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  1. Hey there. Just checking in on my friends I haven't talked to I along time. How are ya? :)

  2. Half way is a HUGE milestone. I'm there too! And in only SIX MONTHS. I have a lot of trouble believing that, but it's totally true. Congrats, Matt!
  3. Great to meet a whole host of other 20-somethings (and 19 year olds, and a very happy 2nd 29th b'day!) here. I'm 28, I had the lap band done when I was 21, and lost 15kg and then over time I put back like 30kg. I had the gastric bypass in Nov 2011 and have lost 36kg, though I've been stalled (and eating badly - stress eater alert!) for the last month. But I'm back on the wagon, and hell - I've never been this light my whole adult life! My surgeon is really happy with how I'm going, and my blood tests are brilliant (just got my 6 month tests back yesterday). So glad I had it done. My parents were NOT supportive. It's a BIG DEAL, and I'd already failed the lap band. I went ahead and did it anyway cos I was in a different emotional place and was putting supports in place (psychiatrist) which I didn't have last time. It felt like a last chance deal, you know? My mother tells me that my dad told her "if this weight loss keeps up, I might have to eat my words". There's motivation to work, right there.
  4. My knees have crunched for a good 10-15 years. Doesn't hurt but is IS uncomfortable and feels kinda gross. Hate it when it happens. My docs never did anything about it back in the day when I talked to them about it. Might talk to him again about it when I see him next. I didn't know it was so common - thanks for asking the question!
  5. By now, it's probably stopped, yes? My advice would ride it out. Mine was coming out from month 3-6, like everyone says. But it's stopped now or at least it's minimal, which is what it was before the op, I think. I HOPE it's stopped for you!
  6. I haven't been doing amazing, as I am a stress eater and have been REALLY stressed lately. I HAVE lost 36kg (79lb), but for the last couple of months have started stalling for weeks at a time, so not dropping much very often anymore. Need to take more control. I see a psychiatrist weekly though, and he's helping. Glad everyone's doing great. I'm no longer morbidly obese, and no longer look FAT, I look "like a big girl" now and all my regular clothes are rather huge on me. Have been buying a piece here and there in new sizes when I need them.
  7. I'm 6 months post op, and at the beginning it was awesome. I didn't crave nor want any of my old trigger foods, and if I DID eat something with a teensy bit too much sugar or fat BOY WOULD I HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Not so much anymore, and my cravings have come back. I'm a stress eater, and considering I'm pretty stressed at the moment, I'm craving (and giving in to) things I don't want to be eating. (I do see a psychiatrist and we're talking about all this) My weight loss has stopped - though 78 pounds in 6 months is still pretty amazing - and sometimes I go up a little but get it off again within a couple of days. I guess I need some encouragement and support. I haven't been here in quite some time, but maybe coming back is going to help keep me accountable. Sairz
  8. Okay. Weight is heading back in the right direction now.

    1. Xeniak


      hey girl - any updates?? :) Hoping the best for you!

  9. Okay. Weight is heading back in the right direction now.

  10. WTH...I am putting ON weight. I've put on 2kg in the last couple of days! I don't like this trend AT ALL.

  11. Hello lovelies, Long time no see. I'm doing SO much better since the stricture and barely throw up at all now. I am also not hungry, so I'm not eating much either. I have become a big fan of vegemite toast this week. One and a half slices and I'm DONE. I'm not great at my vitamins but my NUT says my blood tests are better than hers. She says I don't need to stress about them evry day, as long as I get them every other day it's fine, but if my tests show that's not working THEN I should start stressing. I'm down 3 clothing sizes. Can't believe it. Haven't bought anything, my mum has given me clothes that she doesn't think she'll ever fit again. Went to the shopping centre today and decided to browse in regular sized clothing shops to see what sort of style I would want if I was those sizes. I think my style will change when I'm regular sized. I think I might even become...a HIPSTER. Looking forward to the shopping spree. I'm saving now. Is anyone else having trouble getting their head around the fact they can fit in clothes they just...never have been able to fit in? I haven't been working out at all, and my NUT says don't worry so much, when the weight loss really slows down I can increase exercise to rev it back up. Though I definitely want to do arm weights as my chicken wings are getting uuuuugly.
  12. I can't believe I'm wearing size 20 jeans right now...

  13. I can tell it'll make my vitamin regimen SO MUCH EASIER. And all the better if they're great to deal with!
  14. So I went to my dietician this week and told her, though I'm 2 months out I'm not very good at taking my vitamins. The calcium is so big, and hard to get down and poor me, moan moan moan (okay so it wasn't REALLY like that) and the Americans are so lucky because they have Celebrate vitamins which come in a million flavours of chewables and moan moan moan. WELL. She told me that in April there is a conference in Darwin and Celebrate are going to have a stall. She also had a bunch of samples of their vitamins in her drawer. AND she told me that Celebrate have bought Band Buddies vitamins and will be responsible for them in Australia as well. So yay! They're coming sometime this year!
  15. Had a slip up yesterday. 2 months post op and I ate some pizza. On the plus side, it made me feel awful and I think it was a good thing to eat it: Makes me not want to do it again.

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    2. lessoflisa


      at least now when we make slip ups on our eating habits we have no choice but to do it in moderation or we will get sick, and full

    3. San


      I tried to eat one cheese puff at a party a few weeks ago and dumped off of only one. I will not be eating no more of the.

    4. shewinked


      Hmmm...I think a very small piece of pizza with veggies is fine. I've had it probably twice since surgery 9 weeks ago. Can't eat much, but I think it's an okay choice. I pretty much ditched the crust and ate the toppings.