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  1. lward76

    Show Me State

    lol...i live about 15 minutes from downtown st.louis "the arch" but im reversed but still active..lol..
  2. lward76

    Latest on jersey

    sorry i just read this, but are you still home? at the hospital,. I know it sucks when you dont know whats wrong. But, I prey that these docs find out what is wrong? They never did me , just kept feeding me pain pills till I was reversed. ...Oh and I agreee about the whole Dr. House!! ..anyway Kelly let me know,or if someone else knows please reply? thanks laura
  3. lward76

    Went Gbs ...to MAYBE Lapband?

    Ok, I went to see Dr.Eagon on the 21st and he said that I actually gained back 28 pounds, and he was happy with that, ok but i wasnt. He had told me that being this far out of a reversal that he would of thought i would have put almost all myweight back on,as he has seen almost all his reversals done. But, when I talked to him about the Lapband he was just like absolutley not! I was like why, is because it could harm me, kill me, or is it because you dont want to? HIS Reply was that he didnt want to do anymore surgeries on me,didnt explain why "guess he dont have too" but he did tell me that it would not hurt me to have it done, nor would it kill me. But, that I would have to find another surgeron to do it.... , but at the same time he will undo the lapband and do the gps? I was so dissappointed in him, But at the same time I still thanked him for saving my life and so on. He wished me luck. And said that we were done unless I have any problems in the future. So, right now im down about this, and really give this some thought and wait about a month for this too really sink in and try to stay on track on not gaining anymore weight, and keep walking! But come on you all please please give me some advice I can realllllly use it right now. My weight now is 153! Pants size is a 8or9or even 10's depending on where i go or get, now realize that im very short and carry all my weight in the center of my belly! I say i have a mans belly..lol..sorry!! Im not ready to show pics of myself yet, sorry! ....but i did order the opra cleanse diet stuff the cleanse and acurberry or something like that? we will see how that goes? anyway just wanted to update like I said that I would. But, if anyone in my area knows a surgeron in this area PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! Well thanks again for listening to me! Laura
  4. lward76

    Went Gbs ...to MAYBE Lapband?

    Thank You for remembering me i was so lost i had to leave her for awhile and just get my life back together...now for the questions u asked me, I have been thinking about this for about 4 months now REALLLLY HARD, trust me when i say "I" know that I have been through alot, I lived through it,...but i have come past that now it was no easy road excpet the road through hell! I know i said i wasnt going to post till I see my Doctor today, but im really excited, honestly cause I dont know what he is gonna think when i through this at him.. but I trust this man! At first my mom and husband was so against this that I wasnt going to even ask, they were like I cant believe after everything not only "u" went through but us as a family. But as of yesterday they all gave me there blessing;) It was so relieving you dont even know the stress it took off me..I do have other surgourns that will do the band for me if he deciedes not too, but im still debating on that, because if he tells me that its life threating to me, then Im not going through it? But, if he tells me hes not going to because basically he dont want to then I will tell him, that I would much rather have him do it then go to another doctor... and to the other ? yes the car shows are great lol..there was just one the other day it was beautiful!! Ok, getting my son up for school and hubby off to work, oh and my mom is going with me today:D ..let you all know in a few hours...thanks agian!!! lots of love laura
  5. Well, even though I have not put on all my weight back, but its creeping slowly now! I had my revesal in Jan 08, and have gained about 25 pounds which is so horriable, you dont even know... I eat healthy, I still walk everyday "rain or shine" ! So, I have deceided to have the lapband put on, I see Dr.Eagon Tuesday and I am hoping he says yes, which i think he will. I know I have not been on board in soo long but, sometimes you have to think of yourself and figure out a way to cope with things and thats exactly what i needed! Not in selfish way, just a "me" time. Also wanted to say its great to see the same people here and there doing great!!! Have a great day...I will be back Tuesday and let u know what he says!!
  6. lward76

    Anyone know how Jersey is?

    Kelly , I havent been on bored for a very long time, due to my own problems! I dont know what is wrong with you, except i remember in the past u were haveing some issues? Well, I just want to say that i hope the best for you and everything get taken care of quickly,! I feel for ya !! Trust me!! Laura;)
  7. lward76


