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  1. Just in case you pop in Sharon - ~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~~~

  2. Hi Beth! It's been a long time since I've been out here. Glad you were able to do the Sclerotherapy. I hope it helps. It helped me for quite a while, now I'm thinking I might need it again. Same ole' same ole'. Put a few pounds on too and back to eatting much more than I use to. Saturday (7/23/2011) will be my 9 year anniversary of WLS. Still glad I had it done! Hope all goes well for you. Sharon
  3. Popping in to wish you a Happy Birthday!

  4. Hey! Haven't seen ya around for a while, but then again I haven't been on much lately either. Looking good! Sharon
  5. My sister never really had a butt, always flat and still flat after the loss, me on the other hand, have always and still do have a butt. You made me giggle to myself, my sister always teased me as a kid calling me "bubble butt" so when I read your post it made me chuckle. Everyone's different, my backside is still disproportionate to my waist. I would LOVE to have a flat butt, but we don't always get what we want. Hope things work out the way you'd like them to. Good luck. Sharon
  6. Hey Deb! Yes I'm still around. Congratulations on your loss. Only 30 lbs to go!!!! You go girl! Good to hear from you. Keep in touch. Sharon
  7. Can I still add my two cents worth? Currently I am 7 1/2 years out now. Over the years I have yo-yo'ed up and down. Currenlty, I'm on the up again, but like you I am working on it as well. I have a sister and and Aunt who both have had WLS as well and we all struggle with keeping the weight off. I feel like we all have to work at keeping it in check. Just because we've had the surgery, nothing prevents us from not gaining weigt back. We still have to work at it everyday. Just a thought here, I was told a couple of years ago that we should keep a food journal every now and then for 2 weeks. Sometimes we lose perspective of how many calories, carbs etc. that we are actually consuming. Humm, think I'll take my own advice here and start that tomorrow. Good luck on getting back on track. I'll be rooting for ya! Sharon
  8. I too like the cut you have in your pic. I think it looks really good on you. Perhaps genitics or my age, but my hair dosen't grow very fast and is thin on the top and on the right side. I also have a terrible cowlick (sp?) on the top left side, so I have kept my hair short for several years now. I've tried to grow it out a few times, but like I said for me it takes so long and I think I look better with short hair. Like you said, everyone's different, some have thinning hair other's don't. I agree though, weight loss/health is more important. Congratulations on your loss so far. Sounds like you're doing great! Keep up the good work! Sharon
  9. Hi Kasey: I don't know exactally what to tell you in dealing with your mother, but I can tell you this..... Family is the only thing you have in this world. Once they're gone, they're gone. Maybe as suggested, take her to speak with your doctor and nutritionalist and have them reassure her that you are at a good weight and that your blood work etc. confirms you are in good health. I don't know your age, but I was almost 27 when I lost my mom in 1991, and my dad has been gone 10 years as of December. Please do what you need to do to reconcile with your mom. She wouldn't be doing what she's doing if she didn't love and care about you (even if it hurts, she just cares about you & she's probably scared too). Wishing you the best of luck with your WLS journey and with your family. Sharon
  10. Hi there! Well it's been a very long time since I was in your shoes, but, anytime you go through any kind of surgery, it takes the wind out of you for a while. You've really tramatized your body with a major surgery. Give it a few weeks. So, with that being said, you also need to remember that you now are consuming far fewer calories than prior to surgery. On the food note: what kind of cereal are you eatting? I remember eatting alot of cream of wheat. Regular cereal still makes me dump if I eat more than a 1/2 cup of it. When I dump, I get really tired (among other things), so I'm just curious what kind. Also, at 2 1/2 weeks have they moved you off liquids already? I'm not sure what the time line is. When you are able to eat soft protiens like scrambled eggs, I'm sure you'll start to feel a little more energy. Wishing you the best of luck and hang in there it does get better! Sharon
  11. Hey Sandy: Just wondering what the plan is. What are they planning on doing when you refer to "revision". I've had 2 "revisions" and they were totally different one from the other. Just curious. Wishing you the best of luck with the insurance and upcoming surgery. Sharon
  12. First are you talking goal or the estimated 70% of excess weight? I lost 90 lbs. by 6 months, but have never reached my personal goal, may never reach it either, but that's okay. It's a daily struggle. I gain a few, lose a few, now, the key is to really stick to your surgeons instructions the first year for maximum loss. I didn't have any guidelines to follow as I didn't go through a BTC, so for me it was all "what ever you can tolerate". I cried alot and threw up alot too the first 6 months because I didn't know what I should and should not be eatting. I was at 268 day of surgery and have been as low as 119 lbs. so your goal is very achievable. By the way, I'm not 119 anymore. My body seems to like the 130 lb mark. All of us out here just keep working at it. So, keep your chin up. It's going to be a roller coaster ride for sure! Sharon
  13. Ahhh, I miss everyone too. You're still looking fantastic! I hope to keep dropping in a little more frequently as this is my only support group. I find that reading posts helps bring me back on track to what I should be doing. It's so easy to slip out of it when your body starts allowing you to eat more things than you could the first few years. I tolerate soooo, much more now and it's so easy to pick up old habits. Thanks for dropping by and saying Hi! Sharon
  14. Beth & Deborah: Hi guys! Deborah! What a difference in your pic from the last one I remember! You look great! Beth: So glad to hear from you. Sorry to hear that you're still fighting with your body. Glad the doc's got you on some med's to take care of the ulcer. That's scary. Sorry I didn't have a chance to meet up with you while you were in the area, but congrats! on the daughters wedding. Well as usual I have to cut it short, will try to pop in a little more on my lunches. Sharon
  15. It's been awhile since I last visited, so I thought I would pop in and say Hi! Not alot going on, just passed my 7 year mark last month. Gained a few pounds, but I'm not too worried about it. Mostly stress related. Got to hit the old treadmill and start watching what I'm eatting again and it will come off. What a crazy summer! We've been camping a couple of times, but the weather here has just been cold and wet all summer long. We're going to give it one more shot tonight and then it'll be time to put the camper away for the winter. Husband's been laid off a couple of times this summer and is off again. I keep expecting to be laid off, but thank goodness it hasn't happened yet. I'm the only "non-family" employee left. Scary! Anyway, that's about it for now. Just wanted to say that I miss everyone, but my computers at home take so long with the land line, it's just hard to jump out here. Love you guys! Take care! Sharon