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  1. Wishing you a lot of luck on your approval!!!
  2. I only walked around my complex for about the first 6 weeks after surgery. I walked my dog about 30 minutes a day, but I was never given a specific amount from my surgeon. I just based it on how I was feeling, since I did tend to get tired quicker in the beginning.
  3. Welcome to TT! Good luck with your surgery, and with your journey!
  4. Welcome to TT! Wow, good luck with your surgery, and your journey!
  5. Welcome to TT! You have found a great site for info & support! Ask questions, I'm sure you will find the answers here. Good luck as you continue your journey!
  6. I did have some people try to discourage my decision. I explained to them that I understood their concerns, but that at the point I was at before surgery, it would be scarier for me to do nothing than to have the surgery. I am a true believer in making the decision for YOU alone. If you feel this is the right decision for YOU then that's that! I hope we here through TTF can provide the support and encouragement you need! Good luck!
  7. I definitely remember feeling the same way my first few weeks. I thought I had "broken" the process. Once I was able to start an exercise program about 6 weeks out, the weight really started to drop off fast. Hang in there, you are doing great! Good luck as you continue on your journey!
  8. Welcome to TT! Congrats on your surgery, and wishing you the best in your recovery!
  9. Welcome to TT! I praise God everyday for giving me my life back through having this surgery. You CAN do this too! Good luck as you are going through your recovery, and as you continue on your journey!
  10. Welcome to TT! You have found a great place for info & a lot of support! Good luck with your surgery, and with your journey!
  11. Welcome to TT! Good luck as you are starting your journey!
  12. Welcome to TT! When I started my process, I had not done any research on the sleeve. My surgeon mentioned it, but I was already convinced on the gastric bypass. I have been very blessed to have no complications from my surgery, and I have found so many others that I have made connections with that have had the surgery too. I was overweight my whole life from as far back as I can remember, but after I turned 40 things just kept getting worse with my weight. I was taking a lot of different meds, that although my eating was not good, I thing they also contributed to my weight gain. I had gotten to a point that the thought of what could happen if I didn't do something was scarier to me than having the surgery. I am SO glad that I made that decision, because it has truly saved my life! I wish you the best as you decide what path you may be taking for having wls!
  13. Welcome to TT! Good luck with your surgery, and your journey!
  14. Welcome to TT! It's a big decision to have the surgery, and it can be scary. Good luck to you as you start your journey to a healthier you! I see we are the same height, and goal weight. I started out quite a bit more than you for a starting weight, and I want to assure you it is possible! Wishing you the best!
  15. I worked through a bariatric group, and they have a phych on staff that all of their patients see for their consult. Your surgeon should give you all of those details. Good luck as you start your journey!
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