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  1. Doing great!! Getting close to 10 years and still going strong. Hope all is well with everyone else. 


  2. so when i dont work out for a week i lose 4 pounds

  3. I took a week off of work but probably should have taken two weeks. If it were me i would take the two weeks off you never know what kind of complications could arise.
  4. So how is everyone doing that had surgery in October? Is there anything you are struggling with? How much weight have you lost? any questions or concerns? So for me I have lost just about 80 pounds so far. It seems the hair loss is easing up a little bit. I am pretty sure i am in a stall. Have been for about 3 weeks. I have been working out about 3 times a week but trying to go more. hmm struggling with cravings and trying to to give in So far i just try to have a little bite but i shouldnt even do that. hope everyone is doing ok.
  5. I went through the pathway however it has changed a lot since i went through it. One piece of advice i can give though it call the number on the sheet they gave you to check on your status about once per week. This will show to them that you are interested and she might move you up on the list. best of wishes and if you need anything let me know since i am local I can always help you out!
  6. So i have been on this forum for awhile now but i dont really post that much (more of a lurker). Well I used to come on everyday and at least read the posts and usually i would gain some knowledge. For about the past month or so I have been busy (i think) and havent been on as much as i should have and I think as a result i haven't been doing as well as i should be. I have stalled out with my weight ( ) I know this is completely normal but it is still frustrating. All I can think is that this is all the weight I am going to lose and I wont ever lose another pound. I am sure I am not the only one who has felt this way and I know these thoughts are normal but it still hurts. Not helping the fact right now is that I see ZERO change in myself. I know my clothes size has changed, I can now wear a size Large shirt in mens) and a 14W jeans (probably could go down a size as the waist of my current jeans is loose), but I just don't see it. For example the jeans that i have (the size 14W's) when i got them in January they were tight but now they are loose in the waist but in my legs they fit fine ...so in my warped mind I haven't lost any weight since i got them... messed up i know. I have had a pretty busy couple of weeks and as a result i wasn't sticking to my meal plan... I was probably only eating 3 times a day instead of the 4-5. I wasn't planning my meals out like i need to do to make sure i am making healthy choices and as a result didn't make some of the best choices. I really only went to the gym 1 time per week the last month ( i normally try to go every other day) I know part of this is stress ( i was super busy plus my husband is about to head to Afghan -he is in the Army) but part of it is me slipping back to my old ways. I think i just wanted to post it here to get it out and become accountable to myself. I cant continue on the path i was going down cause eventually it will cause me to be back to where i was and i didn't have this surgery to just end up back where i started. I feel so frustrated and confused. I really really feel like i am never going to lose any more weight! oh gosh this is a viscous cycle! So that was my venting and here is my question... I think i have a problem with low blood sugar... For those of you that have the same problem how do you know when you are having low blood sugar? I have noticed recently that when i am kneeling and go to a standing position I get light headed...also sometimes i will just feel dizzy/ light headed and i notice it has been happening more and more often (especially in between meals) I am planning to make a appt with my regular dr... But if this is low blood sugar what can i do? thanks for reading!
  7. hmm, making myself go to the gym, craving sweets!, and head hunger!
  8. I am doing it as well. Some weeks have been harder than others. I also do cardio on my inbetween days and i have noticed when i dont do that it is harder for me on the program
  9. it will be interesting to see if mine change size and i so cant wait to go shoe shopping... I am going to be saving up money and buying a pair of louibotons (sp) I sooo cant wait!
  10. so i guess i am officaly in my first stall.... no weight loss this week. My husband said my body is probably adjusting since i upped my workouts but who knows.

    1. Wicked


      I had my first stall at around 4 months too

  11. Cassie it looks like you have allready lost 80 pounds which is fantastic. You might just be in a stall right now. Do you work out? if no you should start. Also just because you can eat anything doesnt mean you should this tool you have been given will only work as well as you let it work. Maybe try changing up your diet you might need more calories or something.
  12. I have lost 65 ponds since surgery... having really no complications... lost 6 inches off of my waist and can now fit into a mens size L shirt... the same size my husband wears woohoo!
  13. i feel like i can eat a lot too i average around 850-1000 calories a day. I talked to the nut about it and she said that is fine because i work out and am still losing weight. I did get a food scale recently to weigh my food and am trying to remember to eat the protein portion first. I was able to eat more early out at one time though and probably shouldnt have. I would just take it easy it is probably head hunger or dehydration.
  14. I had some NSA ice cream a very little bit... Is it considered liquid like do i have to wait 30 mintuets before drinking anything?

    1. cinwa


      If it were only a little and not part of a meal, I wouldn't bother waiting to drink.

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