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  1. Hi leah I had band in 2002 then had it replaced in 2004 then had to have it out all together in 2006 then later in 2006 l had a sleeve done which l have had a lot of trouble with so the end result has been that l had grastric bypass on the 27 aprill 2011. l am at goal already but l was sick every day for the 4 years l had sleeve so doc said bypass way to go. As my stomach was realy damaged by band and then sleeve. I havent been sick since yet. I wieh l had gone bypass straight from band removel so as to save all these ops. Sharlene
  2. I have had trouble eating since I had sleeve it has got worse over last 6 months l am sick everyday at least 4 times a day he believes that if l could stop being sick l will be heathier . I have seem the dietian and she believes that this op will help. I have had my stomach sretched 3 times there is scar tissues which maybe part of the problems. My worry is that l will lose to much weight my husband is worried about it to
  3. I had a band 2001 had that removed and then taken out and replaced 2004 then had that out eroded stomach lining. Then had sleeve done dec 2006 now that's not working l cannot keep anything down so my doctor said stomach not working so now bypass . I have gone from 122 kilos down to 75 kilos so do not need to loss any weight but need to stop being sick. I have been told l will lose weight. Has anyone gone from sleeve to bypass and how did they get along
  4. I am new here l get my op on April 27 the information on diet after op is great to know. I am from Australia and a lot of what you mention is not here