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  1. I'm doing great! Thanks for thinking of me. You're looking awesome! Congrats on being down 100 lbs!

  2. Hey, Stopping by to say hello and see how you were doing. I dont come on here much anymore. Hope all is well!

  3. havent logged on in a while, but man does it feel great to update my weight status :-),, 100 lbs down in less than 7 months

  4. Hey hon, sorry- I didn't see your note here... I can't get my notifications to work right :/ I'm doing well.. I hope you are too. This happened the last time people discovered the chat too- it was real busy for a while and then people stopped coming around. :/

    What's new with you??

  5. ok I need to let myself part from the clothes I have been hanging on to. Can anyone use size 24/22 pants, crops, shirts etc. unfortunatley I do not have the time to pack and ship them so I would prefer local pickup or meet somewhere if possible.

    1. HeatherH


      By the way I am in MA

  6. Stopping by to say hello. havent been on as much as before but i pop in from time to time. no one uses the chat again :-/.. hope you are doing well!! :-)

  7. I am starting to notice i can eat more than i used to and I am a little nervous about it . Anyone know if this is normal? :-/..

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    2. LukeAug9


      Im eating about 4-5 oz of food now and I am almost 6 wks out of surgery. I get scared too

    3. HeatherH


      Thanks for the info. makes me feel better. i dont think i am quite eating 6 oz but it feels like a ton compared to what i was a month out...

    4. crystal0830


      i will be 4 weeks out on the 27th and i am eating about 4 oz

  8. 75 lbs down baby :-) I feel wonderful!

  9. now in a size 18/20 so i got a bunch of clothes i am selling! check out classifieds if your in the New England area and interested

    1. Jo_annem


      Please consider donating to a worthy charity. It feels so very good. Congrats on you loss!

    2. HeatherH


      yes i have donated a bunch to my church already. just the more formal pants etc i am looking to sell because i need money to buy new work clothes! lol

  10. http://www.teeccino.com/ I ordered a sample bag of the different T-bags they have and I am loving the hazelnut, chai and vanilla nut so far! yum! No caffeine, calories or acidity and doesn't have a bitter coffee taste because it is herbal coffee. So yum!
  11. HeatherH

    Me Pre op

  12. HeatherH

    3 months Out

    oh and 65 lbs down! :-)
  13. Went shopping today for some new clothes since almost everything I own is too big now and I found that I am 4 sizes down :-).. I actually enojyed shopping today. Aaron was not impressed with how much i spent lol. Old Navy is having Crazy sales right now. 50% off already marked down clearance items. Oh and I also fit into old jeans i havent been able to wear for years. Yay for today !

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    2. Hilary


      I am very thankful there is a lady in my area that year ealier started up a "shop" that you bring in your old clothes and leave with new ones and you do not have to pay anything from what I was told will be checking it out after my surgery I am sure. Kind of like a swap so you are not spending all that money on a new wardrobe till you are down a size which is nice she calls it the new U

    3. Sohappyididit


      woohoo....great for you!!! :)

    4. Sohappyididit


      woohoo....great for you!!! :)

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