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  2. Well, I think I need to clarify something here, lest people think I view myself as a sad little fat man who got no love before WLS and am only noticed now because I look more "normal". I have always been an outgoing person, even at my heaviest weight of 540 pounds. I am bright, well-educated, articulate, charming, and funny (and modest! ). I have lots of positive relationships, including close friendships, and a wonderful partner who met and fell in love with me when I was a few months pre-op - people have always liked me and I generally enjoy life and meeting and befriending others. I was a generally happy person before WLS (not entirely happy, but generally so) and very confident in many areas of my life. I graduated from college with honors and with many friendships, had a succesful career as a respected corporate training specialist, garnering commendations and awards and had great relationships with co-workers, and then was a successful law student, who earned good grades and was popular and well-respected enough to be elected graduation speaker by the student body and receive an Outstanding Student award from the faculty, all while hugely fat. I was successful as a trial lawyer and learned that juries liked me in the courtroom, enjoyed listening to me, found me persuasive, and wanted to meet me and talk with me after my trials, many of which were "pulling a rabbit out of my hat" victories for my clients. I was elected to be a member of the Vestry, the lay board of directors for my Episcopal church, before WLS, because it was believed that I would be a good "voice" for the parish. I have been thin, then fat, then thin again and in no way was ever a wallflower, even at my heaviest, yet I stand by my assertion that fat people are invisible in this society (Mel raises a good point about the distinction between invisible and ignored, but I'm going to keep my original phrasing for consistency) and that I have become "visible" in ways that have surprised even me, post WLS. Tigergal, I very much liked what you shared, and am glad that you are treated with friendliless, courtesy, and respect, all of which you deserve, but I politely disagree that it won't be any better when you reach your goal than it already is. I firmly believe that a year from now, when you are at goal and no longer heavy for the first time in your adult life, you will notice a marked difference in how people treat you, a change for the better, even if you think there's presently no room for improvement (apart from the few mean or unfriendly people you mention). I say this with compassion and respect and hope that it will be an enjoyable discovery, but I am convinced that it WILL happen. I'm even willing to bet on it, and I'm not much of a gambler! I ask you to bookmark this thread and look back on it a year from now and ask yourself whether you see a difference in your 'visibility". If you don't honestly agree with my prediction at that point, I will treat you to a protein shake or some Fage or string cheese the next time I visit my aunt in Tampa!
  3. Corrine, I'm so sorry for your terrible loss. Bless little Molly and rest her sweet spirit, and bless you and Peter, also, as you get through your pain and grief. Such a senseless, terrible tragedy - I hope and pray that no one else (two- or four-legged) will suffer such cruelty from the person(s) who did this, or from other people who do such horrible things to such beautiful loving creatures. It takes someone pretty messed-up to do something so hateful. I won't add to my sorrow for you by wishing evil on the people who did this evil act, but I pray that the perpetrator(s) of these acts find remorse and compassion within themselves, and develop the peace and wholeness of spirit they so obviously lack. Although there is pain and cruelty and suffering in the world that is undeserved and unearned and unfair, there is still much good and much beauty and much love to sustain us through our pain, especially the love and compassion that we share with our companions like Molly. Thank you for being your wonderful self and for your loving care of her during her too-short life, and thank Molly for the joy and love and wonder she brought your family in return. Peace be with you all...
  4. Karl, you and Val made, and continue to make, a great-looking couple who obviously find great joy in each other, but has anyone pointed out that your hair color and hairstyles (apart from length) are identical to each other in each pic? Seriously, you both look fantastic, but perfectly matching "his and hers" 'dos in each pic - too funny!
  5. Your already-big smile just has a tinier face surrounding it, my dear little lovely Claire, that's why it looks bigger! On the issue of invisibility, I have pretty strong opinions based on my own experience (as a thin person, then a fat person, then a thin person again) and what many others have related, here on the boards and in my local WLS support group. Plain and simple, I don't think it's a matter of our appearing more confident, happy, or whatever other good changes we might cite post-weight loss (all of which DO occur, undoubtedly), that causes the paradoxical increase in our social "visibility" despite our taking up less visible space in reality. Although that change in outlook and attitude may play some part, it's only a small part, not the priamry cause of the change. Fat people are routinely ignored in our society, consciously or unconsciously, based on our appearance alone, and losing weight brings us (back) onto others' radar as notice-worthy human beings. Shallow? Superficial? Unfair? Yes. Yes. Yes. But true, nonetheless...
  6. Hello Eric, Thinking of you offline every now and then - haven't been on here for months. Hope all is progressing as well as can be for you in all areas. I'm good and happy too. Exercise bike arriving today to tweak a few excesses but at least I am in CONTROL! What a change in perspective this surgery brings! All the very best for you. Vim

  7. What an amazing trip, Mike! The photos are gorgeous! Italy is high on my list of travel plans in the next couple of years - thank you for re-inspiring me!
  8. Thanks Eric but to be honest I only really come here to check messages these days. I only posted on Adam's thread because he's a local lad who's progress I've followed here and on Facebook. I only have two infractions left before I get a permanent ban and so until they remove that ridiculous system I have to refrain from being me, and I find it hard to not be me LOL. Nice to hear from you

  9. Hey Karl, just wanted to say "welcome back" - I'm not on TT much, but I missed your posts!

  10. Lisa, I'm so impressed and so proud of you (nothing new about that, I must say ) - you're always an inspiration, but now even more so! Many congrats and kudos and many thanks also!
  11. Corrine, you look gorgeous, you tiny little minx, you! Peter did a wonderful job as the photographer - even with NO fingers, he couldn't take a bad picture of a beauty like you!
  12. Donna, it's late in the day, but I still wanted to chime in to wish you a very Happy Birthday with much love and my prayers and good wishes for excellent health and much joy and love in the coming year. I'm so glad for your good news and send you all my love on your special day!
  13. Hi! Saw a few of your posts, and noticed we have some things in common. I am having VSG on July 21st. I too suffer from SEVERE arthritis, and can't take any meds for 30 days before, or after my surgery. So, I'm really on fire right now-lol! How have you done with the VSG procedure? Have you had any problems with your anti-inflammitory meds since the procedure?

  14. Well hello handsome ;) ...... Thanks for your mess hun and compliment ! I sure feel good nowdays .... amazing how wls changes us huh :) Hope u and your partner are both well ... best regards Sara x

  15. So good to see a post from you on Chris' (Crie's) thread - you look amazing!