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  1. 7 months post op and slipping

    hey there, have a look at my blog i have been through the same thing as you and had an epiphany today so feel free to read about it
  2. i went and calculated the calorie values of the foods i eat regularly and then added up everything in my food diary and boy have I been eating over the 1200-1500 calorie reccommendation!!!....so now i know why i havent really been losing weight. the 500ml skimmed milk lattes that i live on to stop me snacking really add up at 245cal a pop ...scary stuff...(an equivalent 500ml normal decaff coffe with just a bit of milk is 49 cal) we are so focused on getting in protein in those first 3 months that we dont realise that carrying on with things like lattes after that actually becomes a negative thing... i hope this info helps someone else im going to be making quite a few changes now as i have got the calorie values for all my regular foods in a little list now....from one obsession to another lol just to be 100% clear as i dont want newbies to get put off skimmed milk,i meant that once you are able to eat a normal diet of varied consistencies and good portions a milky drink then just becomes a high calorie drink. im not telling people to not drink milky drinks for protein, im saying just be aware of the calorie value of your over all diet as i thought i was being very good by drinking decaff lattes all day long as they were a source of protein, fluid and they were stopping me from snacking....except oops...they were the very snacks i should have been avoiding! in my case it will be as simple as swapping my lattes for coffees with milk`and immediately my calorie count for the day will be halved at least! i'll start there and also start looking at the fats in my food...so watch this space people and i will let you know how i get on
  3. i dont think my journey is over by a longshot!(i hope)....just the first milestone of reaching the surgeons goal...my goal has always been 65-75kgs. but im just taking a moment to take stock and give myself a little pat on the back as i never think that anything i do is good enough and that is usually why i ended up failing a diet in past. so trying to change my behaviour i recognise that i need to have different goals and expectations of myself for the next 3-6 months ie focus on eating low fat and finding ways to increase exercise with my back(which is particularly bad at the moment but definately on the mend...its a recurring thing...when its fine you wouldnt know i had back problems, when its bad i cant get out of bed or walk) my exercise to date is much the same as yours...long walks to the shops, avoiding buses when possible, and visits to national trust properties with my doggies i find that i can have a little of everything...which is actually rather nice, still finding my limitations with certain things like old favourites which go straight through me or straight out lol so i guess i have mild dumping which feels the same as my ibs felt if i drank a milkshake preop ie stomach cramps, pain, diarhorrea... but those are very rare.
  4. Flamenca_star reaches surgeons target...a general update at 6 months post op had a surgeon and dietition catchup today. the surgeon said well done you have reached the goal we had set for you. if you want to continue to lose weight then stick to the rules and exercise more. i cant exercise due to back problems....he suggested finding exercises that dont affect the spine so i will speak to my physio about this once my back has recovered enough that it doesnt hurt just to stand and sit down. the dietition had a look through my food diary which as you all know is true to what enters my mouth sweets and all! she said that obviously sweets and chocolate are a no no(which i 100%knew already...as do we all) so looking back through my last week or so which was relatively sweet free she said that what im eating looks good...she can see i exceed the minimum of 70g protein a day, i get my 1.5litres of fluids if not more, i take my meds and vitamins as instructed, the Quest protein bars are a great source of protein(she kept the wrapper from my bar and had a taste of it and will be reccommending them to patients). she said it was normal for weight to slow down once you have lost your target amount. if i want to lose more exercise is important and without it i need to watch my diet more closely. she said that 1200-1500 calories is the range i should be eating in order to lose weight. she suggested i look at reducing fat content in my diet eg by eating low fat cheese and yoghurt vs full fat, removing skin from chicken etc. she also said that whilst she does NOT want me to calorie count it would be worth while to take a good week out of my food diary and calulate on average how many calories i am eating. if my weight continues to plateaux then that is the amount of calories i need to maintain weight, and if i want to lose more then i should reduce it by 100calories, try that for a week, if still no loss, then reduce it by another 100calories until i start to lose...that then will be the amount i should eat until i am happy with my weight at which point i would increase by 100calories a week until i dont lose and that is the calories i should eat to maintain going forward. apart from my chocolate consumption i am a model patient. i have not gained weight(i have lost just over 2 kgs since my last appointment in january) and she said that weighing myself often was not good as body weight naturally flucuates. i discussed that i had stopped being strict with my carb in take which she said was fine but i should be eating no more than 300calories per main meal. i discussed that some people keep calories below 900calories and she warned against this, saying that whilst it will help you lose weight faster it is not something that can be maintained long term and patients should avoid resorting to the tactics they used when yoyo dieting. i discussed that some people are very negative about protein shakes and bars and she said that they have always been pro protein supplements to assist you in getting your min 70grams a day. i promise this is not meant to be focused at any one person, i am just making everyone aware of what the dietition at chelsea westminster has said so that you can have this discussion with your own dietition at your next catch up i started at 122kgs/19st 3lb/269lbs and am now 92kgs/14st 6.8lb/202.8lbs i cant remember what percentage of body weight that is, but their target is a percentage. my BMI is now 30.4 and they reccommend that getting below 30 significantly improves overall health. i am quite tall at 5'10 so i can get away with carrying more weight, but i still have a lot of fat on my body....so i have said i will just see where my body takes me on this journey, but from looking at my friends who are a similar height and not overweight i think that around 75kgs/11st 11.3lb/165.3lbs will be an ideal weight for me....but we will see if i get there and if im happy there...who knows. i just know that i am going to keep working at this, i wont ever be perfect but i will be kind to myself and just keep trying....75% good 25% enjoyment seems like a good ratio to me for long term success i will keep you all posted from time to time
  5. back at work in a new job

