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  1. Well it is 1/13/2021 and I currently weigh 158 .. not happy.  But I have gotten myself here.  I know how to lose it and need to start.  I have started walking and that makes me feel better but I need to stop with the candy UGH!

    I added a couple of new photos just to keep the history :)



    1. hilllsister


      Love the photos! 

  2. 12.29.19 - Well here it is many years later and I weight myself yesterday at was at 156.  I think that is good.  I hope to continue this weight!  I have added a couple recent photos too!









    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Yeah!!  Great job and thank you for posting this update. :)

  3. at 153

    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      OK.  Relax.  You can lose the weight - just go back to basics on what you eat.  Perhaps you want to try the Five Day Pouch test?  We are here to support you.

  4. Holding firm at 148 lb.... 

  5. Started at 219 went down to 124 and have slowly progressed up to 148 I am not happy about the weight gain but I drink when I eat (I have always done this) have a hard time not drinking when I eat.. seems so dry. I know we have all had this problem I just wanted to chat. I also can't stop eating candy... I never ate it like this before.. ugh what is that!!!!
  6. as of today i have been at 138 for quite a while... feeling ok with that but still have mind issues about my weight :(

  7. You sure are not alone. We are almost all here for some reason and some it has to do with our upbringing. You do need to find a support group and some friends to help you get through this time. Its hard but if you stick with it you will make it. I had my surgery on 1/12/12 and I am so happy I did it and how much healthier I am now. Stay on the forum and chat when you can to get some uplifting conversation.
  8. Meow

    am i brain dead?

    I dont understand how I forget so quickly. I am really serious... I remember after the sick feeling hits me. I hate it.
  9. Meow

    Not a good day

    I have to say I will be out for 2 years on 1/12/14 and I still have times I feel that way. I have to look in a mirror to realize I am not the size I use to be. It is crazy what the mind does.
  10. I mean really. I was told before my surgery that sweets were not an option after surgery. I said ok. I was told AFTER my surgery that sweets are not an option. I said ok. So what do i do.. eat sweets. Ok so .. each and every time .. how do i FEEL... sick sick sick. DO I throw up no. But do I feel SICK YES! SO why WHY WHY do I still reach for them and say ... I will NEVER do this again. BUT I dont remember that when I am reaching for them... UGH
  11. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

  12. OMG .. I remember being in high school looking at this girl be able to do that and I said I want to do that one day!!! Cross my legs so that my leg actually is all the way over and I can now.... such a great feeling.
  13. Beth - you will be able to do all those things and MORE! Isn't that great! I am now a size 6 ( a little bit big - because I am still not use to wearing tighter things - lol) IT is just crazy and fun and great!
  14. You have done amazing!!!!!! You must be so proud!!! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Thank you for your words... I do appreciate it. I don't like the fact that we have to watch still after all the hard work we have done but we do. I have realized that but sometimes ... I just have that piece of pumpkin pie.
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