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  1. LukeAug9

    11 mos post op and sssooooo close to my goal!

    Thanks guys! I feel great! like a new person. I go to the gym and run several times a week. I ran my first 10k in March and am training for a half marathon.
  2. Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I am 31, had surgery 5/26/11, and am about 20 lbs away from goal!!
  3. LukeAug9

    Anyone have a really cool job?

    You're job sounds pretty cool!! This is my full time job now. It keeps me busy. My director today gave me a project and told me how excited she was to finally have someone able to do what needs to be done. I love that I get to do so much beyond my job description. My favorite part though is visiting patients in their hospital room after surgery. It's a small office, theres only 8 of us and we all get along great. Couldn't ask for a better gig. I'm thinking about getting a part time job, just one or two days a week. I would LOVE to work in a bakery where I could bake and/or decorate cakes and cookies and what not. I would LOVE that!
  4. LukeAug9

    Losing Phase Scares Me!

    My surgery was just over 7 months ago. I am still in the losing phase. Like Cinwa, I am also at the point of having to get in 1000-1200 calories a day and 80-100 g protein a day I am still losing consistently, but the weight loss has definitely slowed down over the past few months. I get my excercise in and follow my nutritionist's eating requirements which is what Cinwa outlined. Protein first, veggies, then fruit then carbs. I've actually been asked to increase my carb intake. You just have to be smart about what you eat and you always have to remember that WLS isn't a magic cure, it's a tool to help you lose weight and live a longer, healthier, happier life. Use the tool smartly and correctly and you'll do just fine!
  5. LukeAug9

    Now: Spanx- for men!

    I have two pair of Spanx. I ordered one at and bought the other at Nordstrom. They are also available at Dillards and Macys. I had tried a very cheap brand from as well as underworks and returned both because the level of compression was uniform throughout the shirt and made me look disproportionate. The Spanx seems to have a bit less compression in the chest and more around the abdomen and I feel like I look more evenly proportioned in it. I will say I looked the best in Undergear and Starter (cheap and available at Walmart) compression shirts, though they weren't as comfortable and as they are fitness shirts, not under shirts, theyaren't as easy to hide under a regular shirt unless you are wearing a shirt and tie or a turtle neck. Spanx was definitely worth my money. I will have to buy a new one soon since my first one is useless now. It is an XXL tank top. It was $65. Anyone want it? Pay shipping and I'll send it to you
  6. LukeAug9

    When Is The Surgery Date Decided?/

    You get a surgery date once the insurance has approved you. A few days after being approved (sometimes same day), the surgery scheduler will call you to schedule your surgery. They will typically schedule your surgery 2 weeks out at the earliest so you can do the high protein liquid diet. Just a heads up, once scheduled for surgery, they will probably call you back and reschedule a couple times. I was reschuled 4 times. Twice it was different times on the same day, not too big a deal. Good luck!
  7. It's definitely normal. I lost a couple pounds slowly the first week then nothing for a week and a half then the weight just started dropping off. Your body is going through a lot right now. Even if it was laproscopic, you still had major surgery and there is a lot of healing going on right now. Don't worry about it and put the scale away! You'll be fine!
  8. I haven't had any complications, just a few annoyances. There was pain, but nothing unbearable, don't be afraid to take your pain meds, you will need them. Here's what I brought to the hospital: Chapstick (I prefer Burt's Beeswax) Gas X Strips My own pillow My own toothbrush/toothpaste Spirometer Entertainment (my iphone and ipad) Slippers that were easy to slip on/off Bath robe You will definitely need help getting in and out of bed the first few days. I never had a problem cleaning myself. I was showering on my own as soon as I got home from the hospital. (I was in the hospital from Thursday morning through Saturday morning) You will want to make sure you walk several times a day. It will help with the gas pain (as will the Gas X Strips) The gas pain can be pretty bad the first couple days. After about a week, I was off my pain meds and felt great. I could still feel the incisions, but they were rarely painful. It really only hurt if I moved suddenly or moved in a weird position. Then it was a sharp pain but would go away after a minute or two. Make sure you follow your surgeons orders to the letter. Especially when you pregress to each level of food. Eating will be like an experiment at first. There's no Bible of what you will and will not be able to TOLERATE. (There wil probably be one for what you should and should not eat though) Everyone handles food differently after surgery. Your Taste buds will change. Some people become lactose intolerant. Others can't handle sugar. I have a really hard time with things made from white flour. Flour tortillas make me sick in 2-3 bites, but I can have a whole taco made from a corn tortilla. If you eat something and feel like you are going to throw up, don't fight it, let yourself throw up. you wil be thankful you did Make sure you eat slowly. You will probably get hiccups. I still get hiccups every time I eat and I am 7 1/2 mos out from surgery. Avoid sugar as much as you can. Don't experiment with it. I wish sugar made me dump, but it doesn't. Take your supplements as your doctor tells you to. Missing a day can really make a difference in how you feel that day. I keep a few days supply in my desk at work just in case. Use brands specifically designed for Bariatric patients. They may be a bit more expensive but worth it. Think of it like this. Pregnant women need prenatal vitamins because their needs are different then a woman who is not pregnant. It's the same for us too. Bariatric patients have different needs than any one else. I use Bariatric Advantage. They have a rewards program if you order online. Makes it easy. Track your food. I use I track on my computer and my phone. I also recommend using your phone to set reminders to eat. I'm rarely hungry anymore and there have been days where its 5pm all of a sudden and I realize all I ate was a Fiber One bar for breakfast. Thats about all I got man! Best of luck! Keep everyone posted on your progress! I have a blog if you wanna check it out -
  9. LukeAug9

    How Do The Chubby People In Your Life Handle The Changes?

