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  1. 5 week stall from 282-283 cant figure it out tried more/less carbs. tried more protien . going back on liquids if it dosent drop by this weekend .
  2. thanks im hoping to be down to atleast 200 in the next 6mos . its gonna be hard but i can do it .
  3. 6month labs came out great . sheduled to have my gall bladder taken out on tues . im down to the 280's now still losing fast and steady . thanks everyone for the support .
  4. thanks everyone im finally down to 297 it took about a month longer than i had thought but i made it and it feels great . i dont get on here much more either most everyonhe moved to facebook . the group is called getting fit for life and i found alot more support there and its fun too. shoot me a message if you want to join the group i will add you .
  5. ‎314 right on track to be at 300 by the end of the month . ive started to stall more but still think its possible
  6. ‎103lbs down 22 to go to get under 300 goal is gonna be 30days i think ill beat it but its slowed down bumping excersize back up to 2 hours a day atleast 3 days a week . gonna start kicking my butt with cardio too.
  7. Thanks Em I really do appreciate it . BTW your doing great too.
  8. lol thanks everyone for the support i need it .
  9. just keep fighting for it it took me over 2 years and 4 hospitals before i got approved with a really high bmi , high blood pressure, sleep apnea and hypertension .
  10. 85lbs down for good . Im setting a mini goal for 100lbsw by my 3mos. checkup

    1. Lori88


      AWESOME - Rooting for you!

    2. Krazy8s


      Good job Marcus!!!

    3. San


      Your doing an awesome job!!!

  11. 85lbs down for good . Im setting a mini goal for 100lbsw by my 3mos. checkup
  12. the best thing i can think of which i havent tried would be to go to your local support groups to find people in your area and they change each month with new people .