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  1. Hi, I was wondering if the forum you mentioned was a totally different website or can it be found here on TT? I would LOVE to find a place to chat live or something with people who have had the same experiences and have instant gratification - answers when you need them :) Any idea how to do that? I'm new here so I thank you!!! Jena

  2. Not enough Lap banders

    Looks like we both found the right place for our different but similiar circumstances. Good Luck to you on your journey.
  3. Not enough Lap banders

    I have found that this forum does not have many lapbanders and even if I search under the "Lap band" section many of the responders are gastric bypass ( RNY) patients. Lapbanders seem to have different issues and questions especially in the beginning with "fills" etc. I have found another Forum called "Lap band talk forum" that lapbanders might find useful/helpful. Not trying to get you to stop using this forum, but I have found there are not enough lap banders on here to answer my questions. When I asked about foods that bother people long term out, several of the people that replied were gastric bypass and while I appreciate that they took the time to answer, I'm pretty sure our pouches are different b/c of the band. I plan to check both forums when I have a question. Banded 11/27/07 5'0" First appt/Day of sx/current/goal 216 212 202 140? First fill 12/20/07 2cc Next fill 01/03/08 1.5 cc ?? Inamed 10cc band
  4. Foods that bother you

    Thanks Laura and Vanessa, My luck i'd probably tolerate pickles, too. I never eat them, tho. I'm trying to get myself prepared ahead that some of my old favorites might just not work for me ever again. Hey, but some of those favorites got me to where I needed the surgery anyway right? I can live without my Twizzlers, but think I'll miss popcorn, if I can't tolerate it. I did notice that Vanessa had GBS and since the lap band pouch is different, I'm guessing the GBS patients might tolerate those foods more than a lapbander. Thanks for the responses. Today is one week post op!
  5. Foods that bother you

    Good Idea, When I get ready to try them I start with that method. Are you Gastric by pass or lap bander?
  6. Foods that bother you

    Thanks Linda. That's why I wondered about some of these foods, so later I don;t go trying some of these things while not at home, not realizing they might bother me. Twizzlers were always my movie treat, so while I hope I can't eat as many as I used to, I'm hoping I can occassionally enjoy. And I find popcorn a nice evening snack. Again, I hope my pouch tolerates them, just less of them. And I use to have a small handful of almonds daily b/c they are supposed to be so good for you.
  7. Foods that bother you

    I am curious about how well some of you ( especially those at least 6 months past surgery) are tolerating certain foods. Can your pouch handle: Popcorn Licorice ( like Twizzlers) Nuts ( cashews, almonds) raisins untoasted bread Any other foods that you have trouble with please let me know. When I get to that point, I want to try those foods with much caution. Thanks. Lap Band 11/27/07 One week tomorrow Highest/Preop/Current/Goal 230 212.6 ??? Whatever I can acheive 5"0' First post op appt Thurs.
  8. Just have to say this somewhere...

    Glad to hear things went well. I'll bet he had similiar feelings when you had your surgery. All perfectly normal. Hope his recovery is quick. Lap band 11/27/07 One week ago tomorrow. The journey begins. Highest/Pre op/current/Goal 230 212.6 ?? What ever I can acheive 5'0" First post op Dr's appt Thurs.
  9. Changed from Contemplating 1 to had 1.

