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  1. I used to get frothy foamy, but it was usually related to eating too much, on an unwatered pouch. Are you sipping, waiting 15 minutes before eating, chewing THOROUGHLY and mixing with saliva, then waiting a half hour before resuming liquids?
  2. I'm two years 4 months out. Ask your doctor to prescribe an iron infusion. It takes about one hour on IV. I had one last month. I cannot describe how much better I felt instantly. I'm told its easier to maintain a good level with supplements than it is to raise it. I use bariatric advantage chewable iron in passion fruit. Yummy. Follow the advice above about taking it. ( I needed a refresher)
  3. Hi, I haven't talked to you in a while, so I figured I would lurk and see what you're "down" to, lol. I'm back to work, afternoon shift. Two months out, about 43 pounds down from highest weight, 36 since surgery.

  4. Thank you. I am feeling pretty well. Need to stay on track!

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you're feeling well. :)

  6. How's this? At 8 days post op, I found a set of Cabelas camos at a garage sale. Pants, size 34! Jacket Large. 10 dollars. Bought them. Someday I'll be able to wear them, I hope. Maybe by this fall? At least the jacket? Fingers crossed.
  7. I wish they would invent a patch to end food cravings. Can you imagine?... " I'm wearing my chocolate patch today" " today, I have on my Taco Bell patch. No nachos bellgrande for me, thanks!" Someday....
  8. Be excited for her as she begins her new life. You just began yours. I'm thinking, we are really going to save money on food, aren't we?
  9. Started my pre-op modified liquid diet today! New beginning, right now! Awesome. I'm stoked. Every movement is a calorie burner. I'm walking with more vigor. Thinking sex might even be an opportunity;) (Added bonus for hubby) I guess today is a good day. Oh, duh! My stepson and his girl are having a girl today!!! Joy! After my doctor visit, I'm driving to a hospital to welcome a granddaughter. Hopefully, my tummy rumbling wont scare her:)
  10. Very good way to think of it, I suppose. I've actually been thinking of feeding mine baby food during the pureed food stage. The meat ones, like chicken. So I was at the grocery store the other day, and a woman behind me put 20 jars of Beech Nut baby food jars, all chicken, on the conveyor. I was dying to ask her if she had surgery, but I didn't want to be rude. What are you going to do for protein?
  11. I want to see some scar pictures, friends! 16 days til my surgery!!!
  12. Checking out the posts more often now. 8 days until the two week pre-op diet. Seriously, I've been taking good vitamins, biotin, fish oil, and vitamin d for 4 months now. I feel pretty good. And thanks to the doctor for finding I need synthyroid. What a difference that makes in my mental state. I've stopped drinking diet pop, stopped taking advil, stopped smoking over a year ago, stopped drinking 2 months ago. Now if I can stop eating crap...Oh yeah, that's what the surgery is ...

    1. liana


      I mean crappy food! lol

  13. Are you home? Baby steps. Keep us posted.
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