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  1. I will be 3 years post-op gastric bypass in October. Even after all this time has passed I still experience a NSV now and then. I was shopping with my husband and sister on Saturday, just running errands. I popped into Ann Taylor LOFT just to look around. They were having a 60% off sale. I get a lot of tops there but usually I don't buy pants as I need a Tall and they don't carry Tall pants in the store, only online (I am 5'9", FYI). On the 60% off rack were 3 pair of Tall pants, size 10. A navy pair, a white pair and a coral color. I can do a 10 or a 12 depending on the pants. I thought "what the heck, I'm trying them" and they looked so tiny to me. Tried them on, they zipped right up!! I bought them. Those pants were $70 pants, marked to $49.99 then 60% off. I was thrilled. Still after all this time, it amazes me that my body, fits into a size 10. ME?! Having been overweight for my entire life, I never, ever thought I would fit into a 10. Ever. The clerk told me that they have 2 local clients that need Talls. One woman is an 8 and the other is a 10. Sometimes they return things or don't want something and that is why the Tall 10's were in the store. I still think that it is a small miracle that those pants fit me. After all this time, I am still adjusting to this new body and new reality. It is instances like this that still make me stop, look in the mirror and shake my head in disbelief. Just had to share this NSV!!
  2. I have had to hide my weight my entire life because I was mortified to tell the truth. What girl wants to tell people that she weighs almost 300 lbs or as much as a linebacker? Now that I hover in the 180's, I say it LOUD and PROUD followed by the disclaimer "this is what I weighed when I was in 6th grade!". I am thrilled, happy and am not ashamed at all. I am just happy I can tell people my weight and it starts with the #1!! It is a miracle.
  3. .....when it is like 83 degrees outside and it is STILL too "chilly" for your liking. Seriously - when I weiged close to 300 lbs, I would be hot and sweaty when it was 83 degrees. Turning the AC down to make it cooler. Today? It is "only" supposed to be 83 here in Maryland and I have on a tank top/cami, a thin shirt over that AND I grabbed my sweater to thrown on because I knew I'd be chilly. It's June. It's 83 degrees. I am cold. And I am 2.5 years post-op. Yep, still cold all the time. When deciding that to wear to work today, I asked my sister yesterday "What is the weather supposed to be like tomorrow? Hot or cold?" Her response? "Umm, it's June. It's HOT." And Is aid "Well, I am finding that the definition of 'hot' is all relative!" You definitely know that you are a bariatric patient......when you are still cold and it is 80-something degrees outside. Bring on the 90's!! Just had to share!
  4. jules74

    Kind Bars?

    I also buy the KIND bars in the lower sugar variety. You can order them from QVC and also from Amazon. They have 4 grams and 5 grams of sugar per bar and I like to use them when I am traveling.
  5. jules74

    Leaky Nose

    I have complained about the leaky nose thing too. I have it however, it has gotten better over the years (I am 2.5 years post-op). I'm not sure what causes is (reaction to being full? Nerve issue? who knows) but I NEVER had this before surgery and now I have it. It is weird but you are not alone.
  6. I am 2.5 years post-op.......still freezing. As others have said, it is the new normal. I now pray and wait for 90 degree weather.
  7. Made this for lunch today and holy cow, it was awesome! If you like spicy (not hot) and flavorful food, you will thank me for this one!! Found this in the February 2014 issue of Redbook out for sale right now). Like I said, You will THANK ME for this!! Chicken can get boring but this is far from boring. Sriracha Roasted Chicken 4 chicken breasts (You can also use leg/thigh on the bone if you prefer) 1/2 cup of Sriracha hot sauce 1/4 cup soy sauce 1/4 cup mirin (Mirin is a sweet cooking sake that can be found in the international aisle of the supermarket) 1 Tbsp lime zest 2 Tbsp Lime juice (squeezed the lime I used to zest) 1 Tbsp brown sugar (I used the Splenda brown sugar and it worked great!) 1 Tbsp fresh ginger, grated (Buy a ginger root in the store. It is cheap and you don't need a big chunk to get 1 Tbsp of ginger out of it). Mix all ingredients together thoroughly. Set 1/4 cup of mixture aside for use later to brush on top during cooking. Put the marinade in a gallon zip lock bag and place the chicken in the marinade for an at least 1 hour. NOTE: I put mine in the marinade overnight and it was awesome! When you are ready to cook, line a cookie/sheet/pan with foil and put the chicken on the pan. Cook in the oven for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. Take the chicken out and brush/spoon the marinade you put aside on top of the chicken and cook for an additional 3 minutes. This chicken is FULL of flavor! I served it for my husband with brown rice and I had the chicken with a side salad. Here is the Nutritional Information: 242 calories, 12g fat (if you use the dark meat, less for white meat), 29g PROTEIN, 2g carbohydrate.
  8. DO not be embarrassed....the outfit is totally cute! You look modern and appropriate in it. It is a very stylish look that actually looks great on you. Whatever they were giggling had obviously had nothing to do with you or what you are wearing. But I agree...as soon as you hear that giggle you wonder what it could be and it take you right back there, doesn't it?
  9. So glad you guys are enjoying the recipe! I may have to try some protein powder too. Great ideas! Who knew we could have yummy pancakes without the flour/batter mix?
  10. A friend posted the link to this and oh man, this is perfect for gastric bypass/sleevers! All Natural Pancakes! • one ripe banana; • 2 eggs; • coconut oil spray; • a bowl; • a pan; • optional: strawberry or raspberry; Here is what you’ll need to do. Take the ingredients and put them in a bowl. Don’t simply throw the banana in, cut it into slices, just like in the images; that will make it easier to mash together with the eggs. Use a type of coconut oil spray on your pan before cooking. Take a nice scoop of the mixture and pour on a low to medium heat pan, leave for 30 seconds and flip to the other side. Decorate with some strawberries and serve. Delicious! Here is the link to the original site: http://www.goodshomedesign.com/natural-pancake-recipe/ My friend said she tried them and they were delicious. Made with 2 eggs and 1 banana means we get protein and a pancake. Yum! Click the link for images of what they look like. I can't wait to try this!
  11. I was VERY itchy after surgery too. As othera have said...it could be pain meds causing it. It is a possible side effect. Also, when in the hospital you received IV antibiotics and that can cause the itching too. That tends to be another culprit. The good news is that it will go away and some of us get the itchiness, some don't. Just know that you are not alone in this experience and that it does/will stop.
  12. Truly - Don't fret about it too much. I have some but it is not bad and it is MUCH better than having all kinds of medical problems and chronic illnesses. I'll take some skin anyday.
  13. That you will be the one person who won't have saggy skin of any kind. You WILL have sagging skin, Some will have more, some will have less but there will be skin. You can build up muscle to try to help it a little but the fact of the matter is that you will have some hanging skin, period, so get ready for it.
  14. I can sooo relate to this. Some days I feel like eating everything and everything sounds delicious to me. Other days, I have no appetite and nothing sounds good to me or I have just no desire to eat. There never seems to be any rhyme or reason to it, it just happens. Sometimes it lasts a day sometimes it is a few days. I am just over 2 years post-op and this still happens to me. It seems to be fairly normal as so many of us seem to have this same experience so I would not worry about it. Sometimes you want to eat, sometimes you don't and as long as it doesn't linger or that you do not go many days without eating, it can't be too harmful to have this happen now and then. But yep, count me in too!