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  1. WLS Cruise?

    I would concern it.
  2. Hello from NC!

    It sounds like you have commited to this, don't turn back. It's really great to feel this good about yourself again.
  3. JCP72, did not fall for it. Go see a doctor for real help, not a website. Anyone can make things up on a public website. Just though I'd point that out to you.
  4. Why Do This Alone?

    I think today is a good day to talk about my thoughts on relationships with everyone since my surgery in January. I have come across a coworker that was banded. I decide I was going to work with her in a company outside our current office. We worked togather for about a month and half or two months almost, it worked to talk with someone and who was willing to talk about her banding with me at the time. But I stopped working with this company we both where involded in. When i stopped working with my co-worker, it only was a issue of stopping working with in the same company we both worked at part-time. I did not keep the connection with her and I knew she did not want to either. It helped for the time being but it stopped and I knew it needed to. You see the shape that people's lives are in at the time you meet them, good or bad. I think that that's what my co-worker saw, someone at a time in there life that they also had been in too. I still thank her for her support even for a short amount of time.
  5. ~*Looking for a buddy~*

    I want to wish you all the sucess with your your surgeries coming up. I had my mine done on January 18th of this year. I have not stopped to even say "i made a mistake". I love it and so happy I did it for myself without very little support. People are going to be who they are even after the surgery. I believe if they treated you wrong before the surgery they are not going to change even after the sugery. It will not make any difference of who they are to you. And your reality taking the chance of them hurting you even more after the surgery because your doing something they will not ever have the guts to do for themselves. I want to laugh at them to the bitter end for being that mean to me. Telling the truth to some people is sometime not worth it. And that means they are in a place you don't need to be in. One more thing, make some decision on how to deal with these people's opionions and judement. “Don't wait for the Last Judgment. It happens every day.”
  6. How long after WLS?

    How long after surgery do you wait for plastic surgery? They should have told you that when you had you seminar for the surgery. If you did not have a the seminar like alot of the programs that I had look at did. Your doctor can answer that more than just another WLS patient. Your doctor is responsible for you and your needs as far as your surgery goes. So, I would go back to your doctor and get the right answer.
  7. Sizes 16-14?

    I knew this was going to be the most diffcult part of having my surgery done. Keeping up with clothes. I have dropped a clothing size in such a short of amount of time. But I am going to do my best to keep what I have and wear my clothes big. Its not worth fighting everyday but I do keep track of what I need to buy first before I just buy something to be buying something. One suggestion, I am buying clothes that a size smaller, like I was in a XL and if I could get into a L and it looked alright I would buy the L. To keep from having to buy clothes every weekend. I have 50 more pounds to go in about 5 months until my weight will level off. I am going to be happy with that to keep it at the same weight for along time. Good Luck with your clothes issue also. I can't work at it enough.
  8. How many of you told your employer?

    I mixed feelings on what to do when I decide to have my WLS done. I told my boss and some of my co-workers, thinking that being honest with them would help to adjust for all of us. The honest is still in play all the time. We sometimes give lunchs togother as a group for moral reasons. I have done well with all of these lunch in my thoughts. When we did have lunchs together they were serving a lunch that was food that I could not eat at all. Now just here recently I have befriend a co-worker that has had the lap band done. And right after the lunchoen I wanted to go to her and say did eat anything at all. Her having a different proceduce done then I did did'nt change anything. i wanted to chuckle at myself as thought I was a happier and healthier person them they are. I worked for it, I did not see any reason why I could give myself a pat on the back for this accomplishment. Well, that is most of my story for the past 10 weeks after surgery so far. But there will be more to come. Looking forward it, I could end up chuckling again soon. Your beliefs pave your way to success or block you. - Marsha Sinetar
  9. Pre Op Liquid Diet Help

    Im on my liquid diet also. Its going well enough. I am on my fourth day and three more to go. Think positive. He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  10. Jealousy Issues

    I only want to avoid the issues of Jealous. Its been a issues with me all my life having 3 older sisters there was always a put down here and there. I have a passive approach to other people being jealous. I don't get into it, its not something that I seek out to deal with. That is still in mind all the dealings with my older sidlings, that I still don't like. They just are to over powering if you knew, they did this to me with a lack of thinking how can she live with this misunderstanding of what I need to become me.
  11. WLS for Diabetes Cure

    I have seem so much hurt with people who have diabetes that I was going to fight with this disease only on the highest of proprieties. I could not back down, I will forever say I am right in doing this for myself without the support now and in the future from my family and others. Some people don't see that, due to the fact that your health is forever as long as you work at making it yours. I have not been able to make much else mine but the fight for my allergies, and this only simply to breathe better which was almost treated as disable all my life so far. It makes me feel disabled and hurt all the time. Thats what hurtfully defines me with in the my family. I so done with this. If this is what defines me in the family than this should be the stopping point.
  12. I saw your blog this afternoon, I chucked and helped me get a little relief. Less than a month away until surgery, I am not backing out or down. Its putting it all in perpestive that seem to be my hung-up.

    1. ✿ Paula ✿

      ✿ Paula ✿

      How are you doing this week? At your stage in the game, all I could think of was the pending surgery and the changes coming up. What a roller coaster, huh? You will be fine! You are worth it too!

  13. Can't Wait!

    I am want to wish you all the luck with your surgery on Monday, Dec 19. Wish me luck too, I have surgery on January 18, 2012. I want to stay so calm, I have a habit to of getting so nervous I can shake. It hurts my feelings that this just comes on when I get in situation that make me seem under pressure but this does not happen all the time.
  14. One Month To Go Until Sugery

    I want to say calm until my surgery, my family always has a different plan with or without the surgery coming in January. I feel as thought I done what ever I can to please them not to hurt me during this time, but I know they will make it as unsucess for me a possible. They are so selfish. I am almost 40 years of age, my surgery is January 18, 2012 and I will be 40 on January 30, 2012. I want to hate them back any way I can. We have been going to dinner on my birthday for the last few years and because of this I don't want to see them on my birthday. I don't want to stay here within our hometown to keep having to fight to get ahead in life with them. They are always holding me back to get ahead in life and now I need to take care of me more than ever. This surgery is for life, I don't need them holding me back to threat my life after having this surgery. Their so much that they have done over my life to do that every thing. Their hated by me more than what they want to believe and they have shown the hatred directly to me over and over again. Its got to stop. They think they are in right all time. They are going to have let there own self free of there hatred. I want to hate them back (my brother and his wife) forever. They have real done it to there selves.
  15. What Is A Delicious Chocolate Protein Powder?

    Keep trying new item, I would like to hear of the results for when it comes my time to try out this new way of eating. I had will a reality good entry a minute ago but the things change. This will be third try at getting the surgery paid for by the insurance. I am bring my A game this time, I know it will work for sure. “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi