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  1. My Love and I

    And thank you!! :)
  2. My Love and I

    Yes, I do drink beer. Honestly, I shouldn't. If you don't have to start back drinking. I recommend not doing so. My system is not the same and can't handle alcohol the same. I struggle with drinking too much. I never did before. While I function quite well without it, when I do's too much so I try to stay away as much as possible.On top of that, I have blood sugar problems from having the surgery and alcohol exacerbates that situation. So, I definitely don't recommend drinking. Keep in mind, your body has to work overtime ridding your system of alcohol. (With gastric) You can't vomit either so if you get alcohol poisoning, you have no way for your body to expel the poison (alcohol). My kidneys kill me the day after I drink. It takes a toll and quickly. It's dangerous. Truly.
  3. Before and After

    Thank you both!! Much appreciated!!
  4. 4 years out

    I am currently in a size 2-4 as I have been lifting weights. I am also training for my first full marathon in December with two more to follow (one in January and another in February) With the weight lifting, my weight has increased to 138 (as of this morning). I have ran 6 half marathons and my personal best is 1:55:06!! I plan to do many more halfs with one full a year after I've completed the upcoming 3!! I am still married and very much in love with the love of my life!!
  5. 4 months shy of 3 years post gastric bypass! Still weighing in at 129-size 0-2! Only downside of that is I obsess over calories, fat...etc...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. lisa67


      3 years out do you still see yourself as fat?

    3. DGV


      congrats girl its been awhile for me alot been gone on with family. finally able to ahve alil time to myself. you look great! Im down to 117 in size youth 14 and 00. trying to gain alil weight for im too thin now but the more i eat the more i lose....

    4. lilbitofhonesty


      Cheesehead-thank you!:)

      lisa67-Yes ma'am....I still do....crazy but true!

      DGV-glad to hear from you! Who ever thought we would have issues trying to put weight ON?! Lol! It can be dangerous though.....

      I have reactive hypoglycemia so I HAVE to eat every couple of hours....usually apples and such but I am rarely hungry.....I run too so that is a problem...trying to eat enough....that is low fat, low carb, low calorie...ugh.....endless cy...

  6. Just under 2 Years Out!

    Thank you ladies so much! Yes ma'am Karens Turn....I TOTALLY agree with that statement....I am going to give it my best shot and look at it like this....I am aiming for a 10min mile....if I can't accomplish that....well....then just completing the half marathon would be AWESOME!!!
  7. Some Pointers That Have Worked For Me

    I just emailed a very sweet lady this morning and thought that perhaps I would share what I had written to her in the hopes that it might help even one of you guys....but remember....what works for me might not work for you.....but here goes! Here are some things that have worked for me...... 1. Directly after EXACTLY what the Dr. tells you to do. Keep in mind that for months afterward, your body will be changing rapidly. You won't have the feeling in your little belly that you do now but it will come back months using a cup to gauge how much you are eating is an important habit to get into because you won't be able to really FEEL full until your nerve endings start to grow back. 2. Though you will need to eat whatever it is you can down right after soon as your body starts to adapt, you get the go ahead from your Dr. and you can eat chicken and such.....stay as far away from simple carbs (mashed potatoes, white bread, cereals etc......) and limit your complex carbs (oatmeal, wheat bread, quinoa...etc)......your body needs carbs to function and if you are working is especially important to feed your body carbs. 3. The period after your surgery through to about 7 months is when you lose 90% of your good eating habits MUST be established ASAP after surgery. (Just won't be able to eat much right after surgery and so mashed potatoes and such are a good way to get in ANY will need them. I would give them up as soon as your tummy gets used to eating solid foods again though.) Don't think that just because you are losing so much weight that you can eat whatever...I WILL catch up with you if you do. 4. A lot of us are very sensitive to certain things that will cause you to dump.....too much FAT...too many CARBS....too much SUGAR.....eating too FAST....eating too could be sensitive to some....all....or won't know until after. 5. I highly recommend that you keep your fat grams low (around 30g per day is usually really good but I am incredibly might not want to be that right or wrong to it...just your comfort level and goals) , your sugar intake to almost non-existent and we have already gone over carbs. 6. If you like to have a few drinks now and is very high in sugar (ALL alcohol is really), beer is high in carbs.....I would definitely recommend that if you ever drink again.....DO NOT EVER DRIVE....EVER......I would also wait until you are (at the very least) 6-7 months out and make sure someone is with you when you drink. Your blood alcohol level will be much higher than the normal persons because you now don't have much of a you get drunk A LOT quicker and stay drunk A LOT longer.....I have passed out with just two's dangerous so if I do want something......I keep it minimal and few and far between. 7. Log your food. Man.....this REALLY helps me.....I read all labels and usually remember what is in whatever it is I am eating but there are days when I am stressed or bored and grab an apple, orange....etc.....and I have exceeded my calorie intake..... not a good thing when I have tried so hard for almost two years to NOT go over my calories, fat, carbs...etc...) Every now and again is ok......but if you don't keep could do it a lot more than you think....then you will gain weight. 8. Watch out for reactive hypoglycemia...I have to take magnesium to help keep this under's helped tremendously. I have had many fainting episodes from blood sugar has been as high as 345 and as low as 44....very dangerous. 9. Be sure to take your vitamins....every day....TWICE what the normal person does.....we malabsorb everything so need double vitamins to make up for it. I take mine in the morning and at night....double the normal dose of course. 10. WATER, WATER, WATER....VERY important. AT LEAST one guilty pleasure I won't give coffee....but I know that for every ounce of coffee I drink....I have to add that on to my 64oz of water each day. Caffeine dehydrates you.....I would stay away from that and anything with carbonation. 11. For your sweet cravings (if you have any) skinny cow is AWESOME!!! An orange or an apple is also very good....low in calories and carbs....I also chew A LOT of gum....we really aren't supposed to but it helps me! Sugar free stuff upsets my belly does sugar! (I use stevia for my coffee and decaf tea.....) 12. PROTEIN....OMG....this is also one of THE most important things....between 60-80g per day.....I love the Syntrax Nectar sweets flavors protein shakes.....they taste great and give you good quality protein....if it doesn't say WHEY PROTEIN won't absorb it like you should.....Wal Mart protein just doesn't cut it. 13. Don't be scared if your hair starts falling WILL grow may get bald spots...but it will grow back in!! 14. If you get salty cravings.....the 100 calorie smart pop in the single bags are AWESOME! I use sea salt as opposed to the other icky stuff....keeps me from being bloated as all get out! 15. Get moving as soon as your Dr. gives you a release to do so. I did the couch to 5K and started it 3 weeks after surgery. It helped everything tremendously....I am now training for a half marathon (13.1 miles)!! I have a long way to go though because I took a bit of a break from running when I was planning my can only run 5.5miles at a time.....I am working with a 10K program right now and am almost finished then will do the half marathon program after that.....even if you just speed walk....that is something and burns calories.....makes you feel so much better physically and mentally. 16. What works for me may not work for you. You have to find what does work for you....what you are willing to sacrifice....what you are willing to give up....what you are willing to work on.......the feelings mentally and physically with this journey are painful....incredible....wonderful......amazing. Worth it. You will learn so much about yourself. How strong you beautiful you we have this amazing body that adjusts.....the abilities it has to get farther.....get muscular.....just incredible. 17. I truly wish you luck and happiness in your journey. It was very worth it to me and I would do it all over again. I have truly found out so much about myself...and that alone was worth the pain....the nausea....the frustration.....the mourning of old habits and bad food.....and now...I rejoice....I rejoice in my my ability to run when I never my ability to wear what I want (though I do have some issues finding stuff small enough now a!) ability to withstand (physically and mentally) things that I didn't think I body that I listen to tells me what I need.....we've come to terms my body and agreement of taking care of my body and listening to it.....I am taking care of myself.....NOT just my mind too...I am WORTH taking care are too. I now love my body and we get along just! Take care! Enjoy the wonderful moments that will come your way.....even enjoy the moments that are not so wonderful because in each of these is a lesson! Kat
  8. Two years out -- What I'm happy about!

