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  1. Hi I am a patient of Dr. Babineau too. I just did class 4 and hoping to have surgery by Thanksgiving. How are you feeling?

  2. my surg date was on 8/11

  3. hi mary! how are things going your way?

  4. hi mary! how are things going your way?

  5. Oh gosh I am right there with you on the throwing up. If smells bother me or my tummy is off I throw up. I try my best to keep it down.
  6. How are you feeling? Thoughts and prayers are with you while you're healing.

  7. Im hoping so ppl get ur diabietisis under control
  8. Hello i had surgery ob the 22 nd. Dont remember much i was consrantly pushing my pain button and then getting sick after the 2 nd day of trying to tell them it was the moraphine they changed it and i rested better. My dr told me i have serrois of the liver from duabieties and that it is fatty so i have to go see a g.i. Dr tomorrow
  9. Ok I am home doing much better. The gas was so bad. They gave me moraphine for pain which they now know I am allergic too. Couldnt even keep down a sip of water. This morning i had about 2 ouncesif greek yougurt or close too it. Hoping things continue to get better. Thanks everyone.
  10. 2 more days for me come on July ppl we can do this
  11. Woo hoo that is some great news.
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