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  1. I wanted to say congrats on quitting smoking. IT"S HARD! I had quit and started again. I wanted to be smoke free 6 months before, but um I'm gonna have to quit again. I would def talk to your surgeon.
  2. I just wish my advocate would call me back, i can't understand why this lady won't return my phone calls when it's been over months ago. I'm beside myself. I'm not sure what to do? *shrug* or who to call now since she won't work with me.
  3. I've walked in that other person's shoes and I would of loved to have met someone like you Debbielynn when I was going thru that awful time in my life. thank GOD I got out of it after 2 years and didn't die. You are right, we should be thankful. I hope she got out of that.
  4. Hello, how long have you been on your diet for bcbs? I also have bcbs and from what i understand they are correct in saying they go by your starting weight not by how much you've lost.
  5. can't wait to see the after pictures!! that's great.
  6. First off i want to thank all of you for your time educate me. and i wanted to say thanks for the tip of having my PCP write a letter. The thing is I've only had this insurance company since Nov. But i will def try that with the letter and I will also go it starting Monday to be on the safe side thanks everyone
  7. not that i haven't lost before, i'm just a yo yo
  8. i sure hope some count LOL thanks I thought this is great now i'll lose some and they won't want me to have the surgery I can't deal with that happening.
  9. Did you end up appealing? i would be mad too, I'm mad today because I just found out that I have to wait 6 freaking months now! I can't imagine being in your shoes. grrrrr
  10. I'm so upset I could scream. I got a call from my dr's office from the lady taking care of my insurance and they said that now BCBS is requiring that you have a 6 month proof of a consistant diet program in the past 2 years. Weighed monthly at your Dr.....My husband even called back and they said the same thing. I haven't got that. So I now have to wait until November to see if I'm approved after starting a diet plan! (so they will have a recording of my weight loss in the past 6 months) awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh anyone else have to do this? Didn't it used to be 3 months? Now 6? And I'm new to this, what they wanting me to do this for anyways? So if i lose 40 or 50 lbs they can deny me because I lost weight? I mean seriously I wanna know. I'm about to just bawl.
  11. i was watching a youtube video of a woman who had surgery and had a tummy tuck and she was diagnosed with pcos AFTER her surgery and she said she gained weight eatting right like 40 pounds. so i'm concerned about this. I don't want to have the surgery and gain a lot of weight BACK after the surgery. Has this happened to anyone? I've read that a lot of people's symptoms improve but wondering if eattng right how one would gain the weight if they were watching their sugars and carbs after surgery?
  12. What the heck - okay I have to have the past 5 years of my life of how I've dieted. I haven't shared every single bit of information over the past five years with my Dr. we've discussed my weight (of coarse) and he knows I've done WW and he knows i've tried to do it on my own and this and that, and I have a friend who was a nurse at the clinic who i would go weight with weekly till I gave up and I"m sure he would write me a letter of how I've tried to lose but um other than that, where am I suppose to come up with all this "proof". I guess I'll just write in what I know and not sure what to do about the rest? I've never seen so many pages of "need to knows" and dates" Anyone else freak out over having to come up with "dates" for "when and how long" you were on a diet or diet program??? oh me.....
  13. Kimsey


    what are some of the things/tests required "before" the surgery is done. I've seen Nutritionist Psych evaluation Sleep Apnea What did you Dr require and are ALL these things always required? Wasn't sure if "everyone" had a sleep apnea test done or not? Just curious of what all I can expect to be doing after this seminar and start his journey.
  14. That is so totally awesome! wow! Look at you! Wtg. congrats!!