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  1. Congratulations! Shopping is definitely so much more fun now, but it can be addictive, I am hitting goodwill and consignment shops. Had to purchase a whole new wardrobe, from size 30-32 to a 12 hard to believe, but I actually love trying on clothes now. I had the tummy tuck and arms done about 5 months ago and the breasts done about a month and a half ago. It really does make a difference, now I just need the lower body lift.
  2. Starting the 5 day pouch test today!

    I have had some cheese and some almonds, but have stayed away from the carbs that I was eating before, so that is a good thing I guess. The scale has moved for me which is what I was really hoping for so I feel good. I'm never going to be perfect but as long as I can keep the weight within 5 lbs I will be happy.
  3. question about 5dpt

    Somewhere I found that cottage cheese was on the list for the 3rd day so I would think that yogurt would be okay too. I have to admit I am on the 3rd day now and I had some cheese and almonds yesterday, but I figure at least it was protein and not carbs, which is where I am having my problem. Today should be much better for me with a better selection of foods.
  4. Starting the 5 day pouch test today!

    I am starting today as well. I hear you about the carbs, they are killing me. Good luck to both of you on this.
  5. Might be a silly question but...

    Mine was, I mean it's not like they are just going to do one arm. But if you feel better definitely ask your doctor.
  6. Suzy, I pinned my drains to my compression garment with safety pins, except in the shower I threaded a string through the safety pins and tied it around my neck so they did not pull on my skin. Definetly drink lots of water and if they didn't give you something for constipation you might want to think about something like miralax. I had a bit of an issue with constipation soon after surgey and believe me you do not want to go there. It took me at least a week before I could even think about starting to stand up straight. But by about a week I was getting around pretty well and didn't really need any help with anything. My back bothered me more than anything because I was hunched over so much.
  7. Gastric bypass surgery prices

    My insurance did not cover it, so I had to pay a little under 20,000, but that included everything dr visits, hospital, nut., blood work. I had to pay all of it before surgery. Well worth it though, I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  8. Shell74, at my dr. visit last week he told me I could start wearing an underwire bra. I still wear my support bra all the time, just cause I don't want to take any chances on anything going south. I know how you feel about the bra they give you, mine is black and I cant wear most of my shirts without it showing. I need to go out and do some bra shopping now. I don't want to spend too much because I know I still have some swelling though. I didnt' get my side/back fat taken off yet because my dr. wanted to wait, he didn't really want to do it when he did my breasts because he didn't want there to be any pull on my breasts, I will be back for a lower body lift and he said he would do it then. I feel fabulous, my breasts are still kind of tight and somewhat uncomfortable and I can't do some things using my arms, working outside I can't use lopers or anything that reguires me to pull both of my arms together(if that makes sense), but other than that I have been doing pretty much everything. Dr. said no weight training for a while longer though. One of my nipples was super sensitive, which was horrible but that seems to be going away as well. I am a side sleeper as well and it has only been in the last week or so that I am comfortable sleeping on my side. Give yourself another week or so and I am sure you will be feeling much better.
  9. I had a breast lift and augmentation about a month ago and I am still obsessing over them. I am wishing they were smaller and they seem fake and now one seems a little bigger than the other one. I know I still have swelling and it can take months for all the swelling to go down, but it is kind of freaking me out. I think my biggest problem is I never had perky breasts to begin with, so they just seem so unreal to me. I know that I just have to relax and give myself time for the swelling to go down.. When they put the implant in it goes behind the muscles and that can really make them swell and it just takes time and patience. I, however am not a patient person. On the plus side I am so excited to be able to wear stuff I couldn't before because the girls are so perky. I don't regret my decision and I think in a couple of months everything will be straightened out. It is just hard for us to adjust to new bodies that we are not used to, but I can think of worse problems to have. I was originally a 44I before I lost all my weight and now the dr said I am a solid D but I feel like I am more like a DD, we will see. I haven't really shopped for new bras yet. Good luck, hang in there and I am sure they will turn out fabulous it just takes a while.
  10. Lower body lift next week

    I want a lower body lift and can hopefully do it this fall. I have had my tummy and breasts done already. I will be excited to hear how your surgery goes and what your recovery is like. I am most nervous about this surgery, because I think it takes a little more time to recover, but I have a lot of excess skin on my legs and it hangs down around my knees so I don't feel comfortable in a swimsuit. My dr, said he will do the butt lift and then make incisions in my groin area to try and lift the skin so it doesn't hang aroung my knees so much and then he will do the inner thighs. He hasn't said anything about doing the outer thighs though. I guess it all depends on where you carry your weight and how the skin hangs. When you get a chance I would love to see before and after pictures. Good luck with you surgey and your recovery.
  11. super nervous

    My doctor said he never likes to go over 6 hrs. My first surgery was my tummy( I had a fleur-de-lis) and my arms. I had that done 4 months ago and I had no problems. You are correct that any surgery does have its risks but I stayed overnight only because I had two procedures done at one time and went home the next day. Other than needing help for the first few days to get up out of a chair and out of bed I didn't really have any problems I had help draining my arm drains because they were sort of hard to get to, but by a week out I was doing everthing myself, no real pain just feeling uncomfortable because everything was numb. One month ago I had a breast lift and augmentation done and was home the same day. Again I didn't have any real problems. The first couple of days I could hardly move my arms because they put the implant under my chest muscles so I was really sore, but other than a little swelling that I still have I feel great. This fall I plan to do a lower body lift, that is the most intensive surgery from what I understand. It varies from person to person on whether or not to do any of these surgeries. I didn't have rashes or any real issues other than not liking all the excess skin. For me the risk was worth it. I know people do have complications, so it certainly is something to think about. I think it is so funny I never was in the hospital before my bypass but in the last 2 years I have had my byp@*#, my gallbladder out and my two cosmetic surgeries. I guess I am making up for 45 years of never having any hospital stays or surgeries. Whatever you decide good luck and try not to be scared, I thought the whole process was really not that bad.
  12. Congratulations, I only really had any issues my first week after having a fleur-de-lis, and that was really only needing help to get up from the bed. I had three drains and one of those stayed in for almost 4 weeks. But I am super glad I did it and am 4 months out now, still feel some numbness, especially when I try to itch an itch. I am glad you were able to get it done through the study, I had to pay for mine out of my own pocket. Good luck.
  13. Plastic fantastic.

    Congtatulations, mine is all coming out of my own pocket, you are very lucky.
  14. Yea, you don't have to get a belly button put back in, I did although, I think it is about an inch or so higher than my original one, but I am getting used to it and it looks okay.
  15. My first dress AND heels!

    You look fabulous and I am so jealous, you have killer legs!