    Thanks Mike and Wow you've lost a lot of weight in a short time. Incredible. You look great and I'm sure you feel great, too. JM
  10. Hi, I've had a few posts before. I had lap band surgery on Nov 27th, 5 days ago. WE had to self pay after some problems with the insurance co. and really just didn;t want to wait any longer for their "approval". The first few days after the surgery were hard. The gas pains were very bad and I could not manage to get down much of the liquids or protein. I had a tough night last night with an episode of very painful gas in my shoulder and then when I tried to get up later to go the bathroom, I was very dizzy and lighheaded and had to lay down. I do tend to get lightheaded when sick and not eating well, so it wasn't a surprise. Then I got nauseous and was worried I would vomit. Not good! The episode passed and today I feel the best I have yet. I was able to put up some christmas decorations and am managing more liquids! I turned 56 on the day after my surgery. I have struggled with my weight since I've been 10 with a few brief periods of average weight to just overweight. I'm short, 5' 0" and have never had the best metabolism. My highest weight was 230 and a couple of years ago, I worked very hard to lose some weight. It took me 10 months to lose the 30 lbs and mostly I did it by avoiding social activities because I generally would overeat and start a new round of bingeing. Within a year 15 pounds found their way back. I started walking to help keep any more weight from coming back on and managed to weigh the same 215 around the time of surgery. The hardest part for me being overweight is finding clothes. They don;t make many petites in plus sizes and I was so tired of not having something to wear everytime we had an event or holiday etc. Other than my weight, I am fairly healthy. No high blood pressure ever, no diabetes etc. I did have knee surgery for a torn meniscus a few years ago tho' and that has continued to hurt me especially on stairs. I'll post more as I continue my journey as maybe it will help someone else. My first post op dr's apt is Thurs. Thanks for reading. P.S. I have a VERY supportive husband. Highest weight/Day of surgery/Current/ Goal 230/ 212.6/ ???/whatever I can acheive
  11. Changing Status

    Hi, I'm finally going from "Contemplating 1" to having one. My insurance will not pay, so we have decided it is worth my health to self pay. The only person that knows at this point is my husband. I plan to tell my adult children and friends after the surgery and after I have lost some weight. I am so worried I might be one of those people that doesn;t lose with the band, so I dont want to tell anyone yet. I'm hoping to schedule my surgery for late Nov AND I hope I'm able to eat some kind of "normal" food no matter how little by Christmas. I'm mostly interested to hear from any other lap banders and how much weight they lost the first few months and then through the first six months. I know lap banders lose slower and that's fine with me, but I'm curious how slow or fast the weight loss has been. Thanks for any replys.
  12. Lap-Band After RNY Bypass

    I am amazed to hear some posts about two surgeries! I can't even get approval for one, even though it's a "covered" procedure. I have gone through several appeals and have been working on this since April and still no approval. I meet all the criteria as well, but I'm lacking all the documentation they require. (I have some documentation, but there are gaps) If I self pay and my surgery fails, I wll be devastated and there will be no way, I could consider paying for a second surgery. I hope the surgery works for the majority of people and I hope I'm in the majority!
  13. Am I really going to be able to do this?

    Hi, I have all the same worries. I guess we have failed so many times at dieting that it's hard for us to believe that the surgery will work. I have a friend that had gastric bypass and know several others and all have been successful, when they failed at dieting like me, many times before, so it must work for most people. I have been fighting with my ins. co since April about approval for my lap band. My ins co requires five years of office notes with weights and altho, I have been overweight most of my adult life, I cannot get the written proof they want. ( Long story why). I am now to the point where even though we have ins, I might have to self pay. I hate to, when I know my employer pays for my ins and we contribute monthly as well and it is a covered benefit. Have been very depressed over the whole matter for months now. I am checking to see how much it costs and to see if this is something we can afford to pay for. Good Luck and keep asking questions.
  14. seriously - GBS is not a magic bullet

    Have you considered that you might be pre-menopausal? It can cause insomnia. Why not ask for complete bloodwork that includes your thyroid levels, hormone levels and your B 12 level. Good Luck.
  15. Dealing with Depression

    Dude, Why would you waste your time on someone who doesn't want to be with you? Work on becoming the best person you can be and feeling good about yourself. Then you will find someone that deserves and wants to be with you. Trust me on that! If you have another appt with the psych. ask him or her about what I said and ask them how you start to get on the right track of being the best you. When we're young we just so much want someone ( and sometimes anyone)to be with. As we get older, we realize that it;s only worth our time to be with a person worth our time and devotion. This is just one old ladies opinion. Take it for what it's worth! Good Luck to you.