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  1. Those video are great- thanks I assume that to determine the percentage of max- is that one Press with the dumbells for example or is it how much you can do a in a rep of 10?
  2. gabedad

    3 years out

    Thank you all! Yes - it is nubble. It's one of our rest stops on the Tour de cure. It has been the best three years - total life change - not just physically but mentally as well
  3. gabedad

    3 years out

    Thanks I started on 30+ year old panasonic and I said I would ride that for 500 miles when I started. I lasted about 300 miles and bought a synapse aluminum. This year I graduated to a more serious bike and bought a Madone 5.2 carbon - awesome bike
  4. A little over 3 years out This is July of this year and the old me
  5. I have become become an avid cyclist since my surgery. I ride 100+ miles per week in good weather and have ridden 3 centuries this year and am participating in the Tour De Cure New England Classic (2 days 150 miles) for the third year in 2015 I am the poster child for Lowell general Bariatric program My wife has become a cycling widow. Cycling has changed my life TDC is a great program and we are always looking for new riders. I have become part of the planning committee
  6. Hi I am just over 2 years - sept12 was my surgi-versary. I was at a high of 335. I got as low as 183 and am now bout 200- 205. I think some of that was muscle mass. that I lost and maybe some of that has been muscle that I have built back up. I have become a cycling addict and just completed my first century ride ( actually rode 108 miles) The surgery was the best thing that I could have ever done to improve my health. Now I need to cut back eating some because my hunger has come back full bore! I would like to take off about 10 lbs. To be under 200 would make me very happy.
  7. Back on the bike - I can already feel the difference.
  8. Got back on the bike this past month or so Looking to hit it with gusto!!
  9. I am about a year and a half out and have gained some weight this winter. Too much grazing and bad foods. I am hoping once warm weather comes I will get back on the bike and help me to lose the 10 lbs I gained. I have been going to the gym in the winter and have hit weights so I feel a couple of the 10-15 that I gained is some muscle mass back that I lost (was 335 at a low 183)
  10. I usually do about 20 minutes on the bike at the gym with a 100 cadence or so. The 3 sets of bicep / tricep curls / 4 sets on the crunch machine / some dumb bell work and 3 sets bench press. About an hour all total . Try to do it 3 times a week. This woill probably be my winter workout. Once it's warm - back on the bike outside 75-150 miles a week - maybe more.
  11. Awesome I went on my longest ride this weekend. I didi the seacoast century in Hampton Beach NH. Went to do a metric and ended up riding in the light rain for 85 miles on saturday. Then went back and did a half century on sunday. 130+ miles for the weekend. Got to meet exchefma from this board too!
  12. One year today. Currently about 183-185 down from a high of 335 1/2010. Quite a year!