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  1. Wanting a baby! ASAP

    I was told to wait 18 months but which would put me in ttc in December as well. However, we have not been using anything since March. I understand the wanting to have a baby. I have a 4-year-old and would really like to have one more. I am 34 and trying to come to terms that it just may not happen. DH and I will end up going to see someone in June of next year if it has not happened by then since that will be 6 months of trying from the time they say we can be trying. I have maintained my weight for the last 6 months so I feel that I should be able to start trying now. HUGS and good luck.
  2. Okay so here it is I had my surgery in June and I bleed for like 7 weeks straight then I started evening out and it was somewhat normal. I was anywhere between 20 to 32 days. Well my BCPs were making me sick so I went off of them and DH and I have just been using condoms when he is home (OTR trucker), anyway then November things got crazy. On November 2nd I got one that was normal and then again I got one January 2nd. Next one February 2nd and then February 25th and nothing since. I have gone in and had a blood test just to make sure that the condom did not break or anything like that and we are not pregnant yet. The doctor does figure it is due to the surgery but here is my issue my weight has stabilized for the most part and I have been at the same weight for the last 3ish months. I would think things would be more normal now. Any ideas.
  3. I think I have finally figured out how to get my exercise in my day after almost 10 months with a 3-1/2 year-old that can't always go for the long walks that I need and a hubby that is out on the road for 3 weeks at a time it makes it very hard but I am super excited.

  4. In a few weeks the hospital that I had my surgery done at has an annual Beri Ball and I am so excited.

    1. Lori88


      WOW fun! Mine does not do that!

    2. Hilary


      Most do not and I think it will be so much fun this Friday at it.

  5. How is everyone doing?

    I am doing good as well I lost a ton between 3 and 6 months and they are not thinking I am coming to a stable weight since I have not lost much in the last 3 months. I would love to loose the last 30lbs so I am in normal weight. However I am happy where I am at.
  6. Hair dye during hair loss stage?

    I have done mine at home through out the hair loss stage. I use the john freda root awakening shampoo and cond. and I love it I think it is working.
  7. Just got home from a 4 mile walk outside in Wiscconsin on a 50+ degree day. I am loving it!!

    1. RogaDanar


      Wasn't it gorgeous today we broke our all-time high of 40 today with...54...

  8. No longer considered obese just over weight. The funny thing is I am like 168 and I am strating to be told I am soooo skinny and getting questions how much more are you planning on loosing.

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    2. cinwa


      Hilary - I'm with AJ - take it as a compliment. Your normal BMI is 110-145lb - keep doing what you're doing cause it's working.

    3. Miss Lady

      Miss Lady

      yeah i've had all kinds of people say when are you going to stop losing weight... lol

    4. Hilary


      Miss Lady I get that too but some people do not realize that it will even out on its own.

  9. Yes I think I do have your number.

    I so should of come and seen you on Wednesday I was in Oshkosh.

  10. I am well. do u have my number?

  11. Hey ladie how are you doing?

  12. Hey ladie how are you doing?

  13. I am down a total of 120 lbs since last June and 63 since surgery I can't believe it is me sometimes when I look in a mirror

  14. Thanks for posting this question I am in the same boat and was wondering the same thing