefiber twice a day because i'm pretty constipated and colace does nothing for me. So I guess that's really good news and takes a lot of stress off my shoulders. I did admit to my scale obsession and the nurse told me to stop because that could lead to some serious issues down the road. I was just so afraid that the surgery wasn't working for me. I think it was the added pressure of family saying all the time, you'll only gain the weight back because everybody does. So I go back in 2 months...and we'll see how much weight i've lost then. Now i'm excited, for the first time since my srugery!! It only took me 2 months to figure it all out
  9. Very Confused.

    It's hard that's for sure .
  10. Very Confused.

    I think I should have lost more weight. I don't know if i'm obsessing too much though and it's starting to really affect me. When I started loosing weight before my surgery I lost 40 pounds. Since my surgery I've only lost 18 pounds. My surgery was April 28th. I feel like I should have lost more weight by now. I've been doing everything as instructed. I don't know if I should be happy because I've lost a total of 58 pounds since February 11 when I started the mandatory 10% weight loss or upset because I only lost 18 pounds in 2 months... I thought was my honeymoon period. I'm so confused...
  11. May 28, 2011 1 month post op

    I weighed in at 288. I didn't lose much this month. I started at 299. But, I have realized that I'm able to wear pants 2 sizes smaller! I'm now in a size 24 pants and 2x shirts. The top of me seems to be slimming out faster than any other part of me I think. I've also been dealing with constipation. So I started a stool softner to see if that helps. I've also upped my water intake and protein. I was only drinking about 8-20 oz of water a day because it hurt so bad. But, now it doesn't hurt like it use to and the more I made myself drink the more I was able to with out any problems. I've also discovered I like shopping! I can fit into the clothes!!!! This in it's self is something that I have always had problems with and would make me depressed because no clothes would fit right. But, I'm starting to feel "normal". So things are looking up.
  12. amount of food

    does that mean i could have already stretched my pouch out already? If i cut back now will it be ok? I'm scared now.
  13. amount of food

    what's the amount of food you should be eating at 4 weeks post op? Cause I'm eating about 1/2 c to a 1 c. I haven't thrown up felt sick or anything. I stop eating when I feel a tightness in my stomach, not pain just a tightness. I feel like I'm eaing too much. I'm eating white fish, talipia and swai with steamed veggies. And for lunch I eat about a 1/2c of fresh melons and a some type of protein. Breakfast has been protein shake. I don't know if i'm eating too much food?
  14. May 16, 2011 17 days post op

    Very very very very depressed. Won't stop crying. 17 days and i've only lost 6 pounds. Doing everything the doctor said. I lost more weight before this stupid surgery. I lost 37 pounds and as soon as I get this done I only lose 6? I go between 290 and 294. I don't get it, I just don't get it. I hate life right now!
  15. New Job Today

    I never even thought of boots. All good ideas, thank you!!!