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  1. Uber jealous. I maintain that the only way the Rangers could beat us would be because they have one of us. I hope Bengie Molina doesn't psych out our pitchers too much. He's definitely a secret weapon that no one could have foreseen when he was traded halfway through the season! Let's go Giants!
  2. I'm a happy Midwest transplant.
  3. I'll officially it 3 years on October 30, but this is close enough. =0) I was inspired by the "It gets better" project (though obviously different subject matter) to compile a few things as words of encouragement for those in the early stages. It gets better. As crappy as you may feel at the outset, things get better and life is much better once you stop living life like a "before" picture. Starting BMI: 69.9 3-Years Post-Op: 30.5 Starting Weight: 393 3-Years Post-Op: 175- One-der-land is a happy happy place! **I'm down 218 lbs and less than half the person I used to be.** Starting Size: 32/34 W (Top & Bottoms) 3-Years Post-Op:L Top, 14 Bottom (plastics made it possible!) Complications: At surgery- Slow post-op urination, 20lb in hospital fluid retention weight gain. Post-Op to Present- Constipation, vitamin d deficiency corrected with prescription level supplements. Post-Op Positives: I now make 18K more per year than I did pre-op. I bought my first house. I'm now a published researcher. I had plastics earlier this year and LOVE the results. I feel great. I look great. I smile more and am generally happy. My skin is great- less facial hair, no acne, and nice skin texture/moisture. Post-Op Struggles: I will always struggle with the carb monster. I should exercise more, but am at least confident that I can. Daily Meds/Vitamins: BCPs Multi-Vitamin x2 B1 100mg Calcium 400 x3 Iron supplementx2 Vitamin C Vitamin-E Sublingual B12 (2x/week) Beta Carotene Lutien Vitamin D3
  4. The pics are in a thread titled, "Pre/Post Circumferential Body Lift." =0)
  5. I'm 2 years and 9 months out and I've not had any hair loss at any stage of the process (beyond normal loss for anyone who brushes their hair). So, I'd challenge the 100% claim. It is certainly a very real possibility, but I've heard that increased protein consumption and vitamin E can help reduce it.
  6. I'm almost three years out and I've been on oral BCP's consistently since I was 1 month out from surgery. I haven't had any "surprises," but I often also use condoms just to be sure. Also, while there are many people who love their IUD's, most OB/GYNs wouldn't suggest it to a woman without children who wants to eventually have kids because there is a risk (a small one) of infertility. If you are only interested in temporary contraception, BCP's and/or condoms are possibly a better option. I hope whatever you choose works out for you.
  7. It's complicated, but long story short- I didn't bother going through insurance. I was self-pay and I paid $7,655. My surgeon was great, but if you live outside of the Midwest, I wouldn't suggest traveling here for surgery. Mainly because it can be dangerous to travel soon after surgery and you would need to stay in town for at least 2 weeks (perhaps longer) to get the drains out. There are lots of great surgeons out there. My PCP referred me to my surgeon and I looked him up.
  8. Thank you for all the kind words everyone! It is very humbling. Also, Mike, maybe you are so uncomfortable because they didn't put in enough drains. Most of mine were only in for 10 days and were really active (in regard to output). The point of the drains is to provide an outlet for the swelling/excess fluid to be reduced. My swelling is way down since the surgery. They removed 32 lbs of skin, but when I came home I was only down about 15. The rest was fluid. I'm now down 35-ish since the night before surgery (I was very bad the day before surgery- I had a gorgonzola crusted steak & wedge salad for lunch that was super salty). You can really see the definition in my collarbones now that the swelling is down.
  9. No offense taken. The real thing is stability. "Goal" weights are just that- goals, we may never reach them, but it is important to be stable when you do something like this. I had been at the same weight for over a year and with the weight of the skin removed and te post-op swelling, I'm actually only 5lbs away from my goal- doc's goal (RNY) not so much. Hehe * I need to update my signature, thx for the reminder.
  10. I had 5 drains. 4 were removed yesterday (10 days post op). One will be in until Thursday because it is still producing a lot of output (60ml? or cc). They get in the way, but feel so much better once they are out. I had a lot of swelling, but I'm pretty much down now. =0)
  11. Thanks. They removed over 30lbs of skin & top fat. I must stress though that a lot of work went into it pre-op. I was 2.5 years post RNY and had been withing 4lbs of the same weight for a year. I did a lot of crunches & cardio despite not being able to "see" it. My recovery has been relatively easy because my doctor didn't need to tighten my muscles (tightening greatly increases post-op pain/recovery time). The post-op pics really show how much of my old self I was wearing on a daily basis. I had major back problems that have since been resolved. Despite the improvements in appearance, I wanted to do this for quality of life reasons. So basically, anyone who wants to do this, my advice is-be patient, work hard, and find a great surgeon! =0)
  12. The pre-op pics were taken the night before. The post-side shot was the day I was discharged. The front shot was 10 days post op. Some of the pics might be small because I needed to de-identify them. I know many people here are wonderful, but it is still a public site and there are trolls-so please don't be offended at my attempts to keep my privacy.
  13. Depending on why you are using BCP's, you may see varying degrees of success. Straight hormonal treatments (BCP's/nuva ring/depo) have an extra caveat with WLS patients due to our metabolism/absorption issues post-op. This is especially true with oral meds. If you use any of these methods, you may want to have a back-up method for pregnancy prevention. If you are using them to control your periods or clear up acne primarily, this may be less of an issue. Talk to your doctor about what s/he suggests. I tried 3 type of pills before I found one I liked. I was on yaz, but stopped due to clotting risks (I have a high platelet count). I've alo tried trinessa and I'm now on apri. I use a high dose estrogen birth control pill (I have PCOS), and also use condoms with spermicide, when "active." I am aware of the risks with BCP's, so I compliment them with condoms to be extra sure. Good luck!
  14. I'm wondering why your doctor recommended a copper IUD as opposed to a plastic one like mirena? I'm only 25, so I'm not planning babies any time soon, so I've done a lot of research on contraception (despite being Catholic). Anywho, I know that IUD's were popular in the 1970s, and copper ones in particular were even banned in the United States for a time. Those ones were related to unsanitary packaging that I am sure has been corrected. The non-copper ones have a hormone component in addition to the IUD structure to prevent pregnancy, which reduces flow and menstrual cramps over time (according to their fliers). I don't mean to scare you, I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the other options present for you with your chosen method of birth control. I personally am on a high dose estrogen birth control pill (I have PCOS), and also use condoms with spermicide, when "active." I am aware of the risks with BCP's, so I compliment them with condoms to be extra sure. Good luck!
  15. Hi Mike, Sorry to hear to are not feeling so hot. I just had a circumferential body lift on Monday and I feel pretty good. I'm sending you numbness/healing vibes across the internet! Chia~