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  1. I was diagnosed with POS when I was 21. I weighed 130 pounds and was not over weight. I have not seen any improvement since my surgery. But that is just me. I am sure that like everything else it is an individual thing.
  2. I have severe degenerative arthritis in my knees. I have had one replace. I work on my feet all day and come and have a lot of pain. I have not taken any thing for the pain since Nov 2011. My PCP gave me Voltren Gel. It works great and helps control the pain in my joints.
  3. I had my surgery in Nov of 2011 and was never given a goal weight. When into 5 months I got down to 135. At that point my dr told me I would loss about 10 more pounds. Well, I didn't. I went down to 128 and then my put on 10 pounds and I have stayed at 138 for the last year. It seems to be where my body wants to be. I can't complain I feel good and I look healthy...not to mention I am wearing a size 4 pants and a small in tops. I can still look at myself and think I am so fat... but then I have to wonder how a person wearing a size 4 can be consider fat. My PCP tells me to stay where I am at that the number doesn't matter as much as how I feel. She wants me to maintain where I am at.
  4. I have baby fine hair, the texture of my hair never changed. I did go from long to short hair during the time it was falling out. I also went to Noxin during the period my hair was falling out. It really helped to keep my hair healthy. Since mt hair has started growing back it has gone very wavy. I am trying to grow it out again I am curious to see what it looks like when it is long.
  5. You might concern having you vitamin B levels checked. I had a similar problem years ago. I was really worried that I was developing Alzheimer's disease. It turned out that my B vitamin level had it rock bottom. I have been taking B vitamins ever since. Oh and this was years prior to my wl surgery
  6. I had an allergic reaction to the the stuff used to clear my stomach prior to cutting. I was on meds for the rash and itching and used some special lotion the dr gave me to help. It took a month for things to calm down.
  7. I love muscle milk...all flavors are great to me.
  8. I will be celebrating 34 years this summer being married to the most wonderful man. Like you I was also very slim when we meet. I weighed 99 pounds when we got married. He weighed 135. Both of us put on about 30 pounds in the first two years. Of course it look great on him not so much on me. He has become more active and changed his eating habits with me during this process. Our married has gotten stronger and we continue to enjoy each others company. The process just made both of us want to get healthy and be around longer in order to have more time on this earth with each other. I wish you luck during the GBP process, it is a good thing. I advise to you is to remember to communicate...and always validate his feelings... this might be a surgery for you both it affects the whole family.
  9. I was 52 turning 53 with a month of my surgery. I was concerned a light weight and was able to lose all my weight within six months. Just give it time, it will happen.
  10. I tested positive for that back in 99. Was on meds for 3 months.
  11. Sounds like you might now have enough B12 in your system. Do the blood work and see what it shows. I had a b12 deficiency at one point in my life and the symptoms mimicked Alzheimer. Hope you find out soon.
  12. Keeping you in my thoughts. Good Luck.
  13. I needed up needed a heart catheterization due to my stress thallium showing poor circulation. Ended up to be nothing. I hope you find the same thing I did. Good luck.
  14. I am 5'2" and at my highest weight I was 218. At time of surgery I weight 201. Had surgery in Nov 2011. I currently weigh 133. At my lowest I was down to 128. It took about 7 months to lose all my weight. I am stable now at 133 and play on keeping it off. The best part is pants are not that expensive now due to wearing a size 16 in girls.
  15. I used baby utensils for 9 months after surgery. I still eat off of saucers and small desert plates.