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  1. The first thing I thought about was an RNY as you mentioned reflux. My daughter and I each had an RNY. I had severe GERD. It was gone immediately after surgery. I do dump and am kept on the straight and narrow most times because of it. I am grateful for that tool. My daughter does not dump from sugars and carbs. She can with excess fat, such as a a bowl of cheese soup or icecream for instance., but it is rare. I think she wishes she had the fear of dumping.
  2. This is a pic of my kiddos. Dana is a member of our group too! I'm very proud of each of them.
  3. Thanks! I don't doubt I could easily pack it on at this point. It is easy to forget I am an RNY patient. But as long as I stick to the plan, I can still button by britches.
  4. I tried to find a nice pic to share and found this from a recent vacation to visit my son and celebrate his military promotion. We walked Washington DC until I didn't think I could move anymore and was so grateful to not be lugging around the weight I used to have. I'm grateful to still have great restriction.
  5. Megan, I haven't read the other comments. Hope I'm not repetitive. I feel strongly about having our spouse on board or at least for them to be by our side even if there are reservations. Eductate, ask for at least an ear, bring them to an appointment so they can hear from the doc. Although it is your life and your body it will affect you two together. I hope he will be open to listen and do some of his own research. Yes, your health is so important and it is best if support from home is with you.. I think.
  6. Oh yes, the plan wasn't made up for the heck of it! It works!
  7. Wow Tom, you have surpassed your goals. I love your posts btw! You help so many of us!
  8. I did my surgery during summer break. I worked in special education and believe I would not have kept up with the kiddos very easiely. For me, I had a lot of fatigue. Felt much like jet lag. But I noticed so many others on this forum back to work early on and did really well after just a few short weeks. The pain eased up pretty rapidly, it was just the stamina for me. I think your friend has a great idea to get the diet down pat. That is a bit of a learning curve. Plus, seems everyone at work can be pretty curious about what we eat and are fascinated by how little we eat. LOL Best wishes on your upcoming surgery.
  9. RNY was a good option for me as I had GERD. But the draw back is I can not take anti-inflammatories and as a pain patient I wish I could. I like being sensitive to sugars as it keeps me on the right path. RNY has been a good surgery for me and I still have good restriction. Best wishes on your decision.
  10. If you are interested, scalp make up can be purchased at Sally Beauty. It comes in a compact much like blush. I used it in those widening parts and receding areas. It really does the trick. There is also a powdered made by Joan Rivers.
  11. Maine is the ONE state I want to visit. Tom, your lobster Sounds so delish
  12. This made me smile. I'm so happy for you.
  13. Boy, this is a tough one. I would address my protein powder and thick soup as part of a meal rather than liquid due to caloric intake. I would also wait 30 minutes to drink water.
  14. Fast weight loss the first year. I did exceed my goal. Although still in a good weight range, I have put on about 10# in the past year. Less activity and age may be the culprit as my pouch still works with great restriction. My favorite too!
  15. Hi all, update is notthing changed. 13 months out. One level fused one possibly not. CT/ixray says this. But surgeon doesn't feel super concerned. He said it is so hard to see behind the titanium, so lets wait a little longer. I'm fine with this game plan. Don't want a revision on the neck. For now, stilll at home.
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