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    I am a professional photographer, wife of a great guy, and mother of a 4 year old! Time to get in better health so I can enjoy my life longer!
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    Dr. Ramzi Alami
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    Kaiser - Nor Cal
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    Vertical Sleeve

    Looks like you are doing fantastically!! Congrats! I have been away from the forums for a while, and am about to have my one year follow up visit. I haven't lost as much as I could have lost, and I am working out a bit more than I was before to try and kick start the downward motion of the scale. I am a bit afraid of getting too complacent, and worry that the weight will creep back on. I have been stuck in the 190's for quite a while, but I have the tools, and the motivation to continue to lose. Kimmie
  2. Intestinal Obstruction

    I am almost 9 months out from VSG and I just spent almost a week in the hospital with a small blockage! It was a couple of weeks of hell... Luckily mine resolved without surgery... Glad you got this resolved and I hope we both don't suffer from a reoccurrence! Kimmie
  3. Shakeology

    I love the shakeology chocolate! Sometimes I will add a scoop of unflavored protein powder to up the protein content, or add Greek yogurt... Wish it wasnt so pricey, but is loaded with good stuff! Kimmie
  4. Bowel obstruction anyone?

    Oh, and sleeve patients are ok with the ng tube... I was still scared to be in a hospital where they kept saying I had gastric bypass and I had to keep correcting them... That was annoying... K
  5. Bowel obstruction anyone?

    Tube came out this morning... Still bloated but on clears ... Probably getting out tomorrow! Kimmie
  6. Bowel obstruction anyone?

    Last night was hell, but I feel a bit better today. The NG tube hurts!!! I hate NPO, nothing by mouth... Sooo thirsty. Threw up a few times, a. Am resting a lot. Kimmie
  7. I started having this weird, twisting pain at around 9 this morning, and went to the ER... Looks like I have a bowel obstruction. The doctor says they will admit me, do an NG tube and IV fluids and see if it clears. We caught it really early, so hopefully that bodes well for recovery... Does anyone have experience in this? Thanks! Kimmie
  8. Hey Fat Girl

    That is amazing!! Thanks for sharing! It made my day! Kimmie
  9. You poor thing... I am hoping you start feeling better really soon! Hang in there and hang around here for support when you're feeling lonely! Hugs, Kimmie
  10. I was given a goal to get my surgery date, and it was cancelled when I didn't hit the surgeon's goal... I did buckle down and lose it, and had my surgery two months later than my original planned date.. Hopefully Cigna is lenient, but it is important to follow that pre-op diet to shrink your liver and reduce the risks. Good luck to you!! I have Kaiser insurance, so not the same as yours.. Kimmie
  11. What is the best Calcium Supplement?

    I have had a hard time with the pills... The chews are great but a little pricey. I just got crystals in 500mg packs from UpCalD on Amazon... Good price and mixes into anything!! I think this is gonna do the trick! Kimmie
  12. Good for you!! Glad you enjoyed my town! There are so many good places ttl eat here, but we have those great hills for walking so it can even out!! I am 6 mos out... Looking forward to hopefully be where you are in a couple of years!!! Kimmie
  13. IVC filter.. is it really worth it?

    I have had two bouts with clots in my lungs after losing a baby halfway through the pregnancy... My surgeon wanted to place an IVC filter, but after consulting with my hematologist, we decided against the filter. I was on lovenox for a month op and felt that was a good choice for me... Everyone is different! My hematologist feels I only clot when I am pregnant so your situation may be completely different!! Best of luck to you!!! Kimmie
  14. I am a photographer, so lots of heavy lifting and lots of sitting at the computer.. I work for myself, and took 4 weeks off.. Even then I was exhausted, had difficulties driving and sitting for any period of time... Good luck to all the new post ops, and take it as easy as you can! Kimmie
  15. ok it's time

    Good luck today!!! See you on the loser's bench! I love my sleeve and I am sure you will too!!! Kimmie