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  1. cherubgal

    Is Everyone Okay?

    My brother felt earthquake in Portland, Maine! ...I didn't as I was out on the ocean in Booth Bay Harbor, Maine... :-)
  2. cherubgal


    Congrats on a successful surgery!.... For 'tracker' info, go to the category: Socialize... It's the very first thread!
  3. cherubgal

    Recovery Time

    Hi... I am also a middle school teacher and had my surgery on June 27th. I was in and out of the hospital in less than 24 hours,however a day later I had extensive internal bleeding. It did clear up in a couple of weeks,but I had absolutely no energy for a good two weeks. There is no way I could've gone back to teaching my middle schoolers at the end of two weeks! All of a sudden by mid-week 3, I began getting a surge of energy and was able to begin getting into a regular routine with lots of walking, though I did still have some incision pain. Finally, at week 6, out of the blue, one of my very nicely healed incisions got infected underneath, opened up, and pus started leaking. Thank goodness I had scheduled surgery at the start of summer because you can never simply assume all with go perfectly! ... Best of luck with your surgery!
  4. cherubgal

    What Are You Reading

    Just finished: "The Help" and am now reading: "Maine"... which is a great summer read while sitting on my favorite beach in Maine (after walking a few miles, of course!)...
  5. cherubgal

    Does Anyone Eat....

    Sorry, I can't help you... I've absolutely no idea what a pork crackling is! 8)
  6. cherubgal

    3 Days Post-Op

    Congrats! Just know that each day definitely does get better!
  7. cherubgal

    1 Month Post

    Awesome! Keep up the great work!
  8. cherubgal

    Omg...what Pain!

    Thanks! Everything had been going so smoothly!
  9. cherubgal

    Omg...what Pain!

    Am just a bit over 4 weeks out and apparently I ripped a bit of the inner muscle that had been cut through and stitched up during surgery.I was trying to open a window that had been addition, about a 4 inch section of skin around the largest incision has extreme pain as nerves are regrowing. It even hurts...feels like burning... if my shirt touches the area! I haven't heard anyone speak of this surface/ nerve pain... I did see the doc, and I was given flexoril to stop any muscle spasms... It does not seem to be helping at all. The doc simply said the nerve pain will likely take a lot longer to heal than the muscle. UGH!
  10. cherubgal

    So Many New Faces....

    Hi! ... Sounds like you've done a fantastic job! Congrats! .... It's a long strange journey... but I'm so happy to be a part of it!
  11. cherubgal

    Esophageal Stricture

    Sorry to hear you had to go through this, but it sounds like you're on the right track for recovery. Keep your chin up and enjoy your sipping of tea!
  12. cherubgal

    Ebook Reader Poll

    I have the Kindle and love.. Love.. Love it! (I bought it in late May as a gift to myself right after I broke up with my live-in boyfriend!) It has been wonderful, especially after surgery, instead of having to drive to a book store. I love that it has absolutely no glare, and I can read outside with no issues! In fact, that was the reason I chose it... So I could read on the beach. I also have an iPad... I was given it at the end of this school year( I'm a middle school teacher) to get used to over the summer, then come back to school with lots of ideas to use it in the classroom. I love it almost as much as the Kindle, but I use it for completely different things. It is very difficult to read on it outside,so I only use it inside.
  13. cherubgal

    80 Lbs Gone Today!

    Awesome job! Am so happy for you! I am two weeks out and though I'm feeling pretty well...I definitely do not have a lot of energy yet. That part stinks... But, I imagine it will come back at some point! Much continued success to you!
  14. cherubgal

    8 Hours Till Surgery...

    Best wishes on a pain free surgery and a speedy recovery! I'm sure you are in great hands!
  15. cherubgal

    Happy Birthday Mcnerd

    Have a wonderful birthday... I agree, you have given yourself a wonderful gift of becoming healthy! Enjoy!