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  1. Great post! I was a regular on this forum then slowly gotta away from it. I am back due to seeing bad habit creep back in. My lowest was 127 - hubby and NP wanted me to gain weight to get to 140 - so I have been working on that since May 2012(however scared to death about gaining). The funny thing is I really had to work at gaining. I currently hover between 135-137 but I am so worried that these bad habits will continue and I will continue to gain. So here I am reading and posting to keep me on track and not to gain anymore. Due to stress and life happening exercise has not been a regular thing for me but I am hoping to change that this spring - I need to start running and lifting weights to get some muscle! Thanks for all the great info and motivation!
  2. From a research standpoint this has been proven to be false. That being said, I am sure there are those who would disagree. One point I want to make is We need to be careful about craving - our minds are powerful and can make us think we are craving something due to lack of a nutrition when really its our emotions. So just be mindful about the food you choose and what that food has to offer you (in terms of nutritional value). Great job on the weight loss.
  3. 16 months post op - below goal - trying to maintain. Weakness No add sugar Sweet freedom ice cream bars I could eat them all!!! Not writing down my meals - but I do plan out my standard meals focused on protein Not exercising regularly however I clean house, mow the grass, do laundry (with stairs) etc Strengths Planning my meals/ snacks drinking my fluids keep the same weight ( at least for now) I am happy, more outgoing I have more energy I enjoy more things Working on Doctors, friends and family want me to gain 10 pounds ( but I am afraid I will keep gaining so I am happy at this weight but I am too skinny) taking vitamins more consistently - take them in the morning, afternoon or evening whenever I remember I am finally ok in this new body - I feel comfortable
  4. woohoo!! Great job! Keep up the great work.
  5. My family and I eat out once a week. I usually get Applebees, & 54th Street I get the grilled fish (tilapia, salmon) and steamed veggies ( my son and husband eat all that I cannot finish - they love it) Bullys - great turkey medallions!! Love them! steamed veggies Just have to plan ahead (I review the menu online and plan what I am going to eat). The food is not wasted as my husband and son pick up the left overs!! (neither of them have a weight issue) Ruby Tuesdays - they have great fish, and calorie sensitive sides ( grilled zuccini, squash spaghetti, steamed veggies and more I cannot remember) Plan your calories for these special occasions - pick healthy stuff, watch your portions
  6. First take care of you, - you are doing this for yourself, your health, your life so YOU should be happy with all the good decisions you are making. Unfortunately we cannot control what others think or say but I do think a good talk is in order to see where this hostility is coming from - or at least that is what I am thinking. He should be able to see all the changes and good decision YOU make on a daily basis NOT the surgeon. I wish you the best but I think effort needs to be taken to get to the bottom of this comment so you can both move on in a healthy relationship. ((hugs))
  7. I had a patient once who we actually told her to drink water to lower her sugars instead of insulin (she was a brittle diabetic). Use care with this - documentation is best. However you may need to see and endocrine doc/ dietician due to they will have more experience with this as this seems to be rare - meaning in 20 years of nursing I have only had two patients like this. Take care and I hope you find good answers. I lke how you are documenting eating, drinking and sugars!! You may want to add activity as well. Keep up the good work - its a lot of extra work but should be very helpful.
  8. Great job!!! Give yourself something special for working so hard. Bottle this feeling up to help during hard times - but with a disney trip coming there should not be many! Have fun and enjoy yourself on your trip - 100 pounds lighter
  9. yep the area around your incision sites can go through many changes within the year following surgery - mine was very sensitive ( causing prickly feeling like needles after being numb) Make sure you are taking your vitamins. Call surgeon if concerned.
  10. I had moments like that. Remember the tool does not "fix" the mind. That is up to you. I use to feel like a failure a majority of the time. I finally had to admit I was my own demise. I had to learn to stop the negative talk to myself (in my head) and turn to positive talk- focus on all the good things in my life and the all the small yet great decisions I make on a daily basis. This took a long time (unfortunately) but did happen. I have relapses when am under a lot of stress and mutiple things are coming at me at once. But I overcome them, learn from them, and I am beginning to see I can only control myself ( I can not change someone mind even if I have solid evidence) That is that person problem NOT mind. I do what is good for me and my family but still am learning to put myself first. Good luck keep reading the boards for support! YOU CAN DO THIS BUT IT TAKES TIME, and EFFORT. I am not saying you have not done this but you need to keep working at it. Also do not compare yourself to others ( if you do this?)
  11. Although weight loss will slow you are still not a year out - You can do this but you need to work on your negative self talk - try remembering all the great decisions you made ( eating better, working out) that will help you in a more positive outlook as well as build you up to make better decisions!
  12. We often wonder why things happen to us - sometimes we get special gifts during our darkest hours I am so happy this is the case for you. Thank you for sharing your story. Please keep us updated and know there are a lot of us thinking and praying for you! I guess I will let you know I found one lump earlier this year which after a digital mamm/ultrasound found out it was not one but two swollen lymph nodes - I was so happy there was nothing to worry about! But then at my 3 month check up they now want to biopsy them since they are still there- which is next week. I still am thinking this is just to found out why they are swollen and not anything to worry about. Thanks again for sharing
  13. Beautiful!!! You should be so proud of all your hard work! Great job reward yourself .
  14. That people would not recognize me That I can wear my son's jacket (12 years old), and some of my daughters clothes (14yo) ( and sometimes accidentally place my clothes in my daughter's room she is a size 0-1) My doctor and my husband say I am too thin and need to gain 10 pounds ( shocking!!!!) That I would have trouble gaining weight ( I am so afraid of losing control over what I eat and the amount) I can ride roller coasters I have unending energy I can shop in most stores but sometimes they dont have a small enough size. I return clothes due to them being too big instead of too small I loving shopping with my daughter I love that I am not worried about my husband, or kids being embarressed about my size I have more confidence I smile more I love living more I think I could go on but better stop now!!!!