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  1. I started at 5'4" 272. I lost 140. I did not have PS. I look fine in clothes. I am not going to be a bikini model by any means, but I am 41 and have had two kids. Nothing is where it should be, but with a good bra and well fitting clothes, no one knows the difference. Mary
  2. Sandi, I haven't posted in forever. But I am so proud of you. You look fabulous and I know you feel great. Mary
  3. Bridget, It means you haven't been taking your vitamins, or not the right ones. Make sure you are taking your vitamins EVERY day.. A good prenatal vitamin will usually do the trick. I get mine from Target and they are only 6.99. You have heard my speach about Vitamins before, but I will give it again.... Vitamin deficiency is the number one long term side effect of WLS. It is totally preventable, but the damage is not always reversable. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!!! Love ya.
  4. If you want to do some serious shopping, hit the Viejas Outlet Center. About 40 minutes East of San Diego on I-8. Lots of good stores, plus the Casino across the street.
  5. Most of the people on this thread are long term post ops. When you are a newbie you most likely won't be able to eat cheesburgers and chocolate. But as you get further out..say 18 months or so... you will be able to eat more things, some people can tolerate certain amounts of sugar with out dumping and we can eat small amounts of cheesburgers, etc. Bridget said she ate 1/3 of a cheesburger. What pre-op do you know that can be satisfied with 1/3 of a burger? When you are at goal, you have to increase your intake to maintain. Sometimes we increase it too much and gain some weight and then need to adjust. That is what this thread is about. I hope I helped.
  6. Yes you can eat healthy and not lose weight. You just have to eat more healthy food. Add healthy snacks if necessary. Don't go back to eating junk or loading up on carbs. You just need to find the calorie balance that you need to maintain. You will find it.
  7. Hey Bridget, I have the same thing. There is no way that I can only eat 3 times a day. I have to have snacks or I will bottom out. I don't feel hungry, I just get shaky and light headed. Just about everyone I know who has had WLS and is at goal has to have snacks. I find that my blood sugar stays more level if I eat protien at my snacks and stay away from sugar. Do what works for you and listen to your body...if your worried about weight gain (the reason for going to 3 meals a day?) try to find the empty calories in your diet and cut those. Love ya girl.
  8. Holly, I am married to a black man and have two beautiful boys. My father used to be against inter-racial marraige because of the problems he had seen in his lifetime (He has seen a lot) but he loves my husband and is thrille with our children. It is a decision that only you as an adult can make. If you still need your parents approval you probably aren't ready for marraige. It can put more pressure on the relationship. Depending on where you live and your social circles you will experience more or less racism. You are in Georgia, most of us are in southern California. These are two totally different cultures. My husband and I have had very little problems, don't think racism only comes from white people, you will experience it from the other side as well. My best advise is this...regardless of race, don't get married until you have accomplished the following: 1. finished college...yes, finished! If the relationship is going to work you will still be together when you finish. 2. You have had your surgery and lost your weight. We go through major emotional changes with this surgery and new body image. See how the relationship weathers the storm. 3. You have lived together for 2 years... You don't really know someone until you have lived under the same roof for a few years. People can hide a lot while your dating. You want to see the good, the bad, and the ugly and then decide if it will work. In that time you will also see how it will affect the other relationships in your life, including your parents. Good Luck
  9. Ok, for those of you who know me this is an update, for those who don't an introduction, I am 2 years and 1 month out. I hit goal at about 1 year and then got pregnant. My son is now 4 months old and I have about 7 pounds from my lowest weight. Since I am breast feeding, I know that some of it is in the boobs. By the way my pants fit I know some of it is also in my butt . I am really not concerned. I love the way I look and feel. The way that I eat now is very different from pre-op, but it feels normal now. My portions seem so big compared to when I was a new post op, but in reality I eat about half of what I did pre-op. I can tolerate small amounts of sugar 10-12 gms otherwise I dump. This keeps me from binging. I do occassionally have diet Dr. Pepper over ice, but it gives me gas and makes me uncomfortable, so again it keeps me from overindulging. I still dump on high carb (white flour) foods, so I stay away from them. Basically, I can eat what I want, but certain foods make me feel yucky so I leave them alone. Its not a diet, just a way of life. I started back exercising in ernest since the baby. Before I was pregnant, I was running 4 miles three times a week. I have started running again and will work back up to where I was. I also started lifting weights because I feel that I have lost a lot of muscle in the last two years. Feeling kind of bony. I wish I had started a weight program during the weight loss phase so that I wouldn't have lost so much muscle mass, but I will get it back. I take my vitamins, My health is awsome. No high blood pressure, diabetes, etc..etc.. This is the best thing I ever did and would recommend it highly. Thank you to Dr. C, Kelly and the whole Thinnertimes support Group (online and off).
  10. I am so happy for you. There is nothing better than finding that special one. Love ya
  11. Bridget... You know what to do to get those 10 pounds under control before they multiply. It sounds like you have a good plan. Increase your exersize and cut out those extra calories. Get on it Girl...
  12. When I reached goal...I got pregnant . Really I swear I got pregnant the same week I hit goal. Top that!
  13. Statistics show that 80% of morbidly obese females were survivors of sexual abuse. Do you think there is a relationship??? This is something that we have to deal with. When we are healing ourselves we must deal with the Mind, Body & Spirit. You can't fix just one. The surgery works on the body, we have to deal with the Mind and the Spirit.
  14. See I have finally learned to take a compliment. Post op pregnancy is possible, I was 1 year out and at goal... I would suggest waiting a little longer than that, but **** happens. I gained 25 pounds and the baby was fat and healthy. He is now almost 4 months old and I have lost all but five pounds. Since I am still breast feeding, I am not worried about the last five as I need a little body fat. Good luck to all of you future mommies.
  15. Marie, I am so sorry about your husband. As I have written to you on this subject before, I can relate to your plight as I have been through it. My husband is now sober for over a year, but we went through some really tough times leading up to his sobriety. The thing that finally did it for him was his 2nd DUI. All I can say, is let him deal with whatever the consequences are on his own. Don't save him. The harder life is for him the sooner he will hit bottom..... Good Luck, and let us know if you need any help.