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  1. so when i dont work out for a week i lose 4 pounds

  2. so i guess i am officaly in my first stall.... no weight loss this week. My husband said my body is probably adjusting since i upped my workouts but who knows.

    1. Wicked


      I had my first stall at around 4 months too

  3. I had some NSA ice cream a very little bit... Is it considered liquid like do i have to wait 30 mintuets before drinking anything?

    1. cinwa


      If it were only a little and not part of a meal, I wouldn't bother waiting to drink.

  4. day 1 of couch to 5k went great! also i can fit into my husbands size L shirts woohoo! he is so funny though he said now when we go somewhere and he is wearing a jacket that if i get cold i will be able to borrow his haha!

    1. Lady G
    2. ✿ Paula ✿

      ✿ Paula ✿

      That is so sweet. I bet he would love to do that for you!

    3. glocks90
  5. got a food scale today so now i can start weighing my food out

  6. ughh so somehow i gained 2 pounds in 1 day wth? I am hoping it is just a hormonal change cause if i am gaining weight at 3 months out then there is a problem

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    2. mandapanda


      hopefully it is only water weight i know i didnt eat 7000 carolries in one day!

    3. Gahummingbyrd


      Have you upped your workouts? It could be muscle. Stay strong and focused.

    4. techie.beth


      Could be muscle or water. Did you eat anything salty? I also gain when I'm about to have my visitor. Could be that too?

  7. yesterday i tried on one of my husbands shirts (size L) and it fit! it was tight but it still fit and i got it on and off with no problems woohoo!

    1. Bypassingme619


      Since losing the weight, I wear a lot of my husbands T-shirts and he hates it ;0)

  8. ughh another slow week of weight loss! but at least i lost 1 1/2 pounds this week. I am down 37 pounds from surgery date on October 12th just wish it was more though

    1. Luciluu


      I had surgery the day before you and have also lost 37 pounds! 37 pounds that I couldn't have lost without the surgery so I'm excited!! We'll get there, don't you worry!!

    2. NewMeNow2010


      ANY weight loss is GREAT weight loss! :)

  9. ughh i feel like such a moron right now. I bought plane tickets to go home for christmas from a uk site. Well i never realized the prices were in pounds till tonight so now the tickets cost me 600 more than i thought which is about 100 more than i could have gotton them from traveocity. oh well you live and learn i guess

    1. NewMeNow2010


      I did that once with hotel reservations! True learning experience!

  10. how ong does miralax take to work? and how long does it work for?

    1. cinwa


      At my worse, I had to take it for 3-4 days. But you have to keep up with your fluids as much as you can. And make sure you're taking a full dose of miralax too.

  11. what do the ladies use for period cramps? i used to take advil but cant now so just looking for some suggestions.

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    2. Anna Banana

      Anna Banana

      you can try tylenol and see if that helps (its not and NSAID so its ok to take.) or if its absolutely horrible, maybe you could try to get some of the stronger stuff from the doctor? if you explain the situation (you can't take midol or w/e) they might give you a few of those little lortab cups or something... worth a try!

    3. adrienne


      I take rapid release tylenol. It isn't and NSAID and the rapid release works well since it helps absorb quicker.

    4. mego5dzgrc


      tylenol and a heating pad...

  12. so i only lost 1 1/2 lbs this week i am on week 2 and very upset.

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    2. Mommy Dearest

      Mommy Dearest

      Your body is trying to adjust and all the liquids they put in you during surgery.

    3. Heartfix


      I felt your pain. Alot is fluid from the surgery. Be patient.

    4. mandapanda


      thanks everyone! it is just disappointing when i had lost 14 lbs the week before but i am sure it is just a stall and my body trying to get used to everything

  13. how ong to you need to be on chewabe vitamins? i really just want to take a pill form.

    1. cinwa


      Ask your surgeon. I was cleared at 6 weeks. But there's no reason why you can't use the capsule form - just pull them apart and empty the contents into some yogurt or applesauce.

  14. went to the doc for a follow up today and he took my drain out thank goodness and tod me i coud move to puree foods on thursday!

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    2. blank


      I was SO happy and comfortable after that :)

    3. mandapanda


      yes that was the only thing that hurt

    4. NewMeNow2010
  15. really craving some cooked mashed up carrots...but at 5 days post op i am thinking it is a no-go

  16. can you freeze homemade chili?

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    2. 22MANY


      See you are early out from Surgery I use to eat bean with bacon soup and blend it and to thicken it up would add some instant potatoes to it. Had RNY 12/29/10

    3. RogaDanar


      I have little containers that I weight out 3 oz portions and freeze. then I pull one out the night before and I have one of my "meals" ready for the next day.

    4. RogaDanar


      I also blended some chilli to eat over the first two weeks for my puree stage.

  17. so nervous... having surgery tommorow at 9am!

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    2. shewinked


      My prayers are with you! All the best! :)

    3. cinwa


      Warming up a spot for you on the losers bench!

    4. kdubzzz


      I got SUPER nervous before my surgery. I was even to the point of tears. Thank God I went through with it!!!!! I'm one week post op and feel FANTASTIC. Still a little sore from surgery but about 80% back to normal. :-)

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