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  1. I must have just had a really good Dr. or maybe I can handle the pain better, but I didn't think it was all that bad. I was only out of work 2 weeks. I was cut all the around my body and up from the pelvis to just under my bra line. The Dr. had to do this because I had so much loose skin. See my post with pictures, you will be amazed.
  2. I had a 360 body lift and my recovery was a piece of cake. I was in some pain the first few days, but all in all I didn't think it was near as bad as my RNY, but I had complications with that. I have also had an arm lift, boob lift, and a thigh lift. Of all of these the thigh lift was the worse for me. I did the body lift in one operation and can't imagine doing it any other way. I also had an extended tummy tuck with the same body lift procedure. My Dr. said he had to do the tummy tuck to get the results that he knew I wanted and he said I would not have been happy otherwise. He and my daughter made this decision cause I was out cold. lol To answer your question of would I have done it in two surgeries. No way.and I don't see how you would get good results without doing it all at once.
  3. If your Dr. documents that you now have type 2 I would think that would be all you would need. A co morbid is a co morbid no matter when it was discovered.
  4. Yea, I agree the 6.3 A1C should qualify you alone. Just have your DR. document it and resubmit.
  5. I am not a Dr. but Diverticulitis involves the intenstines and is a disease that does not go away, you will always have it and it can flare up at any given time. The only cure, that I know of, is surgery to remove the portion of the intestine that is involved.
  6. I had a 360 lower body lift and I had to stay over night in the hospital. After hearing your story I am so glad I did. Hope you continue to recover well.
  7. The EX calls me the other day and tells me how sick he has been. Apparently he has some kind of colon disease, problems with his kidneys and liver, and he has lost almost all of his hair. I don't wish him ill, but what does he want from me? He has a new wife to take care of him, or maybe she isn't, hummmm. Anyway the world has a way of making itself right. He cheated on me for someone he thought was a better catch and now he is getting his.
  8. lol lol lol......my ex cheated on me too and married her. He saw me recently and can't believe how good I look. I just said eat your heart out. lol I too am engaged to a wonderful man and am looking forwarded to starting a new life with him. Best of luck to you and yours and next time you see your ex just smile.
  9. LOL....... I would think most men would feel like that with some of these posts. lol....
  10. I am from Northern VA and I could not find one surgeon who accepted insurance. Anyway check out Plastic Surgery of Fredericksburg they were the best priced that I found and have the facilities right in the offices so you cut out the hospital fees.
  11. Looks fantastic!! I won't post my boob pics either, but I must say they are uplifted. lol They used to hang almost to my belly button, no kidding, now they are perky as they were when I was 21.
  12. I realize that, however, she didn't specify what type of surgery so I was just giving her the low down on a lift.
  13. I had a breast lift a little over a month ago and I am just fine. Still a little sore under my right breast but otherwise just fine.