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  1. 1st Post

    Hang in there Matt!! Things will be better very soon!
  2. 1st Post

    WELCOME MATT!!! It's Catherine ~ so happy you found the site ok ~ and SO HAPPY you are doing much better today! As i told our lovely wife ~ this site is an amazingn source of information, support and just great people... you will find the answers to so many questions... and learn from those who have gone before you ~ PLUS, you always haveme ~ a phone call or an email away!!! Hang in there this week Matt ~ and get set to be AMAZED!! Love to you and your wonderful wife!
  3. Hello from New Jersey

    In Jersey too ~ I see Dr. Ballantyne in Hackensack ~ PM me if you need info!!
  4. Coke / Pepsi Lovers Read This!

    Hey Jeff ~ I LOVED reading this post! yes, I am from JERSEY ~ still here ~ and LOVE it!! People tend to thiink of Jersey as Newark airport ~ when gosh, God touched this state with so much beauty! Jersey corn ~ OH YEA!! the leaves are beginning to turn ~ the mums are vibrant ~ and every corner has a stand with pumpkins... ~ I TOO LOVE COLA ~ and you can bet I am ordering this treat today!!! THANK YOU JERSEY BOY!!! PS ~ need anything from"home" ~ let me know!
  5. Any idea what I am lacking?

    Lisa ~ I was a bit tired ~ but with 4 kids ~ nothing new ~ I was not SUPER tired ~ i k now they say that is a big sign~ but was not that noticeable with me ~ the aches in my arms were just the worst! by the end f the day ~ i could not pull my shirt off ~ not lift my arms UP ~ HOPE it is not mono ~ but do hope they get to the bottom of WHAT it is!! Wishing you to feel better!!!
  6. Any idea what I am lacking?

    Lisa ~ I went to the dr about three months ago with the EXACT same symptoms you seem to show... My arms felt like I just pushed a piano ` but I had not... he ran some tests... guess what... I HAD MONO! I did not know that mono represented with such symptoms... ~ (i did have a sore throat as well though ~ do you?) ~ Anyway ~ I was sure it was a lack of a certain vitamin... the Dr said NOPE ~ he said it could take 3-4 months to start feeling better ~ and I swear this week is the first time I am feeling pain free in my arms... It lasted just over 3 solid months... Maybe have him test you for mono? Just a thought for you ~ I HOPE YOU ARE FEELING BETTER TODAY !
  7. Chinese Food

    THANKS FOR THE RESPONSES! Atsa ~ good to seeyou! You are doing great! Yes, all I tried was the beef and broccoli ~ and a spoon of the mixed veggies ~ nothing breaded ~ ... it was OH SO GOOD ~ and took so little to fill me up~... I think I may try it again this weekend!! Ok, let me know if you try it and waht works best for you ~ EVERYONE go get chinese!!! Atsagirl ~ CONGRATS on your upcoming re-birhday!! You have done great!
  8. Chinese Food

    Hello all ~ Ok, I had read a while back that a few of you all enjoyed Chinese Food~ at 10 months out ~ I had not tried it ~ but decided to give it a go... IT WAS SO FANTASTIC ~ went down so well ~ gosh was it YUMMY ~ I had the beef with broccoli and some mixed vegies... NOW I WANT IT EVERYDAY! so my question is... WHAt exactly am I eating? I have NO idea what is in the sauce?? The lady at the place spoke very little english ~ and was no help ~ ... I know the sodium is high... so I need to be careful... DOES anyone know anything about it?? Any advice??? as always, THANK YOU!
  9. Breakfast ideas please

    dannon lite & fit yogurt ~ raspberry YUM!
  10. Okay. Someone help.

    SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS ~ I LOVE WATERMELON and have been hooked ALL summer ~ can't get enough!!!
  11. Carb question

    I am TERRIFIED of carbs... I count them as much as i do my sugar and fat ~ I try not to go over 25 a day ~(per my Doctor) and always a GOOD carb ~ never rice, pasta, bread... I am so scared that Iwill gain ! I have to get a grip on this as I know others have added them back in and continue to lose... I am 10 mths out ~ and most carbs come from fruit, beans, veggies, peanut butter ~ an occasional saltine cracker ~ ... protein bars ~ they all have a bit of carbs in them ~ IT really helps to learn about good carbs/bad carbs and make wise choices based on that info ~ ... I KNOW I was a CARB junkie ~ so I guess I am more shy than most to eat carbs... I do work out ~ and I know I need to add a bit more in ~ but....I THINK they matter as much as the sugar and fat intake ~ others will differ ~ I will be interested to read the other responses... and remember ~ you have to see what works for YOU ~ Best of luck!
  12. I hate being FAT!

    Four kids as well, 41 yrs old ~ and started at 265 last October... ten months later~ I am almost to my goal! YOU CAN DO IT ~ and you will be in shock how much more you will enjoy your children!!! Will keep watching for your progress ~ wish you all the best!!
  13. Any Vegetarians out there?

    I am not a vegetarian ~ but I am weary of eating meat ~ I have no issue with milk, cheese etc... but this was a big concern for me going into this... my nutritionist was very helpful ~ I get lots of protein through beans and fish (no prob with fish) ~ ... PLEASE talk to your nutritionist about this... mine had guidelines and food suggestions all ready for a vegetarian lifestyle...
  14. am i lossing too slowly??

    I was ALWAYS concerned about this as well ~ seemed I lost A LOT slower than most... but now ~ at 10 mths out ~ I realize that I lost at a very consistant rate ~ and still am losing ~ slowly but surely! The exercise will help a lot ~ and also, I know it is hard ~ but MAKE SURE you are eating enough! the times when I really stalled ~ I was too low on my intake ~ once I raised the calories ~ my body started losing again... YOU ARE LOSING ~ and YOU ARE DOING GREAT!! Just take it day by day ~ do not get discouraged !! Now, at 10 mths out ~ I am down over 120 pounds ~ I just can't BELEIVE it ~ and you will see the same progress!!! SMILE ~ youa re doing great!
  15. Some Before & Afters

    You Looked Beautiful Before ~ Just Amazingly Beautiful After!!