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  1. 204.6 this morning...been really good about high protein and low carbs...and guess what, it works! Who knew! ;P

  2. Onederland is my goal. Who's with me?

    204.6 Dude I can almost hear that onderland music!
  3. My c-sections were way way more painful then my Lap question.
  4. Onederland is my goal. Who's with me?

    was at at 210.4...oh onderland why do you tease me this way? Sigh...
  5. First Disney trip post-op...looking forward to experiencing it 37 lbs lighter and in much better shape! But I am a bit worried about getting in my water and protein...

    1. Miss Lady

      Miss Lady

      I went to Disney just a few weeks post op and Everything went ok, but I didnt stay a full day. The water was easy especiall with all the walking around but I was bad i skipped on my protien while i was there. I love that place ... Have Fun!!!!


    Stomped in at 211.8 today and it's even my TOM!
  7. Hiked for over 2 hours and could have gone much, when did I become that person!

  8. Oh my, the crazy has hit...I'm so on edge and cranky and teary...I hope my marriage and my sanity can survive this!

  9. What Size Are You?

    Yes! Going through that right now...and saw that article...great minds!
  10. Today I remembered that this is a tool...and I better be careful, trigger foods still trigger!

  11. @ Easter today my BIL made sure to tell me about the one article he read about RNY where the person gained all the weight back and more...and is SO SO sorry he had it. Lovely.

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    2. Lazy Daisy

      Lazy Daisy

      next time someone says something like that just say 'i know! it is so sad when these things happen but i am sure with the love and support of my family and friends it wont happen to me' it may be too subtle for him but your other family members will get it

    3. Newcomforts


      Support at its finest. Families....

    4. cinwa


      Don't let it bother you babe - just about everyone has a horror story and it's usually based on urband legends and an ignorance of the WLS.

  12. I Want to EAT!!

    I find that sometimes for me it was the "large" amount I wanted more then any particular thing. Summer is coming and with it more fruits and there anything like that you could "fill the void" with instead? For example, when I wanted to eat a lot I would cut up a cucumber and put fat free dressing or balsamic on it to take care of that need to have something in my mouth...I don't know if that could help but it could at least give you another avenue for the impulse instead of just shoving it away. Best of's a only a tool and the changes for us are SO hard...but we can do it, we've made the hard choice already! Thanks for sharing!

    Stomped in at 216 today...First real loss in a couple of weeks! Scared to anger the scale gods but could this stall be over? Shhhhhh....
  14. Houston we have a problem

    Doesn't this month stall SUCK!!! I'm feeling the same way, like I had this surgery and all I'm ever going to lose is 28 lbs? Well that sucks...but I reassure myself on these boards that this too will end and the losing will begin again! Now if I could just get enough water in...