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    Dr. Gintaras Antanavicius
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  1. pre op - 320 current weight - 179 woot yo, woot
  2. yay! you are so gorg:)
  3. PlumFaerie


    you look fantastic!!!
  4. yay! you look adorable and happy, way to go!
  5. thank you so much it was really the pick me up i needed, sometimes its hard to see since i look at myself everyday lol.
  6. well i know i've lost weight, but bah im a little down, i guess i need a bit of encouragement (sorry to even have to ask) do i look alright? is there a big difference? i feel tons better and healthier, i jsut wnat my stomach to be flat lol.
  7. i do! i have so much more energy!!
  8. well the progress pics i take are every two weeks in my bra and panties so i thought i wouldn't post those lol:) (besides i'm going to unveil big in my princess leia bikini i am three months out now and coudln't be happier, oh my gods:) i love my DS, i feel so much better and healthier and happier:) i was 320 right before surg (that pic from the ren faire hence the elf ears:) and now i'm 260 about, down 60..wowzers, is this a dream?
  9. aretha bothered me too because of her shamefulness
  10. years ago sharon osbourne freely admitted her lap band on howard stern and he asked her if she's eating better because of it and ozzy was like 'no, she's still eating crap' lol that was about twelve years ago though so i'm sure she eats healthier now
  11. hey hey hey, some of us are from NY here:) i was born a yankees fan so cheers! and you look absolutely fantastic:)
  12. i have a wegmans not ten mins away in pa, i jsut went there today and bought produce, meats, fresh mozzerella..mmmmmmm
  13. i'm a huge nerd and gamer for sure, as is my husband. i love board, card, pc, tabletop and console gaming, we have a ton of stuff. never got into larping though, everything else, yes. odd:)