    My friends have been great for the most part. I had always been the biggest of all my friends, but still had chubby friends. My best friend however, was always a bit on the thick side, 5-8 180 size 12, and she's never once asked how I was doing or about my eating or commented on how much I work out/run, never commented on my weight loss pics on facebook, didn't say anything about how I looked when I visited her in Seattle this past summer. But she has never been negative, just in different. It's like I haven't changed at all. Another friend who is very supportive and complimentary of everything I have done since surgery is also...I guess you can say overly protective of me now. I recently wrote a review on Yelp which posted the review to my facebook page. The review was of a coffee shop and I made mention of how often I go and which drink and cookie is my favorite. Well she sure scolded me on FB saying "YOU NEED TO STOP GOING THERE SO MUCH OR YOU ARE JUST GOING TO GET FAT AGAIN" I know she was just looking out for me, but that caused a bit of a verbal war between us, which thankfully has since been resolved. My other friends and family all seem to be positively influenced by me. Two friends have come to me for assistance in getting the process started as they both want lap band. One friend does Weight Watchers and we joined a bootcamp together. Other friends hike or bike ride with me. It's been pretty good all around.
  10. LukeAug9

    General Tso's Chicken

    I'll try it tonight. I'm going to substitute the splenda for Stevia (doctor's orders!)
  11. LukeAug9

    Cold All Of The Time!

    Always cold here too. On the bright side, it made the 115 degrees/day summer here in Phoenix much more tolerable. But even through the summer I kept a sweater at my desk. But I am always in long sleeves and usually have a hoodie or cardigan with me. I even invested in scarves and gloves once winter hit. I went to a movie in the park a few weeks ago. I wore Under Armour cold gear pants and shirt, jeans, 2 pair of socks and a cashmere sweater and pea coat and was still chilly
  12. LukeAug9

    Hubby On My Nerves

    I feel your pain! My lease was up just before I had my surgery and I decided I would let it expire and move in with my parents for a couple months so they could help me out if need be. I thought it would be great to have my parents around mornings and evenings and I would have time to myself during the day, which was especially nice since they were much closer to an LA fitness and park than I was where I lived Well I moved in just as my dad lost his job. He was home ALL the time unless he was at an interview. EVERY time I would see him, it was always "Hey, how are you doing, you feeling ok? Any pain? Are you hungry? Can I get you anything?" Always those same exact questions in that same exact order. It was like nothing has changed since the last time you asked me three minutes ago! You would think it would be great to have someone waiting on you hand and foot, but no it's quite annoying especially when you are used to living on your own for so long. I've started taking monthly staycations now. Just a night or two at a nice hotel once a month. I can sit and veg and order massages or spa treatments. Keeps me sane. But I did wind up having a talk with my parents and things have been better. I did the whole "It's not you, it's me" You know, I'm used to being on my own and having plenty of quite and alone time. I appreciate how helpful you guys have been but I still want some me time and I know how to ask if I need help. It went over surprisingly well.
  13. Oh, I found this link a couple months ago. It's a list of songs that have 150-159 beats per minute The article does not show the artist but there is a link you can click on to preview/purchase the songs in Itunes!
  14. I'll just give you my favorites (my playlist has 78 songs on it) The ones in red are my favorites!! The Killers, When You were Young The Black Eyed Peas, Rock That Body The Black Eyed Peas, I Gotta Feeling Christina Aguilera, Vanity Christina Aguilera, Fighter Christina Aguilera, Dirrty Gossip, Heavy Cross Hot Chelle Rae, Beautiful Freaks Kanye West, Stronger Ke$ha, Blow Ke$ha, Tik Tok Kelly Clarkson, Don't Be a Girl About It Kelly Clarkson, What Doesn't Kill You Linkin Park, Bleed It Out O.K. Go, Here It Goes Again Eminem, Lose Yourself
  15. I had surgery almost 7 months ago and it has been the best decision I ever made. I wish I had not waited as long as I did to finally get it. I started thinking about it 6 years ago and chickened out. I had the opposite experience when I got my clearances. The doctors and nurses were all very supportive and happy for me. You're young, get it now. Stick with your plan and you'll never regret. You seem to be in the right mindset to be successful! Good luck and ignore the fools and nay sayers. It's your body, your decision!