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  1. I am almost 3 weeks post-op from a VSG and feel miserable. I don't ever feel like eating, my abdomen is still sore, and I am exhausted all the time! Going out for a walk or trip to the store completely wipes me out. The past couple days my throat has been so sore and I'm coughing, think it's allergies on top of everything else. I'm regretting getting my sleeve b/c I did this so I would have more energy and feel better but now I just feel worse! I keep reading about people who feel great and are having such a quick recovery and can't help but wonder what the heck is wrong with me?!?
  2. I felt the same way, didn't think I'd ever feel better. But you will I promise! I too was very nauseous in the hospital but that passed. Hang in there and know we're all here for you!
  3. Congratulations on being approved! The pre-op diet is annoying but just keep your surgery date in mind. It'll be here before you know it
  4. Glad to hear all went well! Take it easy and don't overexert yourself.
  5. Congrats Deb! Just take it slow and rest. I felt so bad sleeping so much but my body must've really needed it. Every day gets a little bit easier!!!
  6. I'm not exactly computer saavy so I'm proud of my new weight loss ticker! Let's hope it shows up!!!
  7. Boysrus and Sandra: Good luck! It's really exciting the night before surgery and you probably won't sleep much. But don't worry you'll sleep plenty after! I stayed in the hospital 2 nights and was glad I did but definitely was glad to go home. Keep us posted! Arlenejross: Glad to hear you're recovering nicely. And it gets better every day
  8. You look really good, great job!
  9. Wow what a difference! You look fantastic! Bet it feels nice to be able to wear nice clothes. Keep up the good work!!!
  10. I was on clear liquids for 5 days then moved into full liquids. Starting off I drank water, crystal light, and tea. You can do Jell-o and broth but I wasn't into them. Later I added protein shakes, sugar free pudding, fat free plain Greek yogurt and milk.
  11. I'm a little over a week post-op and can tell I'm a bit dehydrated now b/c it's hard getting in enough fluids when you also have to get in protein. I eat about 65-70 grams protein a day and get in (on a good day) 40 oz of fluids. I think you are encouraged to drink 64 oz a day b/c that will aid in weight loss and also keep you full so you don't feel the need to eat.
  12. Wow, thanks guys! I'm gonna have to order these and maybe the multivitamin too!!!
  13. Can anyone recommend a chewable Calcium Citrate supplement that doesn't taste so bad? I have the Twinlab and it's like eating chalk! I know I need the extra calcium but can't stomach them.
  14. Well I went for it and got a belly band and am so glad I did! I actually got mine at Target upon the recommendation of a friend. It's called BeBand and is in the maternity section and costs $16. It offers a light compression but it's just enough to keep me comfortable. Also runs big so I got a M/L and it fits perfectly.
  15. I think she weighed about 300 but I could be wrong. I was 284 before liquid pre-op diet, 270 on the day of surgery, and was 265 at my doc's this week. I'm hoping to get to 165 and my doc feels that is achieveable and that I could even go lower. The number isn't important to me but instead the way clothes fit. I can't wait til I can shop in regular stores!