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  1. excitement

    Good job!!
  2. 3 months, 100 pounds down

    Congrats! I am green with envy though! I had my surgery 5 days before yours but I am only down 52 pounds! Not fair!!! LOL I have actually been at a stall for the last two weeks, it is driving me insane! I have an appointment this coming Tuesday so we will see what the doctor says. I am truly happy for you though!
  3. my knees sound..well..crunchy

    According to my doctor, it is arthritis. I really only hear it when I am laying in bed and am messing with my legs and bending grosses my husband out! I have been told it should get better as I lose weight so we shall see!
  4. Need support...not wls related though

    My son had a ton of ear infections when he was little and I was adamant about not wanting him to have tubes. Boy was I very wrong. He had delayed speech because of me and I felt major guilt!! Once he got tubes put in he began speech therapy and there was a world of difference in 2 months time! Now he is 12 and you would never know he had speech therapy at all. All kids develop differently and our doctors tell us that all the time and yet they compare our kids to charts on what is "normal". Your son might just be more advanced in mechanics and will catch up with speech when he is ready. My son was also great at mechanics and mobility when he wa little (still is actually). I did use baby signs to communicate with my son though so it was easier for us to communicate to one another.
  5. One year out on Wednesday!

    I agree!!!!
  6. finally felt the "that" feeling

    Ugh! I finally felt that feeling too and then I threw up the turkey I ate. I am not sure "threw up" is the correct term but whatever. It was awful. I am definitely feeling restriction after my fill last week and I now know who the boss of me is! I also had the sliming I have heard so much about, that was gross and awful too! I hope you never experience that feeling. I was lucky though, it lasted about ten minutes and compared to the hours I have heard other people talk about I feel fortunate. I will definitely listen to my tummy from now on!
  7. 1st Fill today

    You know what you need to do and will get yourself back on track~ you are doing great! I go for my third fill tomorrow and am hoping to feel restriction finally. You have done great especially since this was your first fill!!
  8. A semi-truck could pass through my stoma!

    I had my surgery December 7th and could still eat whatever I want but I choose not to eat all the bad stuff! I have another fill scheduled for tomorrow so I am hoping I finally feel real restriction. I am not leaving his office until I do, haha. At this point you just need to continue making good choices, measure out your food if necessary and keep a food journal if you feel it will keep you in check. At this point the weight I have lost has been all me with the exception of about 6 pounds after surgery since I had restriction at that point. I am just determined to make this tool work for me and not let this be another failed attempt of weight loss for me, I suppose I am just driven by not wanting to fail at weight loss again.
  9. 4 year old Mcdonalds cheeseburger.....

    Absolutely agree. I have seen McDonald's burgers that were left out that did grow mold etc... My kids have both taken food to eat in the backyard on the table and have left food out there and it has grown mold and turned nasty in just two or three days depending on the weather! We rarely eat fast food anymore (since my surgery) but on occasion I will grab it for my kiddos and husband. My kids and husband are skinny, in shape etc... the fast food is not the best for them but in moderation it is not going to kill them either!
  10. ode to the ice cold DIET COKE

    Every now and then I think "Surely it couldn't hurt to have a couple of sips" then I talk myself out of it! As for now the only thing I drink is water and protein drinks and I am okay with that but there are days I really miss my diet mt. dew! haha
  11. divorce after wls?

    I do not have any advice for you but wanted to say congratulations on the weight loss. While your husband loved you at a heavier weight that heavier weight was not healthy for you. He would have had far less time with you in the long run if you had not lost the weight and gotten healthier. Your health is more important than anything, your kids need you-not just now but as they get older and have ther own kids etc... Big hugs!
  12. I am not sure honestly, I have been so lucky to not have vomiting except right after my surgery. The most important thing is to chew your food very very well and remember that foods you ate before ma ynot agree with you anymore. Try one new thing at a time.

  13. hey I am just wondering if you can offer advice on the constant vomiting. IDK what I AM doing wrong!

  14. finally felt the "that" feeling

    Wow Karen!! That is fantastic!! Congratulations!!! I am not quite there but I must admit I get very little exercise! I already had to quit my job (today was my last dqy) because of conflicting schedules with my husband being out of town too much in the next couple of months so I am actually hoping to develope an actual exercise routine now! I have got to get up and get moving more!! I need to be skiiny for summer! haha
  15. Before, During and almost Afters

    You look amazing and are such an inspiration!!!