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  1. She's Alive!

  2. So close to <200lbs. This will be the longest 6 lbs of my life.

    1. Xeniak


      hang in there! so close!

  3. Worse Experience Ever

    I had the same thing with a stent placement from my bladder to kidney. I was crying and holding conversations about it with the doctor and nurses. At one point they had to strap me down because I began to move because of the pain. When I awoke from my RNY I began to panic because of the face mask and went to pull it off becaue it made me feel like I was being smothered. When I became more alert they pulled the mask off and I realized that what ever pain killer I was given, did NOT work. I could feel everything and the nurse would not give me anything or even listen and walked away. I began screaming and another returned and said " you need to quiet down, you are scaring the other patients" I was then wheeled to the room and felt every bump and when my surgeon met me he was upset they had let me go on in pain. They ended up having to triple the duladid(spelling?) I was given so I could function, but the nurses always forgot my dose until I was screaming. And then because of the amount and protocol it took another 15 or so minutes. I was livid when I was released because of the treatment I recieved and so was my surgeon. I know I will need plastic surgery but this has terrified me so much. Despite my stent I have never had another surgery so I can't blame them for not know a medication wouldn't work, but I can blame them for not listening.
  4. Arm Wings?

    I read somewhere (as silly as it is) that the shake weight would help this. As for age, idk. I turned 24 days before my op and my batwings are crazy. I also had a roll under my arm though so that may be the problem, but it disgusts me. My husband jokes about it and he knows it bothers me so if my sleeves start to come up a little and show what I am hiding, he lets me know, or even pulls them down.
  5. Also, I had no issues with food at all until last week, and bam!!!!!!! Some chicken did not like me! but it was only once and I think I was just not paying attention and may have over done it, or didn't chew well enough.
  6. Your pouch may be bigger then some other users. Also at this point it is my understanding that your nerves are still healing in there so be super sure to measure. I feel like I eat a lot now , but then I look at my husband's plate and realize I am not. I will be four months in a couple days and I eat about what your eating now, but I am also super busy and forget to eat(words I never thought I would say) and get in trouble with both my doc and hubby. As long as you don't feel uncomfortable, choose the right foods, and listen to your body, you are doing ok. (also remember some foods mush down to almost nothing when you chew them, like the oranges.) (also not a doctor, so best advice would come from YOUR doctor and their team, as they did the procedure.)
  7. First Six Months Of Weight Loss?

    I had mine 4-18 and weighed 273 the morning of, today I weigh 218. Yup yup!
  8. Gastric Bypass medical alert

    I got one fir several reasons: the first is I was traveling alone 5 weeks out and if something happened in reaction to the surgery the doc wanted emergency services to be able to draw conclusions faster, second I had a stomach issue with NSAIDs and aspirin prior to surgery and I would tell the er docs this every visit and never failed that everytime that would be the only thing they would offer me. So I was hoping that maybe they would reconsider now. The third was because a nurse told me she had seen occasions where response in emergencies could have been better if people had known right away. It also a positive thing if you have allergies because the last thing on your mind in a car accident is "oh yeah! I am allergic to amoxicillian" and lastly my best friend had to get one because she has severe allergies to dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, and fish so I wanted to support her. Also you can put an emergency contact on it an a name, but like MHall624 said there is no reason good medical care wouldn't be provided with out one, they would know you had one if they went in.
  9. Nasogastric Tube???

    I didn't have the cath because of kidney and bladder surgeries that made me super afraid of them. As far as the ng tube that was the least of my worries when I woke up. You don't really notice it at all and when they pull it out it doesn't hurt just feels funny. Maybe burns at the end like you got water up your nose but that's it. Talk to your surgeon about this and see what they say, some don't require a cath so you might be able to bypass that. The drain doesn't hurt either, I didn't notice it until it got hung up on stuff and when they pull that out it's like 10000000 bubbles are trying to escape! Weirdest feeling ever!
  10. Serena is going back into hospital

    Oh noes! That just bummed me out! *concentrating really hard to send happy healing thoughts her way*
  11. female question

    I had mine the week before surgery and it actually came on time(for the first time in years) but I was warned with the new diet and rapid weight loss it may get more wacky(I have pcos) before it may get more regular. If you are 100% certain you are not pregnant I wouldnt worry until I miss another one.
  12. I have broken two bed box springs from throwing myself onto the bed. I cried on the second one because it was new and a queen.
  13. Vivid Food Dreams

    I told my husband that I dream of food all the time now and he just looked at me, now I am glad to know I am not alone. It started like a week out and is seriously almost every other night. My first one was about some chips. Lol.
  14. phentermine

    I took it as a weight loss attempt about 1 year before surgery. It didn't react with my body well and I found it very unpleasant. I have a friend that started it at the same time and lost 110lbs since but she has formed an "addiction" to them because she is terrified if she goes off them she will go back to her old eating habits. So yeah it works, but like any medication it has side affects and I would talk to your surgeon to see if it would have an effect on your surgery.
  15. FINALLY!! soft foods

    Congrats! I am on the purée step and I don't consider that real food yet but I do get mashed veggies which is something way better then juice and protein drinks! Congrats again on the loss!