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  1. I used to get frothy foamy, but it was usually related to eating too much, on an unwatered pouch. Are you sipping, waiting 15 minutes before eating, chewing THOROUGHLY and mixing with saliva, then waiting a half hour before resuming liquids?
  2. I'm two years 4 months out. Ask your doctor to prescribe an iron infusion. It takes about one hour on IV. I had one last month. I cannot describe how much better I felt instantly. I'm told its easier to maintain a good level with supplements than it is to raise it. I use bariatric advantage chewable iron in passion fruit. Yummy. Follow the advice above about taking it. ( I needed a refresher)
  3. Yes. There will come a point when you can have a bite or two or a slice of something. You will know when to stop, also. Don't depress yourself about the what-ifs. Smile and know that you are going to be able to wear cute clothes, that you will feel younger, healthier and sexier than you have in years. And yes, you can celebrate your birthdays. (You just won't be eating the majority of the cake yourself:)
  4. I was getting dizzy a lot, also. I'm not sure why it worked, but I started taking a B complex, and a B-12, and zinc, and my symptoms lessened. Most will say you need to drink more water, or that it's your blood sugar, or blood pressure. Don't freak, get bloodwork done, and remember to eat.
  5. Got "THE CALL"

    Jealous! I am interested. What is the name of the procedure?
  6. Me, too! It's time! I need to lift what I have left:)
  7. I've seen a chiro since before I was overweight, occasionally, but after the weight loss the pain was different. Here's what I did, and it saved me $$$ in co-pays: I had my PCP write a prescription for physical therapy, for back pain. (They will also need to give a referral) My local PT "analyzed" me, and I was authorized for return visits. It has been WONDERFUL. They not only help me stretch and exercise, but give me a massage, adjust me if needed, and apply electrical stimulation. They discovered my hips tend to rotate, and they can adjust for that! I go two or three times a week, spend an hour there, and it's really helping. The MasterPT explained to me that our muscles were used to supporting weight that isn't there anymore, and the result is excruciating! We need to retrain our back muscles. I hope this helps. Flip your mattresses!
  8. Need help with sugar dropping

    I've noticed the same symptoms in myself. I do better when I snack on jerky, or a hard boiled egg. To satisfy my carb/crunch desire, I might have 4 to 6 lowfat Triscuits(only once a day). With tuna or chicken salad, or cheese they're practically a meal.
  9. TEARS:-(((++

    At 3 1/2 months I was only down 35 pounds. Be easy on yourself, and NO bread rice or pasta. No cookies or cakes, No chips. But most importantly, instead of saying, "I can't eat that anymore" say "I DON'T eat that anymore". That one word is so powerful. It makes you feel strong!
  10. 1 week post op - Starbucks?

    You are still early out. Get both a water, and your usual, provided you are taking omeprazole. Drink your water firsrt, and mostly. Just sip the other, to see if it bothers you. And make sure it's not too hot! Maybe add some ice cube.
  11. ice cream

    I chose to eat Breyer's Carb Smart ice cream in vanilla. It actually is no added sugar, and has some protein. (It's actually pretty tasty) I used a measuring cup, and scooped out EXACTLY 1/2 cup (that's the serving size) and ate it right out of the measuring cup with a tiny spoon. And of course, I logged it into My Fitness Pal with everything else I ate. I was a slow loser, though.
  12. Feeling Alone...

    Text back "Could really use some company" Honesty is the best policy.
  13. Nausea and poor intake

    I still take Omeprazole.
  14. Nausea and poor intake

    Nausea is so common at your time frame. Experiment. I couldn't stand to smell protein shakes. I decided to act as if I was pregnant. Think quality, not quantity. If you crave it, (and it's not starchy or sugary) eat it. Puree it, if you must. If you need to add protein, try adding non fat dry milk. Find a high protein soup. (Marie Callendar's makes a Chicken and Dumpling and a Chicken Pot Pie soup that I puree'd and I wish I could tell you how divine it tasted at the time) It gets better. Hang in there.
  15. You can do this. It will get better and easier. The weight will come off, and as it does, you will find it easier to move, and you MUST. Don't give up. Next thing you know, you'll be going up stairs. Until then, keep walking. keep moving. Don't hurt yourself. Do what you can. Smile. It's working.