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    Goal :)

    After thirteen months, I am finally at goal - normal BMI. It feels great! I have been struggling with those last 5 pounds since December. I was exercising 6 days a week, logging all my food and nothing budged! But suddenly in the last two weeks, the scale started going down again. What a journey .
  2. At lunch today, I was having a goat curry and I swallowed a tiny tiny piece of bone by accident. 10 hours later, I think it's still in my stomach. I can eat and drink ok but my stomach doesn't feel quite right. Any suggestions on how to get it moving?
  3. I was at my parents for 11 days and gained 3lbs. Two weeks later, I've lost the 3 and an additional 2!
  4. My immediate family is great but the extended family is so preoccupied with how fat people are and can't seem to stop talking! In general, they have never said anything to me to my face but I have a stronger personality and they know that they will mouth off given the chance. I have two sisters. One of them lost 90+lbs a couple of years ago (no surgery) , is a size 0 or 2 and has kept it off. I am currently a size 4. My other sister is a size 10-12/170lbs/5'6". She is not big by any means but the entire time, my aunts and uncles were giving her and my cousin a hard time about their weight this year because my other sis and I are smaller now...comments such as "what happened to you? Your sisters lost weight, why aren't you doing it?", etc. They do not know about my GB because they are mean-spirited people and I just don't want to deal with it but I really wonder if i should "come out" for my sister's sake. I know it hurts her a LOT. She and my cousin are super happy for us -- and they respond, I am happy that they are both healthy but I feel so bad for them because I know it has been a nightmare for them. My sister that lost weight and I were the "bigger ones" in the family and now, my other sister and cousin are the targets. Why does family have to be so mean? I am feeling so horrible for my sister right now :-(
  5. Magnesium Oxide helped me more than Miralax. I still take it every day to stay regular.
  6. I am 8 months post-op and 6lbs from goal and I do think I took the easy way out and that the surgery, not me, got me this far. I ate right and exercised 4-5x a week prior to surgery so the only thing different is the lack of hunger. I have been on so many diets, I can't even count anymore and every single one of them, I felt like I was struggling. Not with this surgery. I am sure maintenance will be harder but it's been a cake walk so far. That said, I am not ashamed as I needed to do it because my health was failing. I am proud -- I took control of my life.
  7. I think I stalled for almost 2-3 weeks at about the 3 week mark. I've had many stalls along the way and within 10lbs of goal in 8 months!
  8. I was at the ER two days ago (stomach pain, probably ulcers, ugh!) and the nurse asked me why I had a gastric bypass 8 months ago. I said because I was overweight and having a lot of health issues. He asked me how much I have lost, I told him over 90lbs. He looked at me funny and said, "you know, I would never have known you were ever overweight. Usually, you can tell...." I wasn't quite sure if that could be offensive but it was an awesome compliment for me!
  9. I'm 155, 5'4" and today, fit in size 4 jeans. It seems I am size 6 at most place though. How is that possible? Has my body changed that much? About 8 years ago, I was 145lbs and wore size 8 bottoms.
  10. Hi, My hair is finally growing back but I have tons of little baby hairs sticking out. What products do you use to control this?
  11. Hi, The weather is changing and I am starting to feel some arthritis pain espeically in my hands...In the past, I would reach for ibuprofen. Should I just do tylenol now? Are their any supplements that might help? Glucosamine, etc?
  12. I am always hungry too. It's hard to keep under 1200lbs. I am able to but it's definitely a struggle.
  13. I used to have reminders in my outlook calendar but now it's part of the routine like brushing me teeth, etc so I don't need that anymore.
  14. I did ask my surgeon about the B-12 in Celebrate being enough and he was skeptical because (and i am paraphrasing from what I remember) since he said that we couldn't absorb B-12 orally so it has to be sublingual, nasal spray, shots or some other form like that. I take the Celebrate capsules as I preferred that to a chewable but was really concerned about having to take it 3x a day. The customer service people at Celebrate told me that while they suggest I take it 3x a day, I could get away with taking 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening. I have been doing that and my blood work was normal a few weeks ago, so I am hoping things continue to stay ok!
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