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  1. moosie

    What ever happened to manners?

    That's just awful. How incredibly rude and hurtful. What is sad though is that those ladies are probably more miserable than they are trying to make you. Don't you worry about it at all. Don't give them the satisfaction of ruining your day or anything else!!!! You are a much more beautiful person than they will ever be.
  2. moosie

    Are we weird for being excited :)

    I was excited too! It was the start of my new improved life, how could I not be stoked?
  3. moosie

    Surreal Experience

    It is so awesome to pick up something and think it's way to small and then have it fit. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels when you get there.
  4. I'm so happy had GBS!!! I've lost 125lbs. I'm 2 lbs away from being a normal weight according to the bmi chart and I feel wonderful. My dh and I are getting ready to go on an Alaskan cruise to celebrate my loss and his graduation from college. I have to say that I lost a lot of weight but I've also gained so much! I've gained confidence, a better outlook on life, a more fun personality, and a closet (actually 2) and dresser full of clothes. I don't regret my decision for a moment!!!! Here's a link to a couple of pictures: This one is my before, I'm the tall one on the right. The other is my mom and she had surgery in Oct. and has done fabulous but I don't have an after pic of us together yet. This is a couple of afters:
  5. Hi all, I had my surgery July 30, 2007 so not quite a year ago. The problem is I've been stuck at 170-172 lbs now since April. I've lost 120 lbs so maybe I'm done? I'd really like to lose about 15-20 lbs more. We're going on a cruise in Aug and I was really wanting to be closer to that goal by then. What do you think?
  6. moosie

    Who is that fat girl?

    Ya know I look at pictures of me from a year or more ago and wonder who that person is. I had my surgery less than a year ago and I'm totally a different person. It's amazing how much has changed. I feel so much better about me. I *want* to go do things and I *want* to be around other people. The woman I see in the old pictures are just a shell of a person. I was so miserable and just so lonely. I can't imagine being that woman again. I'm truly happy with me now. Tell why I didn't figure all this out *before* I gained 150+ lbs?
  7. moosie

    Fellow Kansans, where are you?

    Sorry surgery wasn't your answer. Are you okay now? Dr. Opie is great. I get all the support I need, reminders when I need to make appts., and he really listens. I'm very happy with him and my surgery.
  8. moosie

    Underwear.....Help ladies.....

    I'm not quite a year post op but I've lost over 120lbs. So I have this saggy tummy and I need some new underwear badly. I hate having anything role down my tummy. I've also lost my butt, it's flat, nothing there. This is the awful part of WLS. I will have plastics, but I have to wait. Any suggestions
  9. moosie

    May be old, but I'm sure brand new to this!

    Welcome! I too have Aetna PPO and they were super easy. From start to finish it was about 4 months. You'll do great and be so happy with the results. You'll probably wonder what took ya so long to do this. Keep us posted.
  10. moosie

    Your thoughts on...

    I eat a little now and then but it was months out before I even tried it.
  11. moosie

    Your Stimulus Check...If You Are Getting One That Is

    Towards our Alaska cruise that we are going on in August!
  12. Haven't tried the ice cream but the SF cool whip was good.
  13. moosie

    Eating more

    Oh my did I go thru this. I wanted to eat and eat and eat. I went crazy. The funny thing is that a lot of what I would never eat again I can in moderation now. I don't go crazy and I'm careful, but I do enjoy a little of things I was sure would never grace my mouth again.