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  1. Samma

    Breast Lift After Surgery

    I had complications with every surgery. My bypass left me with an open wound for 8 months requiring multiple surgeries to fix. My lift an reduction developed a seroma and had an open wound for 4 months after ripping open. My right implant took 3 tries to keep in, the first two times I developed infections. First time we removed it and let the pocket drain and close on its own and the 2nd tme ended up needing IV antibiotics via a picc line to keep the implant. I developed localized infection from my thigh, lower back and flank lifts that had to be opened and drianed.
  2. Samma

    Hubby says go for it

    $15,000 is pretty reasonable. I spent over $40k on plastics last year, totally worth it(and I had tons of complications). I think 3-6 weeks is a crazy long recovery. I was out to dinner and at the grocery store 8 days out and had implants and a tummy tuck. Back to an active job at 13 days.
  3. Samma

    Breast Lift After Surgery

    I had had a lift/reduction before my WLS, I got implants after.....and all the other plastic surgery possible. My body was a hot mess LOL
  4. Samma

    Over the shoulder boulder holders

    I'm at 32H/HH and love BraObsessed, great size ranges and not too $$
  5. I met with 6 or 7 I think. I picked the 2nd to last one, he was great! I'm so glad I went to someone connected to a good hospital. I had so many complications and having all the specialists around to work with him was great.
  6. Samma

    Navel or no navel

    My new belly button is super cute! Get a 2nd opinion
  7. Samma

    One Procedure at a Time?

    I had an extended TT and breast aug together and then 4 months later, arms, hips, sides and thighs done together. The first was about 5-6hrs and 2nd about 8
  8. I had an extended tummy tuck (pubic bone to breast bone and hip to hip) and implants. I stayed on night and took the pain meds, went home the next day to my 2nd floor walk up, was out to the grocery store and dinner by 1 week postop and back to work(as an RN) on day 13. I took tylenol and it wasnt bad. I had an 8 hr arm/leg/side/lower back lift that had complications on day 10, but was back to work by day 18. My last plastic surgery was a 2nd set of implants and some skin removal from my side, went back to work 48 hrs later. Reaching for stuff was hard, but I was able to cook, shower by myself and get dressed without help right away. I slept on the couch on a wedge, with a pillow under my knees because it was more comfortable. I took arnica and Tylenol, because I didn't like the narcotic. All and all way easier than anticipated. The drains suck, oh and get a shower chair
  9. Samma

    It's all perspective

    I lost half my hair haha. I had a ton to start, these pictures are 12/2011 and 12/ took 3 years for my hair to be back to normal.
  10. Samma

    The downside of being thin....

    I think so of it too is were wearing more fitted, real clothes. You feel it way more in sized dress of skinny jeans than a pair of loose yoga pants and an unfitted shirt.
  11. Samma

    On the go lunch

    Deviled egg salad, quest bars, cheese sticks, greek yogurt, lentils satayed with tomatoes and spinach
  12. Samma

    No Soda Ever?

    I was never a soda person, but I drink tons of seltzer/club soda with no issues
  13. Samma

    Still having dumping syndrome

    I don't dump as much as I used to. The suger/dairy combo still gets to me 9 times out of 10 and bread makes me barf. But I can eat french fries, real cheese, some candy without issue.
  14. Samma

    Maintaining over the Holidays

    I let myself eat a few cookies-I pick things I know I love and don't waste it on so so things. I eat really well for all my other meals and it isnt an issue.
  15. Samma

    compression clothing or what

    Before my skin removal I wore a lot of spanx, but I don't think they make them for guys??