    Martee....I'm 38 and have hormonal issues as well for YEARS....I am on compounded progesterone cream and as they just doubled my prescription, I pray it will help with my energy, moodiness, pain and hypoglycemia. In regards to the hypoglycemia...I have also been taking magnesium twice a day....and incredibly enough, it has helped to stablize my blood sugar WAY better than my not taking it. Anyway, great to see you in here! It's been quite awhile for me..I'm still running as well and hope to do my first half marathon in Jan!! Take care!
  9. New blog (short one), new pics-new life! :) Hope you all are doing well!

  10. Just under 2 Years Out!

    Hello All!!!! I hope that all of you are doing well!!! It sure has been awhile but I am still doing quite well, my weight has stabilized, I've gotten married AND I am training for my first half marathon!!! OHHH YEAHHH!!! I fluctuate 5lbs between 127-132lbs and have stuck to being between a size 2-4 depending on the cut and such.....I wear a 3-5 in juniors. I keep a very close eye on my carb/calorie/fat intake....especially now that I am training. I still log my food. I get quite nauseated....and often it seems. I think that this is usually caused by eating too fast....STILL working on well as my liquid intake....always a challenge. I ran my first 5K last year and have fallen in love with running. I LOVE it.....I am up to 5.5 miles so still have quite a bit more mileage to go before I can run 13.1 at once! I will try to update more but am at work right are all of you doing?
  11. After & The Wedding

    Just under 2 years out.
  12. Alcoholic Beverages?

    I wouldnt even try alcohol early out...I was about 6 months out first time I tried it...which was too early as I drank very little and passed out completely. I never drink alone...if I drink I never drive....I hydrate the heck out of myself before and after...I'll have a drink...then 3 waters...then drink...then 3 waters. I limit myself to 3 drinks...4 max. Then the next day I drink tons of water and sf ion. I don't drink often either. Usually once a month....most times less but sometimes more....maybe one day more...anyway, be very very careful...I get drunk very very easily now and it's definitely not something you want to do often.
  13. fear of rejection still plaguing me

    My boobs are nonexistent but at least my nipples point up....not cute as its just skin and nipples now and my inner thighs and tummy sag into really cute layers of ick but my rear looks pretty durn good from running so much and my legs are ridiculously muscularly my fiancé doesnt care at all about the bad and always tells me how sexy and beautiful I am and he acts like I don't HAVE any bad parts....makes me FEEL beautiful and sexy though I'm still self conscious....I think Dee is right's all about the person you're with....and if it's a one nighter then who cares!! take pride in your accomplishments and live yourself no matter what size and remember that confidence is sexy...I'm working on it myself!
  14. Since losing weight people treat me....

    I seem to get a lot of guys staring which kind of freaks me out because I'm 5'2 124lbs and a size 0-2...while I think I should probably be flattered in some makes me nervous as hell....I'm very glad I have a fiancé...he is incredibly protective and when he's with me I'm fine but freaks me out....I used to be so confident....I could take care of, I feel puny next to people....weird I guess.... :/
  15. thankyou so much for your great advice and all the possitive thoughts :)