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  1. For about the last week I've been hungry all the time. I've been resisting eating between meals, and I have a mint or a cup of tea or something, but it's only a temporary fix. Half an hour ago I have a scrambled egg with cheese, within 10 minutes I was hungry again, even though I was pretty much full when I finished.
  2. Lipo wasn't really a choice for me, I had a ton of extra skin, it was awful.
  3. It is more painful, but totally worth it, I don't miss that flabby extra skin at all. I can't wait for my breast reduction next.
  4. I feel great, still a little sore at night when my girdle comes off. Doc says I have to wear a girdle for support for 4-5 months. The first two weeks are the worst, but once your drains are out and the swelling goes down it gets better.
  5. Pretty much all healed up, so an after picture.
  6. They did pay for it, but I had a ton of loose skin.
  7. I am so sore right now, and I feel kinda like frankenstein with all the staples, but it's weird how flat my tummy looks.
  8. I'm alright, just really sore, and yeah that was how the doc explained it to me. I've got 4 little incisions and she said I should be back to normal in a couple weeks. I'm just glad it's fixed, the pain was worse than natural childbirth.
  9. I started having really bad back pains on Monday night, went to my doctor on Tuesday and they sent me to the ER, turns out I had two hernias from where the fatty drape over my intestines had shrunk and had holes open up. I got those repaired yesterday, but it's really weird that my first complication was 17 months out.
  10. At 15 months post op and stalled for the last 5 months I have lost the last 7 lbs and now weigh 199. I am so damn happy this is the fist time I've weighed under 200 since I was 14.
  11. My insurance approved my surgery!
  12. My doctor said I'm done, after the surgeries I should be down to my goal of 180. So just waiting for approval. I have a bunch of loose skin and my boobs are headed for my knees.
  13. I saw a plastic surgeon yesterday, he says that my insurance should approve the tummy tuck and breast reduction I need, so I'm just waiting for them to approve it, everyone cross your fingers for me.