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  1. satterlm

    Eating Out

    i struggled with this too when i started to eat out again. And people look at me and they are like what? you dont want anything, or how are they gonna split a meal (me and my hubby) i found going out its alot easier if i just tell them i had wls and i can only have a small amt. that way they dont try to offer me dessert, or keep suggestive selling me anything. I had one waiter who charged my hubby for the price of a salad when he wanted the add on salad to the entree and he had a cow and was like, you have to order two entrees. and i was like listen, we shouldnt have to, we ordered one, i litereally can eat like 4 oz because i had wls, and he fixed it and everything was okay. My husband was like maybe from now on you should say, i had WLS and cant eat much so we are gonna share. But i understand that everyone may not feel comfortable with that. There are a few places that i dont have to even worry about it, you know. But sometimes if the waiter keeps pushing me to order something or says something about the quanity of the food. i say no we will be fine, i literally can only eat this much, and find it much more enjoyable, b/c after they leave me alone. sometimes i think that they get all concerned over the amt you order b/c the tip u kno.
  2. satterlm

    Food Flavor Changes

    i noticed my taste buds changed too. i think the post op diet is kinda bland, so then when you have something salty it blows you outta the water. u kno. there are alot of things i dont like anymore post op, and like the fruit punch crystal light guy, i have some flavors like that too, but i tried to be good and wait til after surgery to try stuff, and not stock up on a bunch of stuff i wouldnt like the taste of.
  3. satterlm

    Six Months Out!

    Im six months out, ive now lost 77 lbs, and i am in wonderland!!! Yay it feels so great.
  4. satterlm

    Tmi Female Parts Shape

    Thank you so much for all the brave ladies that shared their experience, i have been wondering about this. I still have alot to loose, but this was a question i had.
  5. satterlm


    So....I have hit my first real complication. Last night after dinner i felt a sharp stabbing pain, called my MD, and i went in today, he said i have an incisional hernia. Said it wasnt a big deal right now, because i am not really having any symptoms (no fever, nausea, vomiting, etc.) said i can have it fixed sooner or later preference was up to me unless it became symptomatic. Has anyone else had this happen. I am kinda torn about what to do, i was thinking wait a week and see how i feel. WHen i told my best friend, she was like is that why you have been complaining your stomach hurts, so i guess it has bothered me for the past two to three weeks, but not constant, today was constant, and it hurt when my abdomen hit the counter; however, there was alot of mashing on my belly done in the past 24 hours, including all my mashing trying to figure out what it was. He said my incisional hernia had fat in it and not bowel loops. Any advice/words of wisdom?
  6. satterlm

    Stoma Question

    i find it so hard to eat 4 oz in 30 minutes. I try to chew food, but sometimes i forget about the chew chew chew. So after i finish eating, i play with my phone, or distract myself, expecially if i am eating with other people/dining out.
  7. satterlm

    Talk To Me About Carbohydrates

    i eat the greek yogurt and tolerate it. My dietician said it is good because the high protien. Also i had to wait three months before eating fresh fruit or nuts. but now i have tolerated a few small bites of fresh fruit.
  8. satterlm

    Calories At 14 Weeks Post Op

    My Doc says about 800-1000 is probably normal. where i am not suppose to ever go over 1200 cals. I am only suppose to have three meals a day that are 1/2 cup, however, i do have a snack most days, but the extra calories are suppose to come from protein shakes. Good luck, i get anywhere from 70-100 grams of protein a day, and hang around 1000 calories, even if i do burn a bunch off from elliptical
  9. satterlm

    -100 pounds

    you look fab!!! Congrats!
  10. satterlm


    i wouldnt think you could have the chunky soups right away. When i was on "full" liquid which includes soup. i actually had my hubby go to panera bread and get the potato soup and i would strain off all the stuff and he would eat the chunks while i enjoyed the other stuff, and i would ask them to leave out the "chunks" so i got more. This i found was way better than the campbell's potato soup. i didnt try the citric based soups such as tomato because i thought it may irritate my belly. Good luck! Now i still go and have soups like my favorite soup is the greek chicken lemon rice, but i have them strain it so i only have the broth (figure i am saving myself a bunch of carbs by not having the rice, let alone the whole dumping thing)
  11. satterlm


    I take three of the citrical petites, but i do keep the huge ones from bariatric advantage around, so sometimes i may take the petites, sometimes i do a chalky one. just depends on my mood, sometimes i hurts to swallow the petites for me, sometimes not, i kno, i am funny
  12. satterlm

    Calories, Fat & Carbs, Oh My!

    my MD recommends 70-90 grams/day from protien, no more than 50 grams /day for carbs, and no more than 40 grams per day for fat. Recommends that one gets 1000-1200 calories per day. and that each meal has no more than 350 calories
  13. satterlm

    Constipation Issues?

    my primary doctor put me on the fiber one chewable pills two a day. and added colace 100mg twice a day. I got the off brand/walmart or walgreens brand it is way cheaper. same stuff. I was taking miralax almost daily but she said the colace and fiber would be "gentler on my system" Good luck. Miralax isnt bad tho, like someone above said, it is odorless, and tastless, and i would add to apple juice (1/2 diluted) to help move things along.
  14. satterlm

    Help! Hair Loss!

    i had my surgery the same day you did, i remember the support group saying that hair usually falls out between 3-6 months. I asked a dermatologist and my surgeon about biotin and both said they wouldn't help, but i take it every day and have since surgery. I usually get about 70 + grams of protein in a day. I havent noticed my hair falling out yet (may be in what is to come for me). I purchased the biotin at Walmart, the sub-lingual tabs. I think it was like 10.00 for the bottle. Good luck.
  15. For the first time EVER, i weigh less than my hubby, woot! He and I are like 2 lbs apart, since i had surgery i have lost 48 lbs, and he has lost 21 woot. Also....i can cross my legs now