    Dr. Callery , Hi I was reversed in Jan 08. . due to the surgery did not work for me and became very ill. Since then I have put on about 20-25 pounds? I work very hard every day not to become obese again. I see my Dr. in about 2 weeks and I am considering asking him if he would put the lapband on me? But, I feel as though he wont due to all the problems that i had in the past? thanks laura
  8. I had GBS, through Barnes Jewish Hospital in St.Louis MO. Dr. Eagon is my Surgeon, he did both of my surgeries. And yes since my revesal I am feeling alot better physically and can eat again and live a normal life. The mental part is still here and probally will be for along time. Dr. Eagons # is 1-314-854-0399 ..Hope he can help you out. Laura;)
  9. Sandra, I think around my fourth months out is when it actually started, with first getting sick with anything at all, and I had a burning and pain in my lower to mid left side is what I remember. About the only things I could hold down was only sometimes was pickles or peaches, but that just wasn't cuttin it ya know, and living on pain pills for months being all screwed up to where I would have to come back on here to read what I wrote for my journal. Sad but very much true. ...then It was to the point the smell of any kind of food would put me into the bathroom, so my family was no longer able to eat in the house for months. I cant honestly tell you what went wrong they are still researching it. And it took 7 or 8 other doctors at the same time in my hospital room with my surgeron and told him that I had to be reversed, that I was going to die. I have debated on putting those pics on here to show what i did look like, but have decieded not to because they are very distubing to me, and I dont want to scare any newbies, because in my personal opinion there are alot of success stories here and that is great. But, there are alot of people with problems that arent ready to face them yet, and some that have that just email me which is fine, but everyone's case I think is different. What symptoms are you having? And I hope whatever it is you get better and live a normal life again. Laura;)
  10. lward76

    went to the doc yesterday

    Thank you all for all lettiing me share. And ya the thing with emoital stuff with depo is crappy....yesterday I took my mom out to eat for her b-day and told her to choose and well she wanted to go to the buffet on the Alton Belle casinio, I really hesitated because I "loved" their food before. So we went and I think I made really good choices, I had grilled chicken breasts "half" and then I had green beans one spoon full well there spoon full and had a little polish saugage and onions then i had a small piece of banana bread. I still felt hungry but stopped there. about 45 minutes later, I was full. oh and i didnt drink anything by the way either. so we played slots for awhile and left. When we left she told me the reason why she chose there was to see how i would do, and she said that i really did great and made good decions and didnt over due myself which me and her both new that i could and also could have made very bad choices. She was proud of me and thinking now I am proud of myself too. Because we all know that casinio buffets are big and great, but it was up to me on what i wanted. Just wanted to share that, I dont know why but, I did. It just shows me that I can still do well in buffets but very hard!! Laura:)
  11. lward76

    A long story from another group

    that was just nice to read again, only for is the mental game which is a battle for me 24/7. the only thing for me is willpower and that is tough,! But, I take it one meal at a time and try to focus on the better choices,. But, really I needed to read that again. Thank You.
  12. lward76

    went to the doc yesterday

    yes the depo shot will make you gain weight, you might want to talk with your doc about it. laura
  13. lward76

    went to the doc yesterday

    Well, honestly its hard to maintain my weight because I know that I can pretty much eat what i want when i want, but I choose the best that I can in any situation on where im at even at home. One thing I didnt mention is that he had told me that since i had the depo shot is what made me gain the weight, and not to have it done again, but we already been through this i think. No more depo shots for me. It should be out of my system around June 11 and hopefully I can start working it off, and I also advised him that really the only exercize that i can do is walk and cruches, sit ups or anything that involves my stomache is still hurting, and he told me he expected to hear that from me and that it should settle more in about 6months to a year, that my stomach has been through alot of dramatic surgery 2x! So, I walk and park very far from the store to get extra walking. ok, just thought i would through that in there. Thanks Laura:)
  14. Well, I went for my follow up yesterday and the doctor was very pleased with me!!! I was so freakin happy! I didnt gain as much as i thought i did, my husband kept telling me we needed new batteries for our scale oh boy was he right. For once I was glad he was right, but anyway he told me that he had expected in reality that i would have gained at least 20-30 pounds back, guess what I have actually only gained 9pounds and 4oz I was just as pleased!!! ANd he told me they are still researching on what went wrong, another thing i learned is they videod my reversal and are still trying to learn what exactly went wrong and was also sent to John Hopkins i believe is what he said his name was and all his reports on me including my endoscope and gi's bloodwork and all his tape recordings, I did tell him that when and if they figure out what happend to contact me? His reply was that may be months or even years to come. But, at least there trying to figure out what did go wrong I was just so happy he still hasnt givin up on me! Then I told him at least I still had some tool to work with and he advised me that no I dont that I am doing this all on my own:confused:I said i thought there was no such thing as a complete reversal he said well I now disagree with that because you are totally revesed, and he told me that it is because of the way I eat and drink is what is keeping me stable, I have to say I must agree because I told him I tried the 5 day pouch test and it would not work for me. I know some of you may not understand but thats ok, because I do understand. I also offered if he needed me for anything along with this research to call me and he was appriciated by that, and thanked me and said I may be getting a call!! I just wanted to share that with everything that I have learned through this, is that I do have willpower, and hearing that from him made me even stronger. ok, im done babbaling, but i wanted to share "my" good news.
  15. HI, yes its been awhile and sounds like you needed it. Glad to hear you come first, really props for you. And Im sorry things just didnt work out for you and your husband. But, Lisa the truth is as long as I have been here you have been a very strong person, and I think your even stronger now. Welcome back Lisa!!