    my eating didnt stay on track....so i just said to hell with it and have had what i want but have been having protein shakes to make sure i get the 70g of protein in for my health.as that totally slipped with bad foods. so now im just paying more attention to my stomach when i eat ...even if im eating the wrong things...i know i will bring myself back over to the right side eventually
  6. back at work in a new job

    so how are people who are at 17 weeks/4 months post op doing? most of the time i feel like i have the eating/mind thing under control, but now and then i have a weekend or a few days where i just want to eat crap, and this weekend i did...but i just havent enjoyed it so im looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow. i think i need to stop with the weekly weigh-in i have been doing with my partner to support him with his weightloss as it makes me very short term weight focused rather than good food choices and listening to my body. so my resolution tonight is to get back to the long term plan it started going a bit wobbly after i started my new job on wednesday as i had to choose and order cakes for staff birthday on monday so i had cake on my mind, and i also felt like i deserved i reward for getting through each day after having been unemployed for 5 months, and i am faced with numerous food shops like PAul cakes and mcdonalds on my way home, which is hard at the end of the day as i feel ready to eat and im so used to just popping into the fridge and getting instant gratification to my food and drink needs. but having had the binge this weekend i realised i havent been deprived of anything and i actually prefer the food i have been making and i just need to be more organised so that when i get home i have food ready to eat like a quiche and all i have to do is heat it up and throw together a salad to go with it...that sort of thing. so did a big food shop and am ready for the week ahead
  7. Hope all is going great for you.

  8. Pms Worse Post Op?

    i never used to feel any different on my period pre op but now i get sweet and carb cravings, and get moody...so i just play the pms card and all is excused for a week
  9. Binge Eating...not Yet A Thing Of The Past

    actually it wont change....u will just have a ton of the right foods for u(if u choose to)....i find having a full fridge/freezer/cupboard full of good choices makes it easy to eat well...when i have time on my hands i bake a lot of really incredibley yummy low carb desert ideas that i find online. u will only know how you react to fat and sugar post op and whatever the case, you will discover your limits and adapt your food to it. i was soooo afraid of malnutrition right up to the moment they gave me anaethetic....what that has meant to me is that i have religeously taken my vitamins as instructed and make a point of taking protein supplements as well as my food....and so far i have had no issue, i hope it continues this way
  10. Has Anyone Experienced...

    why dont you go have a full blood check?
  11. today is one of those days where i tried to emotionally eat and found it didnt bring any satisfaction(kind of ironic after a counselling session to try and tackle binge eating) i thought i wanted a load of bad food and none of it tasted nice...had a protein coffee before i left the house for the 'counselling session' and on my way way back i hit sainsburys...tried some fruit loaf toasted(didnt enjoy it), ate some white chocolate buttons(didnt enjoy them)had some matsos with agarve nectar(that was pretty good)...next thing i knew it was nearly 5pm(where did my day go?!) so had a protein coffee, for dinner i attempted to have a wrap(another of my sainsburys purchases) and got a few bites in and felt so uncomfortable...so i shant be revisiting the wraps for a long while...once the stomach settled i had 2 pears and an orange and finally got the satisfaction of taste i was searching for all day...so note to self:hit the fruit bowl first as your tastes have changed whether you believe it or not! The one thing i can pat myself on the shoulder over though is that i chose the right surgery for me as the bypass makes it nigh on impossible to have a proper binge and Im aware of my potential failings ie binge eating, and am seeking counselling for it. the other pat is for my wonderfully stocked kitchen full of good food choices...when this binge 'itch' started last night the worst thing i could find to eat was a bowl of special k cereal with skimmed milk and a spoon of sugar lol...my how times have changed its a marathon not a race...so long as i keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going it will all work out regardless of the stumbling blocks
  12. My First Binge.

    yes binging is still a reality post op. i occassionally do it. i have filled my home with good protein sources so that if i feel the need to binge i tend to do it with good foods...i found it quite funny last night when i desperately wanted to binge....the worst food i could find in my home was a bowl of special K....so i added a tablespoon of sugar and had it with skimmed milk lol. today is a different story, i started my dat with a decaff protein coffee then onmy way back from counselling session(which i have recently started to deal with my food issues) i went to the shops and bought a mini loaf of raisen/cinnamon bread, had 2 pieces toasted with butter(didnt enjoy it) a bag of white chocolate buttons(didnt enjoy them but still ate them) and having just realised that its nearly 5pm i made another protein coffee and had 2 pieces of matsos with butter and agarve nectar. so all in all a very carb and sugar filled day...i eat realy well 95% of the time so im not going to die because of today. i do realise i have a problem and need to address it, hence the counselling, but then its also what triggers the binging....i just keep telling myself 'its a marathon not a race'
  13. Why Has Noone Invented This Yet?

    buy syntrax nectar protein powder as you can eat it with a spoon in powder form...tastes like candy
  14. i freaked out about choosing a bypass right up to the moment they gave me anesthetic lol....and 16 weeks post op i cant tell you a single reason why you shouldnt have it done....its been far easier than i was expecting it to be...i am deprived of nothing, im making healthier choices because they taste better than the less healthy choices to me now and because i feel really commited to being a healthy person going forward. i see so many banded people in our support group at the hospital that are unhappy about the speed of loss, are struggling with food textures or who have since had a bypass because it failed altogether for them. i couldnt take the risk that i would cheat my surgery, i wanted my change to be permanent and healthy eating vital to my health so that i had positive food goals rather than the usual 'dont eat that'. i dont dump so i can still eat loads of fruit which i adore and prefer to sweets which just dont satisfy me like they used to....stick to the bypass, you wont regret it
  15. tay2

    hmmm i think i prefer you as a sandy blond