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  1. porshh951

    Goal weight ?

    I didn't go by weight I went by waist line. I knew I wanted to lose till I had an honest 32 waist
  2. I pyramided up. 1st stage 750-850 burn that everyday in workouts(no time or distance requirement) 2nd stage 900 cals(burn that everyday in workouts no time or distance requirement) 3rd stage 1000 cals(protein density breakup. Burn that everday in workouts Distance requirement) 4th stage 1200cals(increased Marcos again in protein and now carb area, burn that everyday in workouts distance and time requirement) 5th stage 1500cals( heavy protein, complex carb, almost zero fats. Exceed that #everyday in workouts distance and time requirement) After plastic surgery I hit the heavy weights so calories went to around 4,000 trying to gain muscle. Over the years my calorie range various depending on my cycles of cuttin or bulking or what I'm doing with my body. Anywhere from a calorie deficit on 2500 a day to maintenance around 3500 a day to a surplus around 4500 per day.
  3. Serena hit the nail on the head. Looks like your doing great.
  4. I completely understand where your coming from and you do indeed have to listen to your gut instincts about things always. With that being said drop as much ego as you can. Imagine how many patients he sees, same questions, same stories, and everyone has an off day we ALL do. On a personal note. My surgeon told me I'd never be able to do what I was claiming that it didn't work that way. She also totally tried to deflate my expectations of myself and the operation. I also went through several know it all nutritionists that all said I didn't know what I was talking about and dismissed my questions and concerns. Ultimately 10 months later at goal weight down 240lbs all they wanted to know is what I did and how I structured my program. So the lesson here is take all advice in stride and make sure to do you. Some of the most egotistical people could be all stars at what they do and vise versa, you just have to make the right call for you.
  5. Dr. Cape heart from doctors hospital in Dallas did mine. Don't know if she's still around but a quick phone call would find out.
  6. Make no mistake you can look just like me. It just takes dedication. No I had my surgery done in Dallas where I'm originally from. Yeah I'll pm you my info.
  7. Were only a couple of hours from you(also upstate NY). If you'd ever like to get together and talk shop I'd be more than happy. We're similar in age and my start weight was 445lbs
  8. JRH nailed it with his post. Lots of solid info there. Just as an fyi I can't take creatine it makes me sick so if this happens to be the case for you don't dispair brother!!! You can still make great gains in the gym. Stick to compound movements and use cables as finishers not your core program. Using compound movemens with barbbell and dumbbells with increase your stabilizers muscle, strength levels, and give you a much better over all workout and build with muscle tears. Brothers in Iron. There is hope for us WLS men post op. You can do it!!!
  9. Sorry I've been away traveling. Great question and I have the exact same concerns. You need a higher protein diet that's still calorie appropriate for your goals. As far as training we have a real advantage here starting overweight. We've developed fat muscle that yes typically everyone loses when they go to a strict and sudden calorie deficit that most don't have a choice over post WLS. You need to do a lot of core body movements with tons and tons of volume. Do pushups like crazy, pull ups(assisted to start), workout with lighter weights with increased volume especially when your still heavy. Your body alone carrying around all that extra fat mass will have to work very hard to do these movements naturally. As you lose weight you need to increase the weights, but keep the rep ranges and movements high in volume. I used to do all sorts of weighted lunges, running up and down stairs over and over again, pull ups, pushups, burpies, etc. The most important factors in muscle retention and growth still comes down to the cornerstone 3, you need protein, proper rest, and steady training. Constantly push youself in every movement trying to go beyond what you think you can do by one rep or two. When you do this multiple times a week you will see your muscle loses kept minimal. Go get a proper body scan if atall possible to learn what your true LBM is and then keep track of it. I got tested every several months to keep track and make sure I wasn't losing muscle mass. I still lost some of my fat muscle, but was able to retain most of it and that's all we can ask for. From there at goal weight you start training like any other person trying to build muscle mass. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish with consistant training.
  10. This was my exact goal as well. It is achievable. No you can't target fat areas in the same manner you can muscle bellies with iso movements. There's really nothing about how you lose fat you can do to highlight or target certain lagging area's, it's all genetics. I will say however you can target and grow muscle bellies in those area's and that will have a lasting impact on how you wear the fat you have as you lose it and your overall physique. I would do alot of back work. Even upper back work like rows and pull downs will help you pull up lose skin, that's what happened to me. As far as lower back excercise start out with lower back raises, and as you get stronger hold a weighted plate to you chest as you do them. Here's what lower back raises look like. http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/detail/view/name/hyperextensions-back-extensions Deadlifts are also great for lower back. I would recomend starting with no weights and just the bar as you work on your form and get used to the idea of training around weights.
  11. These pre and post plastics photos are already in a members section from years ago but I wanted to share them here in the men's section. To all the guys out there that might want to do the same thing I did. I'm here to help in whatever compacity I can. The last picture is me today(I've been cutting for a month). Currently 214lbs. Looking to eat maintaince calories and do maintaince workouts through summer, then I'm going to start bulking again in August.